;ndash;1048, Emperor after 1038) *'''Khitan Empire''' - Xingzong (Emperor Xingzong of Liao) (1031–1055) *'''Korea (Goryeo Kingdom) (Goryeo)''' - Deokjong (Deokjong of Goryeo) (1031–1034) *'''Western Xia''' - *'''Khitan Empire''' - Shengzong (Emperor Shengzong of Liao) (982-1031) *'''Korea (Goryeo Kingdom) (Goryeo)''' - Mokjong (Mokjong of Goryeo) (997-1009) *'''Kingdom of Mataram''' - Dharmawangsa (985-1006) *''' Khmer Empire

; Rajadhiraja Chola (1012–1044 & 1054) *'''Khmer Empire''' - Suryavarman I (1001–1050) *'''Korea (Goryeo Kingdom) (Goryeo)''' - Hyeonjong (Hyeonjong of Goryeo) (1009–1031) *'''Chola Empire (Tamil Nadu) (Chola Dynasty)''' - Rajendra Chola & Rajadhiraja Chola (1012–1044 & 1054) *'''Khitan Empire''' - Shengzong (Emperor Shengzong of Liao) (982-1031) *'''Korea (Goryeo Kingdom) (Goryeo)''' - Hyeonjong of Goryeo

(1001–1050) *'''Korea (Goryeo Kingdom) (Goryeo)''' - Mokjong (Mokjong of Goryeo) (997-1009) *'''Mataram (Kingdom of Mataram)''' - Dharmawangsa (985-1006) **''de facto'' - Fujiwara no Michinaga (995-1017) *'''Korea (Goryeo Kingdom) (Goryeo)''' - Mokjong (Mokjong of Goryeo) (997-1009) *'''Malwa''' - Sindhuraja, King of Malwa (995-1010) *'''Khitan Empire''' – Shengzong (Emperor Shengzong of Liao) (982–1031) *''' Goryeo Korea (Goryeo Kingdom

Liao dynasty

Taizong (Emperor Taizong of Liao) year_leader2 926–947 leader3 Shizong (Emperor Shizong of Liao) year_leader3 947–951 leader4 Muzong (Emperor Muzong of Liao) year_leader4 951–969 leader5 Jingzong (Emperor Jingzong of Liao) year_leader5 969–982 leader6 Shengzong (Emperor Shengzong of Liao) year_leader6 982–1031 leader7 Emperor

Muzong, who died in 969, would be the second and the last of the emperors to succeed Abaoji who was not a direct descendant of Yelü Bei. Emperor Shengzong and the height of Liao power The reign of Emperor Shengzong (Emperor Shengzong of Liao) from 982 to 1031 represented the height of the Liao dynasty's power. Gernet (2008), 302. Mote (1999), 199. Shengzong oversaw successful military campaigns against

Ashcroft, British Columbia

. Charles Barnes became the manager of BC Horticultural Estates Ltd and purchased an additional thumb left 300px Plowing for the orchards at Walhachin (1910) (Image:Walhachin, plowing for the orchards.gif) It and the neighbouring Marble Range

National Audubon Society v. Superior Court

. 982 (W.D.N.Y. 1991) Ill. Cent. R. R., 146 U.S. 387 (1892) and preservation of a public interest (such as recreation, swimming, access, and sport fishing). Marks v. Whitney, 98 Cal. Rptr. 790, 491 P.2d 374 (1971) In ''National Audubon Society v. Superior Court,'' it was alleged by the plaintiffs that the public trust doctrine was being violated due to environmental damages to Mono Lake in the form of significant water level declines

Voronezh Oblast

fur is pure white. It is probably a transitional form between the small ''pygmaea'' and large ''vulgaris Middle regions of European Russia, from the Baltic states to the middle and southern Urals, northward approximately to the latitude of Saint Petersburg and Perm, and south to the Kursk (Kursk Oblast) and Voronezh Oblasts. Outside the former Soviet Union, its range includes

Anuradhapura Kingdom

Anuradhapura latd 8 latm 21 latNS N longd 80 longm 23 longEW E common_languages Sinhala religion Buddhism currency leader1 Pandukabhaya leader2 Mahinda V year_leader1 377 BC-367 BC year_leader2 982–1017 stat_year1 !--- year

. During the final years of the Anuradhapura Kingdom, rebellions sprang up and the authority of the kings gradually declined. Siriweera (2004), p. 36 By the time of Mahinda V (982–1017), the last king of the Anuradhapura Kingdom, the rule of the king had become so weak that he could not even properly organize the collection of taxes. Wijesooriya (2006), p. 114 During the times of Vasabha, Mahasena of Sri


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YWaTEUTBA_EC&pg PA26 year 1998 publisher editorips@usp.ac.fj isbn 978-982-02-0133-0 ref harv * *

2007 publisher editorips@usp.ac.fj isbn 978-982-01-0813-4 ref harv * *

Kingdom of Galicia

) p. 37. On this particular invasion: The Galician nobility again rose in rebellion, in 982 crowning and anointing (Anointing#Christian monarchy) Bermudo (Bermudo II of León), son

84-89915-16-4 pages 165 Bermudo II (Bermudo II of León) in 982, and Alfonso VII (Alfonso VII of León) in 1111, so Compostela becoming capital of the Kingdom of Galicia. Later kings were also sepulchered in the cathedral, namely Fernando II (Fernando II of León) and Alfonso IX, last of the Kings of León and Galicia before both kingdoms were united with the Kingdom of Castile. thumb left The Reconquista, 790-1300. (Image:Spanish reconquista.gif) In 1095, Portugal

''' - Louis VI (Louis VI of France) (1108–1137) *'''Kingdom of Galicia''' - Alfonso VII of León and Castile (1111–1157) *'''County of Guelders''' - Gerard I (Gerard I, Count of Guelders) (c. 1096-c. 1129) **'''Caliphate of Córdoba''' - Hisham II (976–1009) **'''Kingdom of Galicia''' - Bermudo II (Bermudo II of León) (982–984), ''Galicia incorporated into León after Bermudo becomes king of León'' **''' Kingdom of León


: www.luqyu.cn tongjishow.asp?tid 982 According to 2010 China National Census population_note population_total 519935 population_density_km2 auto population_density_sq_mi population_urban 205000 population_blank1 population_density_blank1_km2 population_density_blank1_sq_mi population_blank2_title population_blank2 !-- General information --------------->

South Norfolk

% - 4,672 7.9 0 0 - colspan "2" Others 1 982 1.7 0 0 - colspan "2" '''Totals''' 58,837 46 1 <

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