300-4 200 Kriminalobersekretär SS-Untersturmführer (Leutnant) - A4c2 2 800-5000 Kriminalinspektor SS-Obersturmführer (Oberleutnant) - A4c1 2 800-5 300 Kriminalkommissar (Oberleutnant) - A4c1 2 800-5 300 Kriminalkommissar three years in grade SS-Hauptsturmführer (Hauptmann) - A3b 4 800-7 000

Kriminalrat (Hauptmann) - A3b 4 800-7 000 Kriminalrat three years in grade SS-Sturmbannführer (Major) - A2d 4 800-7 800 Kriminaldirektor SS-Sturmbannführer (Major) - A2c2 4 800-8 400 Regierungs-und Kriminalrat SS-Sturmbannführer (Major) - A2b 7 000-9 700 Oberregierungs-und Kriminalrat SS-Obersturmbannführer <


to Russian Empire -- a distance of 800 miles -— where he enrolled as a student of the prestigious Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. He remained in Kiev until 1756 studying theology. He immediately formed a friendship with his professors, many of whom were desciples of Feofan Prokopovich, the great reformer of the Russian Orthodox Church and one of the founders of the Russian Academy of Sciences. After graduating from the Kiev academy he travelled to Moscow and Smolensk

queuing, 24 7, from a ticket vending machine, (located in the city ten points.) * ¤ Sopron '''parking''' based on three

).jpg name Fabricius-House alt Fabricius-ház url http: Sopron portal english_show?contentId 2133 email address Fő tér, 6 lat 47.68645 long 16.59052 directions Downtown phone +36 99 311327 hours Apr-Sep Tu-Su 10.00-18.00 or by appointment price Adult Reduced tickets: History of Sopron and its Surroundings 700 350, Archaeological Exhibition - Roman Lapidary 700 350, Town Residences 800 400 (2014) content from 14th century with interior


Time EEST utc_offset_DST +3 latd 35 latm 55 lats 30 latNS N longd 35 longm 59 longs 19 longEW E elevation_footnotes tags-- elevation_m 800 elevation_ft postal_code_type postal_code area_code blank_name blank_info

blank1_name blank1_info website footnotes '''Kessab''', '''Kesab''' or '''Kasab''' ( , ''Kesab'') is a mostly Armenian (Armenians)-populated town in northwestern Syria, administratively part of the Latakia Governorate, located 59 kilometers north of Latakia. It is situated near the border with Turkey on the slope of Mount Aqraa, 800

"GAPIP" ''PKFHSPKFHS 800#search_anchor Guide Arabe Pour Le Commerce, L'industrie & Les Professions Libérales Dans Les Pays Arabes''. (1972). Page 12. Geography and climate thumb Baghjaghaz mountain-pass and the heights of Mount Selderan (File:Kessab11 Nabaain.jpg) Administratively, Kessab belongs to the Latakia District; one of the Latakia governorate governorate


to as a part of the city proper. History The area bears traces of settlers since around 2000 BC. In the early medieval age, around 1000 AD (History of Sweden (800–1521)), Nyköping was a capital of one the many Swedish petty kingdoms. In the 13th century, construction on the Nyköping Fortress was begun; the following century it became the strongest fortress of the country. The coat of arms probably depicts the fortress, or one of its towers.

) thumb A Ryanair Boeing 737-800, with the text "Auf Wiedersehen Lufthansa (File:Ryanair-sxf.jpg)", ("Goodbye, Lufthansa" in German) at Berlin Schönefeld Airport, Germany. (2005) thumb A Ryanair Boeing 737-800, named Nyköping (File:ryanair b737-800 nykoping ei-csv arp.jpg), takes off from London Luton Airport, England. (2007) layout FF layout (2002-) F4 layout (2008-) assembly Nyköping, Sweden (convertible 2012) ( AB Nyköpings


Gourmet alt url http: email address 700 Industrial Way lat long directions phone +1 250 725-2525 tollfree fax hours price content Gourmet take-out pizza, soups and seafood dishes. * '''The Pointe''' at the Wickaninnish Inn &mdash; Osprey Lane at Chesterman Beach, 1-800-333-4604. - Beautiful Pacific Northwest cuisine with ocean views (during daylight hours). Breakfast, lunch & dinner

the waters and beach of McKenzie Beach phone +1 250 725-4445 tollfree fax hours price checkin checkout content Nice comfy hotel, reasonable accommodations for the area. First Nation owned and operated. $199-325 (less in the off-season). *

