Duchy of Gascony

1052 year_leader4 1362 year_leader5 title_leader Duke of Gascony today ) was a duchy in present southwestern France, roughly corresponding to the modern region of Gascony after 824. The Duchy of Gascony, then known as ''Wasconia

territory. Louis the Pious received the submission of rebel Basque lords in Dax, but things were far from settled. In 824 the second Battle of Roncevaux (Battle of Roncevaux Pass (824)) took place, when counts Eblo (Aeblus) and Aznar Galindo (Aznar Galindez I) (identified as Aznar Sánchez too), Frankish vassals and the latter appointed Duke of Gascony, were captured by the joint Pamplonese and Banu Qasi forces, strengthening the independence of Kingdom of Navarre Pamplona

the Gascon march. It follows that the Duchy of Vasconia comprised Basque areas north and south of the Pyrenees at least until the definite detachment of Pamplona (Pamplona#Early Middle Ages) from the Duchy in 824. The Frankish king Dagobert I made in 628 arrangements for his brother Charibert II to rule over the territories between the Loire and the Pyrenees (''limes Spaniae'') 'in the general area of Vasconia', including Saintes, Charente-Maritime Saintes

Sidi Barrani

During the Battle of Calabria on 9 July, 813 Squadron was used to search and track the Italian fleet while 824 Squadron made two unsuccessful attacks on Italian cruisers without loss. On the evening of 10 July, Smith, pp. 49–52 ''Eagle'' . Rohwer, p. 32 While under heavy aerial

attack on 13 July, pilots of the Sea Gladiator Flight shot down three Italian bombers. Gustavsson and Slongo, pp. 78–79 On the night of 20 July, six aircraft from 824 Squadron, flying from Sidi Barrani, Smith, p. 53 sank the destroyers . Rohwer, p. 33 While providing distant cover to a convoy bound


for economic and centralization purposes. Bernardo Dagala of Navotas fought for the separation of Navotas from Malabon, finally, Navotas gained full independence as a distinct municipality through the enforcement of the Philippine Commission Act No. 142 lasts January 16, 1906. On November 1975, in the exercise of emergency power during martial law of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos, Presidential Decree No. 824 created the Metropolitan Manila Commission, which placed Navotas together

Category:Populated places on Manila Bay Category:Populated places established in 1859 Category:1859 establishments in the Philippines Category:Port cities and towns in the Philippines '''Metropolitan Manila''' Republic of the Philippines. (November 7, 1975). Presidential Decree No. 824 – Creating The Metropolitan Manila And The Metropolitan Manila Commission And For Other


with a strong influence of the Kingdom of Pamplona, established in the year 824. However, it would be in 1023 when Sancho VI (Sancho VI William of Gascony) Duke of Gascony would name Guillaume Fort as first Viscount of Soule. His descendants would inherit the title for around two centuries. The Viscounts of Soule had their base in the fortress of Mauléon (Mauléon-Licharre), a strategic region that controlled the pass from Aquitaine to the Iberian peninsula. The viscounts of Soule take

Mendocino, California

at an elevation of 154 feet (47 m). The population of the census-designated place (CDP) was 894 at the 2010 census, up from 824 at the 2000 census. The town's name comes from Cape Mendocino, named by early Spanish navigators in honor of Antonio de Mendoza, Viceroy of New Spain. Despite its small size, the town's scenic

%. 520 people (58.2% of the population) lived in owner-occupied housing units and 310 people (34.7%) lived in rental housing units. 2000 As of the census of 2000, there were 824 people, 424 households, and 220 families residing in the CDP. The population density was 363.8 people per square mile (140.2 km


;Creating the past"; Charles-Edwards, ''Early Christian Ireland'', pp. 522-3 The Danes (Danes (Germanic tribe)) plundered Cloyne in 822, 824 and again in 885 when, according to the Annals of the Four Masters, the Abbot and Prior of the monastery were killed. The Annals of Inisfallen mention that in 978 A.D. the people of Ossory (Kingdom of Ossory) plundered Cloyne and that in 1088 A.D. Diarmait Ua Briain devastated it. "The Book of Cloyne


. According to Goldschmidt it can be extracted by means of xylene, amyl alcohol or turpentine; also without decomposition, by distillation in a current of hydrogen, or carbon dioxide. It is a white crystalline body, very difficultly fusible, boiling above 440 °C (824 °F). Its solution in glacial acetic acid, by oxidation with chromic acid, yielded a red powdery solid and a fatty acid fusing at 62 °C, and exhibiting all the characters of a mixture of palmitic acid

Greensburg, Kansas

books cutler (Online HTML eBook) * ''Kansas : A Cyclopedia of State History, Embracing Events, Institutions, Industries, Counties, Cities, Towns, Prominent Persons, Etc''; 3 Volumes; Frank W. Blackmar; Standard Publishing Co; 944 955 824 pages; 1912. (Volume1 - Download 54MB PDF eBook), (Volume2 - Download 53MB PDF

Deir ez-Zor

824 MW in total, and would irrigate an area of Construction of the dam lasted between 1968 and 1973, while the accompanying power station was finished in 1977. Total cost of the dam was US$340 million of which US$100 million was in the form of a loan by the Soviet Union. ref name adeel214 >


a population of 824, all Muslim. Barron, 1923, Table VII, Sub-district of Jerusalem, p. 16 This had increased by the time of the 1931 census (1931 census of Palestine) to 1,029, 2 Christians and 1,027 Muslim, in 224 houses. Mills, 1932, p. 40. In 1945

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