and Merzouga in (Erg Chebbi) Dunes. * *

directions Mohamed 5 Boulevard just between the City Hall and the non-traffic Rue Allal ben Abdellah Street phone tollfree fax hours 9AM to 8PM price content CTM Ticket Office *

. Car rental *

Cixi City

around Taxis start at ¥7 and up. All licensed taxis are equipped with GPS locators. If do not see any taxis on the road, dial (0574)63981234 and the dispatcher will find a cab within your vicinity and send him your way. 3-wheel coaches are available as well. See Zhishan Park. *

, the" Butterfly Lovers in the office around the legend" Zhejiang Ningbo, Jiangsu Jiangdu, Shandong Jiaxiang, Anhui Shucheng, Gansu water as many as seven, but the real Shi Ke test in Ningbo bridge township. Do '''Enjoy the local saunas massage services''' *

溪水立方大浴场 url email address lat long directions walking distance from Phebe phone 0574-23667777 tollfree fax hours close 2AM price 238 content has a show from 9PM to 11PM daily with singers and dancers on the 3rd floor. also a hotel in the same building. *

Campo Grande

Estevão de Figueiredo Memorial House alt url email address Av. Calógeras, 2163 lat long directions phone tollfree fax hours price content Constructed in 1921, it keeps alive the history of Mato Grosso do Sul. * '''Museum of Search and Rescue Aviation''' (''Museo de Aviação de Busca e Salvamento'') * '''Museum of Image and Sound''' (MIS) * '''Museum of Contemporary Art''' (MARCO, R. Barão do Rio Branco, 2155). In addition to local plastic artists

alt url email address lat long directions phone +55 67 3029-2068 tollfree fax hours price content Shopping Campo Grande, 2nd floor. - Salad and Grill * *

lat long directions phone +55 67 3383-4287 tollfree fax hours price content * *

Ko Tao address lat 10.0653 long 99.8237 directions At a small quiet outer beach of Chalok Ban Kao south of Ko Tao phone +6677456457 tollfree fax hours 9am to 6pm every day price content Small family-run dive and freedive shop with new equipment, flexible boat schedules and friendly multilingual staff. Teach PADI & SSI diving and SSI freediving courses in small groups in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. * email address lat long directions on Sairee Beach phone tollfree fax hours price content Ko Tao's first and longest established freediving school. Apnea Total profits from experienced teachers and a private boat for a safe and successful learning experience. *

+6677456457 tollfree fax hours 9am to 6pm every day price content Small family-run dive and freedive shop with new equipment, recently established, flexible boat schedules and friendly multilingual staff. Teach PADI & SSI diving and SSI freediving courses in small groups in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. *


is surrounded by lakes and you can also rent a canoe to go around town centre. See thumb The cathedral and part of the city center (Image:Savonlinna cathedral.JPG) *

directions phone +358 15 576800 tollfree fax hours price content The cathedral is Savonlinna's main church, opened in 1879. The church had a bishop in the years 1896-1924 and hence gained the right to bear the name cathedral. *

as an Orthodox church in 1846, transformed into a Lutheran church in 1938, today a popular place for weddings. *


385 013 tollfree fax image 23.09.13 Ráckeve HÉV 881-2+887-8 (10100909865).jpg hours Daily 06:00-17:00 price content Trains connecting hourly or so with '''Budapest''' ''Vágóhíd station''. Volanbusz season ticket cash desk operating on Rackeve suburban train station. Open every month from 26th to next month 10th day: Weekdays: 06:00 to 18:00, Sat: 06:00 to 14:00. By bus Volanbusz bus lines from HÉV Station bus stop: #665 depart from Ráckeve, vasútállomás (train station

Round alt Ráckeve, autobusz forduló url email address Becsei út lat 47.142723 long 18.94706 directions Close to Landler Jenő street phone tollfree fax hours price content It is in really just a turning point for Volanbusz #676 line depart turning back to '''Budapest, Vermes Miklós street''' stop terminal. Intercity, suburban and long distance bus (rail) network. - Other suburban bus lines pass

tollfree fax +36 24 429-747 hours High season: (mid Jun– Aug): Mo-Fr 9.00- 17.00, Sa- Su 10.00-17.00, Off season: (Sep- mid Jun) Mo- Fr 08.00-16.00, Sa - Su closed price content Information about sights, accommodations, restaurants and programmes in Ráckeve and its neighbourhood. Free brochures, maps, Postcards, Ticket sales for most of the country’s programmes See Churches File:Rackeve05 037.jpg thumb A part of the iconostas of Our Lady Serbian Orthodox Church


. It is situated approximately midway between downtown Toronto and Kingston (Kingston (Ontario)). Get in Cobourg is located just south of Highway 401 (Windsor-Quebec corridor) at exits 472 (Burnham St.) or 474 (Baltimore Rd. Division St.). *

stops in Cobourg on selected Toronto-Kingston (Kingston (Ontario)) runs. The nearest major airport is in Toronto. The community is also accessible by boat, with one marina on Lake Ontario: *

launch ramp, fishing charter boats. Get around * A segment of Canada's Waterfront Trail is open to cyclists on a former rail right-of-way in the Cobourg area. * See *


, on 27 June 2011, recorded the world calendar day highest minimum temperature of 41.2°C 106.16°F), twice-a-week ferry-boat from Muscat or rent-a-car coming from the United Arab Emirates via Al Darah border post. *

;nbsp;km south of city center phone tollfree fax hours price 25 Rials one way content Flights from Muscat to Khasab go daily for a 45 min flight. During peak tourism periods, Emirates offer charter flights from Dubai. *

the northern road towards Ras al Khaimah, heading north to the Al Darah border. Road is in very ood condition on the Omani side, the UAE RAK part is currently upgraded. *


The EU Blue Flag awarded Playa Burriana * '''Beaches.''' There are thirteen kilometers of beaches in Nerja. ** **

address lat long directions 5 minute walk east of the Balcony of Europe phone tollfree fax hours price content Another pebbly beach perched in a scenic alcove accessed by a steep stairway. **

of the Burriana Beach. ** **

Juiz de Fora

) and São João Del Rey by TRIP , with connections to other cities. Many budget-conscious travellers, however, take a cheaper flight to Rio or Belo Horizonte then shift to buses to finish the trip. The airport is located 6 km from the city center, at Av. Guadalajara s nº. Phone +55 32 3233-1089 (''Fax:+55 32 3690-8330'') Get around The city center is compact and can be crossed on foot. For longer distances, the '''bus''' system is quite effective, with frequent

and clean buses. Most lines converge to the central Rio Branco Avenue. Tickets cost R$ 2,05. '''Taxis''' are also widely available and not expensive for larger city standards. * '''Albatroz Rádio Táxi''' - Phone: ''+55 32'' 3215-4400 3215-5418 * '''Tele Táxi''' - Phone: ''+55 32'' 3215-4410 3217-7102 See *

content The museum counts itself as one of the principal exhibitions of the imperial period of Brazil. * *'''Morro do Imperador''' Events *''' Festival Internacional de Música Colonial Brasileira e Música Antiga International Festival of Colonial Brazilian

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