. * *


Krajina in defense against the invasion of the Ottoman Empire under Suleiman I, advancing towards Vienna. ''Hrvatski leksikon'' (1996-1997) In 1532, Captain (Captain (land)) Nikola Jurišić defended the small border fort of Kőszeg (Kingdom of Hungary) with only 700-800 soldiers with no cannons and few guns, preventing the advance of the Turkish army of 120,000-140,000 toward

http: en jurisicsvar castle email address Rajnis József utca 9. lat 47.38966 long 16.53865 directions Center phone +36 94 360240 fax hours price Adult HUF1200, Discounted (18 , 60 , disabled): 800, Free: under 3 years, Family ticket: 3200 content This monument contains both Gothic, Renaissance elements. Built in 13-14th centuries. Adapted for the Baroque style in the 18th century. The Renaissance painting

image name The National School for Children with Special Needs alt Dr. Nagy László Egységes Gyógypedagógia Módszertani Intézmény url http: email address Kiss János u. 31. lat 47.39127 long 16.54581 directions E 300 m phone +36 94 360185 hours Swimming pool open: M-W 07-15, Th-F 12-20, Sa 10-18, Su CLOSED price Adult full day swimming ticket (6:00 to 7:45) HUF1.000 800; Student-Senior Student swimming


Biosphere Reserve of the Megiddo Regional Council, which is currently in the process of becoming recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve. File:12 6 2008 .1597864 25 43 11 PROTOCOL 800 1 park.jpg Yokneam City Park File:12 6 2008 .1099054 8 22 11 PROTOCOL 800 1 park7.jpg Gandi Park File:19 6 2008 .5612146 58 24 10

PROTOCOL 800 1 nahal hashofet4.jpg Nahal Shofet File:14 1 2010 .2963068 4 1 11 PROTOCOL 800 1 DSC 0855.JPG Ruins of the Turkish Inn File:12 6 2008 .3611261 5 40 11 PROTOCOL 800 1 park28.jpg Nahal Keret Park File:12 6 2008 .2571985 54 20 11 PROTOCOL 800 1 park5.jpg Walking through Metri Park File:PikiWiki Israel 5666 park in yokneam.jpg Nahal Keret Park File:Tel-Yokneam-347.jpg Tel Yokneam File:Tel-Yokneam-286.jpg Tel Yokneam File:Yok WalkCollage.jpg 22nd Annual Yokneam Walk Each


Routledge origyear 1986 year 2004 edition 4th page 114 Vatsraja successfully challenged and defeated the Pala ruler Dharmapala and Dantidurga, the Rashtrakuta king, for control of Kannauj. Around 786, the Rashtrakuta ruler Dhruva (c. 780–793) crossed the Narmada River into Malwa, and from there tried to capture Kannauj. Vatsraja was defeated by the Dhruva Dharavarsha of the Rashtrakuta dynasty around 800. Vatsraja was succeeded by Nagabhata II (805–833

) and Paramaras (Parmars)(Rahevar)(Rever) Agnikula kshatriya Historian such as Vincent Arthur Smith, K. M. munshi, D.B. Bhandarkar states that Agnikula Kshatriyas namely Gurjara-Pratihara were from Gurjara stock .

From his capital in Mayurkhandi in Bidar district, Govinda III conducted his northern campaign in 800 C.E.. He successfully obtained the submission of Gurjara-Pratihara Nagabhata II, Dharmapala (Dharmapala of Bengal) of Pala Empire and the incumbent puppet ruler of Kannauj, Chakrayudha. It is said Nagabhata II ran away from the battle field. The Sanjan plates of Govinda III mentions that the horse of Govinda III drank the icy liquid bubbling in the Himalayan stream

University Park, Pennsylvania date accessdate September 3, 2011 33,977 Commonwealth Campuses (Pennsylvania State University Commonwealth Campus) 630 Dickinson School of Law 800 College of Medicine (Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center#Penn State College of Medicine) 795 Penn State Great Valley School of Graduate

;800 College of Medicine (Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center#Penn State College of Medicine) 795 Great Valley (Penn State Great Valley School of Graduate Professional Studies) 6,290 PA College of Tech (Pennsylvania College of Technology) 8,524 World Campus (Penn State World Campus) ref name ""

School of Law 800 College of Medicine (Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center#Penn State College of Medicine) 3,890 World Campus (Penn State World Campus) 14,020 '''Total''' undergrad 38,594 University Park (University Park, Pennsylvania) ref name "


leader_name4 established_title Founded established_date 800 CE established_title2 Municipal Status established_date2 1824 established_title3 established_date3 area_magnitude unit_pref area_footnotes area_total_km2 103.11 area_land_km2 !--See table @ Template:Infobox

52200 area_code 722 blank_name blank_info blank1_name Demonym blank1_info website footnotes '''Calimaya''' is a town and municipality (municipalities of Mexico) located just south of Toluca, the capital of the State of Mexico in central Mexico. The settlement was probably established around 800 BCE, when the city

and wet (Cwbg) with most rain falling in the summer. The driest months are from November to March. Average annual rainfall is between 800 and 900mm. Average annual temperature is between 12 and 14C. The highest temperatures average under 22C and usually occur in June. Freezing temperatures are possible from November to January and sometimes as early as September and as late as May. The possibility of early and late freezes can affect agriculture. Ninety three

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