Duchy of Amalfi

Greek (Greek language), Neapolitan (Neapolitan language) leader1 Manso I of Amalfi year_leader1 966-1004 title_leader Duke (Dukes of Amalfi) stat_year1 1131 stat_area1 stat_pop1 70000 today ) or the '''Republic of Amalfi''' (

; *'''Kingdom of Italy (Kingdom of Italy (medieval))''' - Otto III (Otto III, Holy Roman Emperor) (996–1002) **'''Duchy of Amalfi''' - Manso I (Manso I of Amalfi) (966–1004) **'''Principality of Benevento''' - Pandulf II (Pandulf II of Benevento) (981–1014) Creation of independent moieties (774 – 849) Under Arechis and his successors, it was the Beneventan policy pay homage to the Carolingian emperors but ignore their rulings. As a result, ''De

;ndash;1039) **'''Duchy of Amalfi''' - John II (John II of Amalfi) (1029–1034) **'''Principality of Benevento''' - Landulf V (Landulf V of Benevento) (1014–1033) *#Arduin of Ivrea (Arduin of Italy) (1002–1004) **'''Duchy of Amalfi''' - Manso I (Manso I of Amalfi) (966–1004) **'''Principality of Benevento''' - Pandulf II (Pandulf II of Benevento) (981–1014) *''' Kingdom of Italy (medieval) Kingdom of Italy


population_note Dammam Municipality estimate population_as_of 2012 population_total 941,358 population_density_km2 population_density_sq_mi population_urban 4,140,000 population_footnotes utc_offset +3 utc_offset_DST +3 postal_code_type Postal Code postal_code (31952) area_code +966-13 website e-amana.gov.sa latd 26 latm 17 lats latNS N longd 50 longm 12 longs longEW E coordinates_type region:SA-04_type:city

beer - only expats that have been in Khobar for a long time know about these secret spots. You don't want to end up in a Saudi prison, though, so it's best to give up the sauce while you are there. Sleep *

+966 3 810 0800 tollfree fax +966 3 810 0600 hours price checkin checkout content The Park Inn Hotel Al Khobar is on King Faisal Bin Abdulaziz Road, the main causeway with links to commercial hubs, Dammam, Jubail and Hofuf.


was annexed by the Russian Empire from Moldavia. During 1812–1918, Khotin was the administrative center of the Hotin County, one of the twelve, later nine counties of Bessarabia. During the 19th century, due to economic reasons and the geographic proximity of Kamianets-Podilskyi (an important political center

that, in January 1919, local Ukrainians desiring to be part of Ukraine, started a revolt, Oleksandr Derhachov (editor), "Ukrainian Statehood in the Twentieth Century: Historical and Political Analysis", Chapter: "Ukraine in Romanian concepts of the foreign policy", 1996, Kiev ISBN 966-543-040-8 Ihor Burkut, Khotyn uprising against Greater Romania, " http

at re-Romanizing (Romanianization) the territory. Dovidnyk z istoriï Ukraïny, 3-Volumes, Article "Hotyns'ke Povstannya, 1919" (T.3), Kiev, 1993–1999, ISBN 5-7707-5190-8 (t. 1), ISBN 5-7707-8552-7 (t. 2), ISBN 966-504-237-8 (t. 3). As of this time, the population was approximately 35,000.


Africa Time EAT utc_offset_DST +3 postal_code_type Postal Code postal_code (5 digits) area_code +966-11 website www.arriyadh.com latd 24 latm 38 lats latNS longd 46 longm 43 longs longEW E '''Riyadh''' ( , "

. Don't go up the staircase — it's a dead end leading only to the viewing lounge. By train thumb Riyadh train station (File:Riyadh Station.JPG) Riyadh's train station is approximately in the middle of the city, with four trains daily to Dammam via Al-Hofuf and Al-Hasa. Try to show up 30 minutes early, as you'll need to pass through security before boarding. By bus The Central Bus Terminal (tel. +966-1-2647858) is inconveniently located in the Aziziyah

url email address lat 24.647176 long 46.710786 directions phone +966 1 402 9500 tollfree fax hours Open Su-Mo,We-Th 9-1 PM for men, 4:30-9 PM families; Tu 9-noon women only, 4:30-9 PM men; Fr 4:30-9 PM families; Sa closed price SAR10 content Undoubtedly the top sight in Riyadh, this museum (opened in 1999) is done up with the latest technology and is very accessible to visitors, with almost everything available in English. There are so many video presentations


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Digby, Nova Scotia

;!-- Bot generated title -- Image:Digby Nova Scotia.jpg Main Street of Digby Image:Digby Harbour


Training MGUL ISBN 978-5-8135-0510-2. * "Bank of the Universe" - edited by Boltenko A. C., , Kiev, 2014., publishing house "Phoenix", ISBN 978-966-136-169-9 External links * Launch

Japanese occupation of Hong Kong

(2006). Roses in December. Lulu press. ISBN 1-84753-966-1. stat_area1 1042 stat_pop1 1639000 stat_year2 1945 Chan, Shun-hing. Leung, Beatrice. 2003 (2003). Changing Church and State Relations in Hong Kong, 1950–2000. Hong Kong: HK university press. Page 24. ISBN 962-209-612-3. stat_area2 1042 stat_pop2 600000 footnotes today

accessdate *''The History of Hong Kong'' by Yim Ng Sim Ha. ISBN 962-08-2231-5. *''Journey Through History: A modern Course 3'' by Nelson Y.Y. Kan. ISBN 962-469-221-1. * Memoirs


name Sheraton Dammam Hotel And Towers Hotel alt url http: www.sheratondammam.com email address 1st Street lat 26.452619 long 50.120240 directions phone +966 3 8345555 tollfree fax +966 3 8349872 price Prices from 500 SR checkin checkout content Go next * Khobar : just 15 minutes away by car. * Dhahran : just 20 minutes away by car. * Jubail : just 90 minutes away by car * Bahrain : 1 hour away WikiPedia:Dammam Dmoz:Regional Middle_East Saudi_Arabia Localities Dammam Commons:Dammam

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