Abu Ghraib

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, but found no evidence of weapons production. The city is also the site of Abu Ghraib prison, which was one of the sites where political dissidents were incarcerated under former ruler Saddam Hussein. Thousands of these dissidents were tortured and executed (capital punishment). After Saddam Hussein's fall, the Abu Ghraib prison was used by American forces in Iraq. In 2003, Abu Ghraib prison earned international notoriety for the Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse torture and abuses

. Department of Public Health ''). * May 19 – Jeremy Sivits pleads guilty in a court-martial in connection with alleged abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad. * May 22 – Dr. Manmohan Singh assumes office as the 17th and first Sikh Prime Minister of the Republic Of India. After the revelation of CIA sponsored torture in the 1970's and the subsequent outcry, the CIA largely stopped its own interrogations under torture

Corcoran, California

metropolitan area Metropolitan Statistical Area . The population was 24,813 (2010 census) (2010 United States Census), up from 14,458 (2000 census) (2000 United States Census). The California Department of Finance estimated that Corcoran's population was 22,515 on January 1, 2014. E-1: City CountyState Population Estimates with Annual Percent Change January 1, 2012 and 2013 Corcoran is most famous as the site of the California State Prison, Corcoran, home

to a number of notable inmates such as Charles Manson, and Juan Corona. The California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison, Corcoran is a separate facility that is also located in the city. As of December 31. 2013, the two prisons held a combined total of 9,821 inmates. http: www.dof.ca.gov research demographic reports estimates e-1 view.php accessed June 1, 2014 Inmates are counted as city residents by both the United States Census

California drought and restrictions on pumping from the Sacramento River delta to protect endangered species. In July 2014, the unemployment rate was 11.9%. http: www.labormarketinfo.edd.ca.gov ?pageid 133 accessed August 17, 2014 The largest employers in Corcoran include the California State Prison, Corcoran, the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison, Corcoran, the Corcoran Unified School District, and the J. G. Boswell Company

Chowchilla, California

Area Definitions and Guidance on Their Uses (OMB Bulletin 09 - 01) format CSV (comma-separated values) publisher Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President (Executive Office of the President of the United States) date 2008-11-20 accessdate 2008-12-17 The city is the location of two California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation facilities, the Central California Women's Facility and Valley State Prison for Women

Valley State Prison . Etymology The name "Chowchilla" is derived from the indigenous American tribe of Chaushila (the spelling is inconsistent in reference guides) Yokut (Yokut people) Indians which once lived in the area. The name itself evidently translates as "Murderers" and is apparently a reference to the warlike nature of the Chaushila tribe. It is also to be known among the Yokuts tribes later on to be associated with "bravery". The Chaushila Indians

Chowchilla made national news on July 15, 1976, when 26 students and their bus driver were kidnapped from a bus and held in a buried moving van at a quarry in Livermore, California. The driver and some of the students were able to escape and notify the quarry guard. All the victims returned unharmed. The quarry owner's son and two friends were convicted and sentenced to life in prison

Avenal, California

city in Kings County. The Zip Code for this community is 93204, and telephone numbers use the sequence (559) 386-XXXX. The population was 15,505 in the 2010 census (United States Census 2010), which includes inmates at the Avenal State Prison, the first prison actively solicited by a community in the state of California. Many of the remaining residents largely either work at the prison or in the agriculture industry. The prison provides approximately 1,000 jobs to residents

. The California Department of Finance estimated that Avenal's population was 13,239 on January 1, 2014. E-1: City CountyState Population Estimates with Annual Percent Change January 1, 2013 and 2014 As of that date, Avenal State Prison held 4,073 inmates, which was about 31% of the total population of Avenal. http: www.cdcr.ca.gov Reports_Research Offender_Information_Services_Branch Monthly Monthly_Tpop1a_Archive.html June 1, 2014 Inmates are counted as city

boasted a population of 3,000 - mostly oil workers - with 100 businesses and 69 private telephones and numerous community organizations. In 1940, Avenal was the second largest town in Kings County with a population of over 4,000 and was known to have some of the best services and schools in the state. Although today Avenal and its economy are largely reliant on the Avenal State Prison and agriculture, Avenal was once a booming oil town known as the "Oil Fields Capital." The teeming

Delano, California

from 38,824 at the 2000 census. It is Kern County's second largest city after Bakersfield. Agriculture is Delano's major industry. The area is particularly well known as a center for the growing of table grapes. Delano is also home to two California state prisons, North Kern State Prison and Kern Valley State Prison

location Santa Barbara, Calif year 2008 pages 192 isbn 1-59884-125-4 Mexican-American inmates of the California state prison system separated into two rival groups, Norteños (''northerners'')

: www.pressdemocrat.com pelican 0421_main.html archivedate 2001-05-08 and Sureños (''southerners''), according to the locations of their hometowns (the north-south dividing line is near Delano, California). Norteños affiliated with Nuestra Familia were prison enemies of the Southern Latinos who comprised La Eme, better known as the Mexican Mafia. While the Mexican Mafia had initially been created to protect Mexicans in prison

Tehachapi, California

: www.parks.ca.gov default.asp?page_id 610 Tomo-Kahn and excellent air conditions for gliding. Ten miles to the west at Keene, is the National Chavez Center, National Chavez Center established to share the legacy of Cesar Chavez. The California Correctional Institution maximum security prison, also known as Tehachapi State Prison, is in the area

