. - Or at the airport are three cab company called them Leader (+7 836 2424000), Region (+7 836 2255555), Zenit (+7 836 2333000) phone +7 836 2535167 fax +7 836 2535310 price content Regular flights: Moscow - Vnukovo, Samara, Ufa The city is just a few hour drive from Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan, cities with international air connections. By bus *

Yanalova (улица Яналова), lat 56.62020 long 47.88321 directions South of train station phone +7 836 2450305, +7 836 2451273 fax hours price content Behind there is a Пятёрочка supermarket. - Buses going to Kazan (150km), Cheboksary (100km) * By train



, UNPROFOR did not intervene in 1995 when the Bosnian Serbs set up their artillery around the city and began shelling it indiscriminately. The UN failed to prevent Bosnian Serb troops from capturing the ''safe areas (United Nations Safe Areas)'' set up in the city of Srebrenica, which resulted in the Srebrenica massacre. The UN Resolution 819 (United Nations Security Council Resolution 819) and 836 (United Nations Security Council Resolution 836) had designated Srebrenica a safe

area to be protected using all necessary means, including the use of force. The UN also did little to stop the mass flight of almost the entire population

Resolution 819 819 and 836 (United Nations Security Council Resolution 836) had designated Srebrenica a safe area to be protected using all necessary means, including the use of force.


of their power, c. 836–910. Decline Bhoj II (910–912) was overthrown by Mahipala I (912–914). Several feudatories of the empire took advantage


hunting park was constructed at the northern inlet (modern Nahr al-Rasasi) near to al-Daur. A supplementary canal, the Qatul Abi al-Jund, excavated by the Abbasid Caliph (Abbasid Caliphate) Harun al-Rashid, was commemorated by a planned city laid out in the form of a regular octagon (modern Husn al-Qadisiyya), called al-Mubarak and abandoned unfinished in 796. Abbasid capital In 836 the Abbasid (Abbasid Caliphate) Caliph Al-Mu'tasim founded a new capital

of the imperial exchequer, and it was difficult to find sufficient troops to garrison the huge empire. Golden Gate Palace thumb upright alt Example alt text Qasr-Al-Khalifa or Abbasid Palace in Samarra (Image:AbassidQasr Baghdad Iraq.jpg) was built in 221 AH (Hijri year) (AD 836) and is one of the most famous Islamic palaces in the world. In the middle of Baghdad, in the central square was the Golden Gate Palace. The Palace was the residence of the caliph and his family

early meteoric growth eventually slowed due to troubles within the Caliphate, including relocations of the capital to Samarra (during 808–819 and 836–892), the loss of the western and easternmost provinces, and periods of political domination by the Iranian Buwayhids (945–1055) and Seljuk Turks (1055–1135). Al-Mu'tazz proved too apt a pupil of his Turkish masters, but was surrounded by parties jealous of each other. At Samarra, the Turks were having problems

Duchy of Gascony

) *Seguin II (Seguin II of Gascony) (??-846), the beginning of his rule is uncertain *William I (William I of Gascony) (846-848 or 852 ) Counts of Vasconia :''Temporarily segregated from the Duchy. See: Northern Basque Country'' *Aznar Sans (Aznar Sánchez) (820-836) *Sans II (Sans II Sancion of Gascony) (836-855 or 864), fought against the Franks since 848 and eventually became Duke of Vasconia. Later Dukes of Vasconia (Frankish vassals


789 1861 917 1871 524 1881 1130 1891 836 1901 746 1911 815 1926 220 1936 260 1946 300 1951 986 1956 1105 1961 1151 1966 1246 1971 2110 1981 7231 1986 10522 1991 12124 1996 13288 2002 14591 2006 15760 2011 17368 footnote Census for post 1821 figures. http: www.histpop.org http: www.nisranew.nisra.gov.uk census

High River

Ottawa page 98-102 chapter Table 12: Population of Canada by provinces, counties or census divisions and subdivisions, 1871–1931 ref name

Majdal Shams

of the President, December 8, 1885 ''(Washington: Government Printing Office, 1886): 836-839 Majdal Shams also attracted foreign geologists such as William Libbey because of the town's proximity to an exposed strata of Jurassic-era fossils. William Libbey and Franklin E. Hoskins, ''The Jordan Valley and Petra II ''(New York and London: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1905): 353 Fossils excavated at Majdal Shams were acquired by the American University of Beirut


317 ---------- 6 Hejian City (Hejian) Hǎixīng Xiàn 220,000 836 263 ---------- 11 Yanshan County, Hebei Yanshan

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