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'') and played a young homosexual man in the film ''Chesed Mufla'' (''Amazing Grace''). In 1993 he appeared in the film ''Zarrim Balaila'' (''Strangers in the Night''). *'''Israel''' **Eilat - Ovda Airport **Tel Aviv - Ben Gurion International Airport * ** Eilat - Ovda Airport Europe After the end of the Suez Crisis, an Israeli government initiative saw Mano organize an operation with the ship ''Panagaya'', in which cement was transferred from Haifa

Faroe Islands

url http: SomerenGB CDOrdner ChristmasEveryDay ChristmasEveryDay.html title Christmas - every day work Lex van Someren publisher AYAM Visionary Art Productions accessdate 2010-12-20 and Angelis for their self titled album. It was sung on Cecelia (Cecilia (Norwegian singer))’s 2007 album, ''Amazing Grace''.

cecilia_amazing_grace.htm title Amazing Grace work Cecilia. Amazing Grace publisher Cecilia year 2000-2010 accessdate 2010-12-20 Sofia Källgren featured it on her 2008 album, ''Cinema Paradiso''. Other artists who have covered it include Uruk-hai,


, she performed at the Opening Ceremony of the World Games 2009 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan before 45,000 stadium audiences and numerous worldwide TV audiences. She sang several songs including ''Amazing Grace'', ''The Prayer'' in English & Italian with Russell Watson, ''Pokarekare Ana'' in Māori (Māori language) with Russell Watson, ''We Are The Champions'' with other stars, Japanese translated song ''Nada Sousou'' (''Tears For You'') and ''' The Moon Represents


of Venice '' and Dylan Thomas's ''Under Milk Wood''. In 2005, he directed the critically acclaimed musical, ''Amazing Grace'', at Swansea Grand Theatre and the Sherman Theatre, Cardiff, and the dual Welsh and English language productions of ''Hamlet', with the same cast, at The Swansea Grand and Cardiff's New Theatre. The new Welsh Language translation by Gareth Mile was commissioned by the Arts Council of Wales. Bogdanov returned to musical theatre in 2009, directing The Thorn Birds


broadcasted "Whispers In A Dream" and "Amazing Grace" performed by Westenra in Salisbury Cathedral.

web url http: content hayley-songs-praise title Hayley on Songs of Praise publisher date 2011-08-01 accessdate 2012-01-07 On 23

Kingston upon Hull

on the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal, was used as a backdrop against which to recreate the atmosphere of the East India Docks in London circa 1780. Shooting took place during October 2005 and involved the tall ships, ''Kaskelot'', ''Earl of Pembroke'', ''Johanna Lucretia'' and ''Phoenix''. Full details of the filming can be found at Gloucester Docks and the Sharpness Canal website - Filming "Amazing Grace" and details of the ships used at Square Sail on the Canal. During January 2006, the scenes from The Houses of Parliament were shot at the 1743 Church within Chatham Historic Dockyard. The wedding scene was filmed at Garsington Church. WikiPedia:Kingston upon Hull Commons:Category:Kingston upon Hull


