days. North of the town is the Mile 4 Salt works. Some roads go along the open saline lakes where the salt is being extracted. This area is very important for various birds, including Flamingos. Buy There are several nice shops in Swakop selling souvenirs and art. There is also a very good '''craft market''' near the lighthouse, which has a lot of items which are difficult to find elsewhere in Namibia. *

articles url email address Brauhaus Arcade, lat long directions Centre of town in Hendrik Witbooi St. phone +264 64 404778 tollfree fax hours from 9h00 to 18h00 price content Luggage and leather retail shop, the finest ostrich and kudu wallets and purses. Modern zebra skin belts, ostrich and kudu leather belts as well as designer handbags in springbok, kudu, nguni, buffalo and ostrich leather. Eat *

Villa de Leyva

restaurants and stores are located. The main square and most of the streets near downtown are paved with stones to recreate the paving during colonial times. Near the town itself and about 1 km away from the main square is "El museo Museo paleontológico" de la Universidad Nacional. There are several attractions located about 30 minutes drive from downtown, including an ostrich farm, a museum (El Fósil) and an old astronomic observatory made of phallic stones (" El Infiernito

long directions About 5.5km on the road to Santa Sofía phone tollfree fax hours Open : M-Su 7am-6pm price Entrance: Adults: COP $4000 Children: COP $3000 content Nearly complete fossil of a chronosaur. * *


explorer René Caillié stopped at Taghaza on his journey across the Sahara from Timbuktu. He was travelling with a large caravan that included 1,400 camels transporting slaves, gold, ivory, gum and ostrich feathers. At that date the ruins of houses constructed of salt bricks were still clearly visible.


(mammal) seal s, penguins, flamingos and ostriches. It is also home to a museum, and lies at the end of a decommissioned railway line to Keetmanshoop. In 2013, it was reported that Lüderitz was renamed into ''ǃNamiǂNûs''. This pertains only to the constituency (ǃNamiǂNûs Constituency), though. "Lüderitz renaming misunderstood – Shangala."


of off-road on the road to Beled Haawo. The mountain areas of Gedo region have sizable safari animals from elephants to cheetahs. It is not rare to hear lions roar during the night hours. Lions, ostriches, oryx, giraffes, warthogs and hyenas are plenty around the grassy lands

Dakhla, Western Sahara

, ostrich, lappet-faced vulture, helmeted guineafowl are seemingly locally rare or extinct, or rather visitors of vagrants. Mammals Teresstrial animals are fewer in diversities than birds, including Ruppell's fox, fennec fox, gloved cat, caracal, hyena, camel, gazelles, addaxes, hares, hedgehog variants, fat sand rat, lesser Egyptian jerboa, bats, and others. Barbary lion and hartebeest became extinct, and possibly local

Tehachapi, California

; and a population of 14,414. Features The Tehachapi area is known for the nearby Tehachapi Loop (a popular railfan site), Tehachapi Pass Wind Farm, The Indian Point Ostrich Ranch, the Tomo-Kahni State Historic Park and Tomi-Kahni Resource Center (Native American), http


, and developed an enthusiastic following, and by the mid 1970s, they were well-known throughout Kenya, thanks to hits like "Mwongele" and "Wana Wanyika". They had a harder sound than most rumba bands and were almost unchallenged in that area in Kenya due to the closing of the Tanzanian border in 1977. Near Kitengela town is the ''Maasai Ostrich Park'', a fairly popular tourist destination 7 km off the Nairobi - Arusha road. It is also a place where Jockeys train

for Ostrich racing Ostrich races are held at the farm on Sundays and occasionally at the Ngong Racecourse in Nairobi. '''Tanzanite''' is the blue purple variety of the mineral zoisite (a calcium aluminium hydroxy silicate (Silicate minerals)) which was discovered in the Mererani Hills of Northern Tanzania in 1967, near the city of Arusha and Mount Kilimanjaro. It is used

Kish Island

from around the world including pelicans, ostriches, blue-and-yellow macaws (Blue-and-yellow macaw), storks, toco toucans (Toco toucan), turacos, swans, African penguins (African penguin), and marsh crocodiles. Kish Aquarium The Art Center on the island includes an aquarium that displays marine species unique to the Persian Gulf. Pictures gallery mode packed>


in Botswana. Examples of animals in the park are impala, kudu, ostriches, wildebeest, zebras, gemsbok, bushbuck, springbok (springbok (antelope)), duiker, common eland, and common warthogs. The park is famous for its birdwatching. Birds in the marshy section of the park include snake eagles, boubou (Laniarius), gallinule (Moorhen), kingfishers, and hornbills. ref name

of animals found in the park such as common warthogs, steenbok, kudu, zebras, giraffes, common eland, ostriches, hippo (hippopotamus)s and rhino (rhinoceros)s. The park helps with wildlife projects in Botswana that include: the reintroduction of the white rhino (white rhinoceros) and the relocation of “problem” cheetahs. Mokolodi also holds the Education Centre, which teaches children about the conservation projects.

of the smaller game reserves, if you have a car you can just drive yourself around. Mostly birds, but some monkeys, wart hogs and ostrich. Recently zebras, wild boars, kudus have been added. It has got picnic spots, but be careful of monkeys and ostriches. Events * Buy Gaborone abounds with shopping malls, and pretty

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