Stirling, Alberta

935 postal_code_type Postal code span postal_code TOK 2EO (List of T Postal Codes of Canada) area_code +1-403 (Area code 403) blank_name Highways (List of Alberta provincial highways) blank_info Highway 4 (Alberta Highway 4) Highway 61 (Alberta Highway 61) Highway 846 (Alberta Highway 846) blank1_name Waterways blank1_info Etzikom Coulee Kipp Coulee

of Highway 4 (Alberta Highway 4) and Highway 846 (Alberta Highway 846). The Milk River Ridge is south of the village, and Etzikom Coulee and Kipp Coulee are north of it. class "wikitable" - !Coordinates: Climate Stirling experiences a semi-arid climate (Köppen climate classification '' Semi-arid climate#Cold Semi-arid climates BSk

off to the east branches off to the south to Stirling (Stirling, Alberta) bgcolor #DDFFDD 25px (File:RedCoatTrail.png) Red Coat Trail concurrency begins - '''Warner''' is a village in southern Alberta, Canada. It is located in County of Warner (Warner County No. 5, Alberta), approximately 65 km south of the city of Lethbridge (Lethbridge, Alberta). Warner is a farming community. Warner is situated at the intersection


with the Soviet Union in April 1972 and ended its isolation within the Arab world. On the other hand, Kurds remained dependent on the Iranian military support and could do little to strengthen their forces. By 1974 the situation in the north escalated again into the Second Kurdish Iraqi War, to last until 1975. In 846 CE, one of the leaders of the Kurds in Mosul revolted against the Caliph Al Mo'tasam who sent the commander Aitakh to combat against him. Aitakh won this war and killed many of the Kurds

(959–1015) and the Annazid (990–1117) in Kermanshah, Dinawar and Khanaqin. In the west were the Marwanid (990–1096) of Diyarbakır. After these, the Ardalan dynasty (14th century to 1867) were established in present-day Khanaqin, Kirkuk and Sinne. In 846 CE, one of the leaders of the Kurds in Mosul revolted against the Caliph Al Mo'tasam who sent the commander Aitakh to combat against him. Aitakh won this war and killed many of the Kurds. The Kurds revolted


ashore in the areas of Wonsan, Chaho, and Chongjin. The ship conducted many gunfire support missions against targets spotted by these intelligence teams. On 20 February, ''Wallace L. Lind'', along with ''Ozbourn'' (USS Ozbourn (DD-846)) (DD-846) and ''Charles S. Sperry'' (USS Charles S. Sperry (DD-697)) (DD-697), engaged in the rescue of a pilot who had crash-landed in Wonsan harbor. While the three ships were attempting rescue operations, shore batteries opened fire on them


(ZRL) — narrow gauge, 891 km in Zambia: New Kapiri Mposhi-Mpika-Kasama (Kasama, Zambia)- Dar es Salaam

Koumbi Saleh

516 The earliest reference to Ghana as a town is by al-Khuwarizmi (Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī) who died in around 846 AD. Two centuries later a detailed description of the town is provided by al-Bakri in his ''Book of Routes and Realms (Book of Roads and Kingdoms (al-Bakrī))'' which he completed in around 1068. Al-Bakri never visited the region but obtained his information from earlier writers and from informants

Duchy of Gascony

) *Seguin II (Seguin II of Gascony) (??-846), the beginning of his rule is uncertain *William I (William I of Gascony) (846-848 or 852 ) Counts of Vasconia :''Temporarily segregated from the Duchy. See: Northern Basque Country'' *Aznar Sans (Aznar Sánchez) (820-836) *Sans II (Sans II Sancion of Gascony) (836-855 or 864), fought against the Franks since 848 and eventually became Duke of Vasconia. Later Dukes of Vasconia (Frankish vassals

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

. The office was created in 1699, and from 1768 until 1956 it was combined with the office of Regius Keeper of the Royal Botanic Garden (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh), Edinburgh, who also held the post of Regius Professor of Botany at the University of Edinburgh. Since then the office of HM Botanist has been honorary, but conferred on a serving or retired Regius Keeper. The Laws of Scotland: Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia, Vol. 7 "The Crown", para 846<


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-Broken Hill (Kabwe)-Livingstone (Livingstone, Zambia)-Bulawayo-Pretoria-Johannesburg-Kimberley (Kimberley, Northern Cape)-Blomfontein (Napier, Western Cape)-Cape Town. On his return Cobham was awarded the Air Force Cross (Air Force Cross (United Kingdom)) for his services to aviation. * Zambia Railways Limited (ZRL) — narrow gauge, 846&nbsp;km Kitwe-Ndola-New Kapiri Mposhi-Kabwe-Lusaka- Livingstone, Zambia Livingstone

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