During the same year, he also had successful shows in Zürich, Prague, and Dresden. On October 1, 2005, she performed at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival, at San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. Then, on January 13, 2006, Baez performed at the funeral of Lou Rawls, where she led Jesse Jackson, Sr. (Jesse Jackson), Wonder, and others in the singing of "Amazing Grace". On June 6, 2006, Baez joined Bruce Springsteen on stage at his San Francisco concert, where the two performed the rolling anthem "Pay Me My Money Down". In September 2006, Baez contributed a live, retooled version of her classic song "Sweet Sir Galahad" to a Starbucks's exclusive XM Artist Confidential album. In the new version, she changed the lyric "here's to the dawn of their days" to "here's to the dawn of ''her'' days", as a tribute to her late sister Mimi, about whom Baez wrote the song in 1969. Later on, October 8, 2006, she appeared as a special surprise guest at the opening ceremony of the Forum 2000 international conference in Prague, Czech Republic. Her performance was kept secret from former Czech Republic President (President of the Czech Republic) Havel until the moment she appeared on stage. Havel was a great admirer of both Baez and her work. During Baez's next visit to Prague, in April 2007, the two met again when she performed in front of a sold-out house at Prague's Lucerna Hall, a building erected by Havel's grandfather. On December 2, 2006, she made a guest appearance at the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir's Christmas Concert at the Paramount Theatre (Paramount Theatre (Oakland, California)) in Oakland, California. Her participation included versions of "Let Us Break Bread Together" and "Amazing Grace". She also joined the choir in the finale of "O Holy Night".250px thumb left Joan Baez concert in Dresden (File:Dresden 07 2008 135 (2684499251).jpg), Germany, July 2008 During the War of the Austrian Succession Charles Albert invaded Upper Austria in 1741 and planned to conquer Vienna but his allied French troops were redirected to Bohemia instead. So Charles Albert was crowned King of Bohemia in Prague (9 December 1741) when the Habsburgs were still not defeated. He was elected 'King of the Romans' on 24 January 1742, and took the title 'Holy Roman Emperor' upon his coronation on 12 February 1742. His brother Klemens August of Bavaria, archbishop and elector (''Kurfürst (prince-elector)'') of Cologne, who mostly sided with the Austria Habsburg-Lorraine side during the Habsburg successions, cast his vote for him and personally crowned him emperor at Frankfurt (Frankfurt am Main). Charles VII was the second Wittelsbach Emperor after Louis IV (Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor) and the first Wittelsbach King of the Romans since the rule of Rupert of Germany. thumb Frederick II of Prussia Frederick II the Great of Prussia (File:Crown prince Friedrich II, by Antoine Pesne.jpg). The French duly joined the Bavarian Elector's forces on the Danube and advanced towards Vienna, but the objective was suddenly changed, and after many countermarches the anti-Austrian allies advanced, in three widely separated corps, on Prague. A French corps moved via Amberg and Pilsen (Plzeň). The Elector marched on Budweis, and the Saxons (who had now joined the allies) invaded Bohemia by the Elbe valley. The Austrians could at first offer little resistance, but before long a considerable force intervened at Tábor between the Danube and the allies, and the Austrian general Wilhelm Reinhard von Neipperg was now on the march from Neisse to join in the campaign (Military campaign). He had made with Frederick the curious agreement of Klein Schnellendorf (9 October 1741), by which Neisse was surrendered after a mock siege, and the Austrians undertook to leave Frederick unmolested in return for his releasing Neipperg's army for service elsewhere. At the same time the Hungarians (Hungary), moved to enthusiasm by the personal appeal of Maria Theresia, had put into the field a ''levée en masse,'' or "insurrection," which furnished the regular army with an invaluable force of light troops. A fresh army was collected under Field Marshal Khevenhüller (Ludwig Andreas Khevenhüller, Count of Aschelberg-Frankenburg) at Vienna, and the Austrians planned an offensive winter campaign against the Franco-Bavarian forces in Bohemia and the small Bavarian army that remained on the Danube to defend the electorate. thumb 240px left University of Vienna, main building, seen from across the Ringstraße (File:Universität Vienna June 2006 164.jpg) The University was founded on March 12, 1365 by Rudolf IV, Duke of Austria and his two brothers, Albert III, Duke of Austria and Leopold III, Duke of Austria, hence the additional name “Alma Mater Rudolphina”. After the Charles University (Charles University in Prague) in Prague and Jagiellonian University in Krakow, the University of Vienna is the third oldest university in Central Europe and the oldest university in the German-speaking world. * In 1981 Derrida, on the prompting of Roger Scruton and others, founded the French Jan Hus association with structuralist historian Jean-Pierre Vernant. Its purpose was to aid dissident or persecuted Czech intellectuals. Derrida became vice-president. Powell (2006) p. 151 * In late 1981 he was arrested by the Czechoslovakian government upon leading a conference in Prague that lacked government authorization, and charged with the "production and trafficking of drugs", which he claimed were planted as he visited Kafka's grave. He was released (or "expelled", as the Czechoslovakian government put it) after the interventions of the Mitterrand (François Mitterrand) government, and the assistance of Michel Foucault, returning to Paris on January 1, 1982. Jacques Derrida, "'To Do Justice to Freud': The History of Madness in the Age of Psychoanalysis," ''Resistances of Psychoanalysis'' (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1998) pp. 70–1. * He registered his concerns against the proliferation of nuclear war in 1984. Derrida, Jacques. "No Apocalypse, Not Now (full speed ahead, seven missiles, seven missives)". Diacritics, 1984 Gehry's best-known works include the titanium-covered Guggenheim Museum (Guggenheim Museum Bilbao) in Bilbao, Spain; MIT Stata Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts; Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles; Experience Music Project in Seattle; Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis; Dancing House in Prague; the Vitra Design Museum and MARTa Museum (:de:MARTa) in Germany; the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto; the Cinémathèque française in Paris; and 8 Spruce Street in New York City. But it was his private residence in Santa Monica, California, which jump-started his career, lifting it from the status of "paper architecture" – a phenomenon that many famous architects have experienced in their formative decades through experimentation almost exclusively on paper before receiving their first major commission in later years. Gehry is also the designer of the future Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. for the design, see: http: design.htm * 1927 House (not built) in Paris for the American entertainer Josephine Baker * 1928 Villa Müller, Prague, Czech Republic * 1929 Khuner Villa, Kreuzberg (Kreuzberg (Austria)), Austria Overview Syldavia is a monarchy, ruled at the time of the ''King Ottokar's Sceptre'' story by King Muskar XII (Minor characters in The Adventures of Tintin#King Muskar XII). The capital is Klow, formerly Zileheroum, located at the confluence of the fictional Moltus and Wladir Rivers (after Prague, which is on the Moldau Vltava River). Other cities named in the books are Niedzdrow, Istow, Dbrnouk, Douma and Zlip. The population of Syldavia is 642,000 with 122,000 living in Klow. The national airline is Syldair and the official currency is the '''khôr''' (Зилдaв хор). birth_date Dmoz:Regional Europe Czech Republic Regions Prague Commons:Category:Prague Wikipedia:Prague