Prison, Silver Saddle, Mojave Airport and its boneyard plane salvaging operations, the Honda Proving Center (Honda Proving Center of California) to the north, the new Hyundai Kia Proving Grounds located to its southwest, and nearby cities such as Tehachapi (Tehachapi, California), Ridgecrest (Ridgecrest, California), Boron (Boron, California), Palmdale (Palmdale, California), and Lancaster (Lancaster, California). After temperature, wind is the most significant weather phenomenon

. The Los Angeles City Council voted in 2004 to direct the LADWP to generate 20% of its energy (excluding Hoover Dam) from clean sources by 2010 The prison held both male


timezone EET (Eastern European Time) utc_offset +2 timezone_DST Eastern European

). Notorious penal facilities of the time included the Danube-Black Sea Canal, Sighet (Sighet prison), Gherla (Gherla prison), Aiud, Piteşti (Piteşti prison), and Râmnicu Sărat; another method of punishment was deportation to the inhospitable Bărăgan Plain (Bărăgan deportations). Cioroianu, ''Pe umerii...'', p.300-319; Frunză, p.394-399 Stăniloae was ordained a deacon on October 8, 1931

force of Communist Romania. on September 5. While in Aiud prison, his only surviving child, Lidia, gives birth to his grandchild, Dumitru Horia. Lidia is asked to leave the University of Bucharest's Faculty of Physics because of the arrest of her father. Stăniloae is freed from prison in 1963 and begins work as a functionary at the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church, and begins teaching again in October. He is invited to conferences in Freiburg and Heidelberg


;archives.gov" U.S. National Archives, "The Trial of the Major War Criminals before the International Military Tribunal", (IMT) Nuremberg, (14 November 1945-1 October 1946). http: www.archives.gov iwg research-papers trial-of-war-criminals-before-imt.html (accessed October 04, 2014) The trials began in November 1945. On 1 October 1946, the IMT rendered its judgement on 21 top officials of the Third ''Reich'' (Third Reich): 18 were sentenced to death or to long prison

;, such as the attack on Amiens Prison (Operation Jericho) in early 1944, and in other precision attacks against Gestapo or German intelligence and security forces. 2 TAF Mosquitos also played an important role operating in tactical support of the British Army during the 1944 Normandy Campaign. From 1943 Mosquitos were used by RAF Coastal Command strike squadrons, attacking ''Kriegsmarine'' U-Boats (particularly in the 1943 Bay of Biscay offensive, where significant numbers

.'' standing for ''Nationalsozialist'' (National Socialist), i.e. Nazi. Probably Potsdamer Platz's most prominent landmark in the mid-1930s, the sign first appears in photographs dated 1935 but was gone again by 1938. On an even darker note, those Nazi concerns included the Gestapo, who set up a secret prison in an upper part of the building, complete with interrogation and torture rooms. Meanwhile, in another part of the building, the Information Office of the Olympic Games Organising Committee


undesirable immigrants and to take care of counter-espionage and or international espionage In 1936, the prison of Tarrafal (Tarrafal camp) was created in the Portuguese colony of Cape Verde (Portuguese Cape Verde). This camp, under the direct control of the PVDE, was the destination for those political prisoners considered dangerous by the regime. Throughout the more than 40 years of the ''Estado Novo'', 32 people lost their lives in Tarrafal, which was known for its severe methods

anyone who was thought to be plotting against the State. It had two main functions: *Administrative functions (which included those related to the migration services) *Criminal prevention and repression functions thumb Former PIDE prison Vila Algarve at Corner Av. Ahmed Sekou Toure Av. dos Martires da Machava, Maputo, Nov. 2011 (File:Vila Algarve, Maputo, Nov 2011.jpg) PIDE is considered by many authors as being one of the most functional and effective secret services in history

Novo (Portugal) Estado Novo regime headed by Portuguese Prime Minister Salazar (Antonio de Oliveira Salazar), arrested him in 1951 for his separatist activism. Seven years later he was released from prison, and he finished his studies, marrying a white 23-years-old Portuguese woman who was born in Trás-os-Montes, Maria Eugénia da Silva, the same day he graduated. He returned to Angola in 1959.


(Aghidhel) River Belaya , Ik (Ik River), Izh (Izh River), Zay (Zay River), Vyatka (Vyatka River) and Myosha Rivers. The cities situated on the banks of the Kama are Solikamsk, Berezniki, Perm, Sarapul, and Naberezhnye Chelny. It is located to the west of the Ural Mountains and is a fairly well used trade route. thumb 300px Butyrka prison, 1890s (Image:Moscow, Butyrka Prison, 1890s.jpg‎) Shalamov joined a Trotskyist-leaning group and on February 19, 1929

, was arrested and sent to Butyrskaya prison for solitary confinement. He was later sentenced to three years of correctional labor (GULAG) in the town of Vizhaikha (Krasnovishersk), convicted of distributing the "Letters to the Party Congress" known as Lenin's Testament, which were critical of Joseph Stalin, and of participating in a demonstration marking the tenth anniversary of the Soviet revolution (October revolution) with the slogan "Down with Stalin"

;. Courageously he refused to sign the sentence branding him a criminal. By train he was taken to the former Solikamsk monastery (Solikamsk), which was transformed into a militsiya headquarters of the Visher department of Solovki ITL (Solovki prison camp) "ITL" stands for Ispravitelno-Trudovoi Lager which means Correctional Labor Camp OGPU (VishLAG). It was here that Shalamov truly realized what the Soviet government was all about and it was here

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