Merrill, Wisconsin

, Wisconsin politician * Daniel E. Freeman, musicologist * James H. Hamlin, Wisconsin politician * Ralph Dorn Hetzel, tenth president of Pennsylvania State University * Emil A. Hinz, Wisconsin politician * Zola Jesus, singer and songwriter * H. V. Kaltenborn, journalist * Clifford Krueger, Wisconsin politician * Oxie Lane, NFL player * Myron Hawley McCord, U.S. Representative * Fred C. Reger, Wisconsin politician * Donald Edgar Tewes, United


. In the Islamic period," in ''Encyclopaedia Iranica'' (2011). *Gnoli, G., "Dahan-e Ḡolāmān," inhinz-p ''Encyclopaedia Iranica'', vol. 6 (1993), 582-585. *Le Strange, G., ''The lands of the eastern caliphate: Mesopotamia, Persia, and Central Asia, from the Moslem conquest to the time of Timur'', Cambridge 1905 *Schmitt, R., "Drangiana


греческая принцесса Комнина. Хинц приходит к выводу, что кровь в его жилах была главным образом, не тюркской. Уже его сын шах Тахмасп начал избавляться от своих туркменских преторианцев. The question of the language used by Shah Ismail is not identical with that of his race or of his "nationality". His ancestry was mixed: one of his grandmothers was a Greek Comnena princess. Hinz, ''Aufstieg'', 74, comes to the conclusion that the blood in his veins was chiefly non-Turkish. Already, his

Swedish Pomerania

of Swedish Pomerania, and of Prussian Pomerania (Province of Pomerania (1653-1815)) thereafter. In 1808, Pölitz became independent from Stettin again. In 1815, Pölitz became part of the restructured Province of Pomerania (Province of Pomerania (1815–1945)), administered within Landkreis Randow county. In 1939, this county was dissolved and Pölitz was made part of Groß-Stettin. Johannes Hinz, ''Pommern Lexikon'', Kraft, 1994, p.236, ISBN 3-8083-1164-9 ref>


, Barnim I granted town law also the town of Damm (also Altdamm) on the eastern bank of the Oder, Roderich Schmidt, ''Pommern und Mecklenburg'', Böhlau, 1981, p.61, ISBN 3-412-06976-0 Peter Johanek, Franz-Joseph Post, ''Städtebuch Hinterpommern 2-3'', Kohlhammer, 2003, p.277, ISBN 3-17-018152-1 which only on 15 October 1939 was merged to neighboring Szczecin and is now the Dąbie, Szczecin neighborhood. Johannes Hinz

Kitchener, Ontario

they released ''No Rest for the Wicked (No Rest for the Wicked (Helix album))'', with Greg "Fritz" Hinz (ex-Starchild (Starchild (band))) on drums. This album featured Canadian hit video (Music video) "Heavy Metal Love", which featured their new look. Under Seip's advice, Helix dropped their T-shirts and jeans in favour of leather clothing in order to stay current. The tour for this album cycle was not without drama. Mike Uzelac, whose drug use had become problematic


; Tonga's postage stamps (Postage stamps and postal history of Tonga), which feature colourful and often unusual designs (including heart-shaped and banana-shaped stamps), are popular with philatelists around the world. <


.jpg thumb right 220px Ducat of the Republic of Ragusa from 1771. In 1778 Hillebrandt built a new chapel for the Holy Right of Saint Stephen of Hungary, the mummified right hand of the first Hungarian king, recovered by Queen Maria Theresa from the Republic of Ragusa in 1771 during the Imperial Russian Navy anchored off of Dubrovnik. Europe's centre around AD 1000, Volume 1, page 7, Council of Europe, Art Exhibition, Alfried Wieczorek, Hans-Martin Hinz, Theiss


: portals _rainbow documents pdf russerinn mittig.pdf Marmor der Reichskanzlei ''. In: Dieter Bingen Hans-Martin Hinz (Hrsg.): ''Die Schleifung Zerstörung und Wiederaufbau historischer Bauten in Deutschland und Polen.'' Harrassowitz Verlag, Wiesbaden 2005, ISBN 3-447-05096-9. In more recent times, petrographic (petrography) research confirmed this origin of the material. Life Almost nothing about his life

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