"Amazing Grace". pp. 194–197, Peel thumb right 300px Mount Gay Barbados Sugar Cane Rum (File:Mount Gay Colour.svg) '''Mount Gay''' Rum is produced by Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd. of Barbados, the easternmost island of the West Indies. The oldest surviving deed for the company is from 1703, making Mount Gay Rum the oldest existing brand of rum in the world.


and former First Lady Laura Bush to help with Malaria No More, an organization with a goal to end malaria deaths in Africa by 2015. Sparks joined Mrs. Bush at the Maamobi Polyclinic, where the First Lady donated a number of treated bed nets to some local female traders in order to help combat the scourge of malaria in Ghana. While there, Sparks sang "Amazing Grace" to the durbar of chiefs who had gathered at the venue to give audience to Laura Bush. Sparks said, "Traveling to Ghana with Malaria No More gives me the incredible opportunity to see for myself what a difference a simple mosquito net can make in the life of a child." Jordin Sparks Visits Ghana. Retrieved July 15, 2010. Christian examples thumb right 280px The Clearwater Virgin on Christmas Day 1996. (Image:Virgin Mary in Glass.jpg)The Virgin Mary accounts for a substantial number of sightings of this type. A typical example is the "Clearwater Virgin", where an image of Mary was reported to have appeared in the glass façade of a finance building in Clearwater, Florida, and attracted widespread media attention. The building drew an estimated one million visitors over the next several years and was purchased by an Ohio Catholic revivalism group. A local chemist examined the windows and suggested the stain was produced by water deposits combined with weathering, yielding a chemical reaction like that often seen on old bottles, perhaps due to the action of the water sprinkler. On March 1, 2004, the three uppermost panes of the window were broken by a vandal.


of the Malaria No More program was shown on the ''American Idol'' Season 7 Top 11 results show (March 19, 2008). Fantasia sang "Amazing Grace" and, following the local custom of naming a newborn after a visitor, a baby boy was named "Elliott", which reduced Yamin to tears. Yamin attended but did not perform on the ''Idol Gives Back'' show, broadcast on April 9, 2008. International activities Yad Sarah has helped establish equipment-lending centers and repair workshops in Angola, Commons:Category:Angola Wikipedia:Angola Dmoz:Regional Africa Angola

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