Duchy of Gascony

. In the early 9th century the lands around the Adour river were segregated from the Duchy under the name of County of Vasconia. Count Aznar's successor, Sans Sancion (Sancho Sánchez of Gascony), fought against Charles the Bald, as Charles didn't recognize him as legitimate. In 844, Vikings invaded Bordeaux and killed Duke Seguin II (Seguin II of Gascony). His heir William (William I of Gascony) was killed trying to retake Bordeaux in 848, Monlezun, 342. though some

) *Seguin II (Seguin II of Gascony) (??-846), the beginning of his rule is uncertain *William I (William I of Gascony) (846-848 or 852 ) Counts of Vasconia :''Temporarily segregated from the Duchy. See: Northern Basque Country'' *Aznar Sans (Aznar Sánchez) (820-836) *Sans II (Sans II Sancion of Gascony) (836-855 or 864), fought against the Franks since 848 and eventually became Duke of Vasconia. Later Dukes of Vasconia (Frankish vassals

) *Sans II (Sans II Sancion of Gascony) (848 or 852-855 or 864) *Arnold (Arnaut of Gascony) (855-864 or only 864) Independent Dukes of Gascony *Sans III (Sans III Mitarra of Gascony) (864-893) *Gassia II (Gassia II Sans of Gascony) (893-930) *Sans IV (Sans IV Gassia of Gascony) (930-c.950) *Sans V (Sans V Sancion of Gascony) (c.950-c.961) *Guilhem II (Guilhem Sans of Gascony) (c.961-996) *Bernat I (Bernat I Guilhem of Gascony) (996-1009


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in Baotou, 2000 census. class "wikitable sortable" - class "hintergrundfarbe5" ! Ethnicity ! Population ! Percentage - Han Chinese 2.122.737 94.16% - Mongol 67.209 2.98% - Hui Chinese 36.234 1.61% - Manchu 22.826 1.01% - Korean (Koreans) 848 0.04% Transportation *Baotou is a terminus for both the Baolan Railway and the Jingbao Railway, heading for Lanzhou in the west and Beijing in the east

Três Pontas

" (Animals amount) class "wikitable" - ! Year!! Bovine!! Equine !! Buffalo !! Asinine !! Hinnies !! Swine !! Caprine !! Ovine !! Chickens - 1974 26724 848 - - - 3124 22 91 40000 - 1980 20261 1500 - - 350 6307


zh-hans 坡头区 Pōtóu Qū 380,000 424 896 - 4 Mazhang District Léizhōu Shì


Sweden language Swedish archiveurl http: www.webcitation.org 64arqC15e archivedate 10 January 2012 deadurl no accessdate 10 January 2012 area_total_km2 1.67 population_as_of 31 December 2010 population_footnotes population_total 1,417 population_density_km2 848 timezone Central European Time CET

County of Toulouse

who inflicted terrible damage on the population, and so in 848 they called Charles the Bald to topple Pippin II. In 849 Charles the Bald was south again, presented the capital of Aquitaine, Toulouse, by Frédelon (Fredelon of Toulouse), the count of Toulouse recently appointed by Pippin II. Charles the Bald then officially confirmed Frédelon as count of Toulouse. Soon the whole of Aquitaine was submitting to Charles the Bald, and in 852, Pippin II was made prisoner by the Basques and handed over

) **'''Urgell''' - Solomon (Solomon, Count of Cerdanya and Urgell), Count of Urgell (Counts of Urgell) (848–869) **'''Poitiers''' - Ebroin (Ebroin (bishop)), Administrator of the County (Count of Poitiers) (844–854) **'''County of Toulouse''' - Fredelon (Fredelon of Toulouse) (844–852) **'''Urgell''' - Solomon (Solomon, Count of Cerdanya and Urgell), Count of Urgell (Counts of Urgell) (848–869) combatant1 Image:Cross


الكبير is a 9th century mosque located in Samarra, Iraq. The mosque was commissioned in 848 and completed in 851 by the Abbasid caliph Al-Mutawakkil who reigned (in Samarra) from 847 until 861. The grand ceremonial mosque was intended as the focal point of Ibn Ţūlūn's capital, al-Qatta'i, which served as the center of administration for the Tulunid dynasty. The mosque originally was backed by ibn Ţūlūn's palace, and a door adjacent to the minbar

in Oviedo, Kingdom of Asturias * 836 – Samarra founded in Mesopotamia as the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate. * 836 – Great Mosque of Kairouan founded in Aghlabid Tunisia. * 851 – Great Mosque of Sousse built in Aghlabid Tunisia. * 852 – Malawiya Mosque of Samarra built (begun in 848). * 852 – Hildesheim Cathedral begun. * 859 – Halberstadt

By train By car By bus By boat Get around See thumb The spiralling minaret of the Great Mosque. (Image:Samara spiralovity minaret rijen1973.jpg) *


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Hastings, Minnesota

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