History of the Khitans

scale raid southward invading Sui territories (Northern modern Shanxi, Hebei). They were eventually crushed by a Sui (Sui dynasty) general leading 20,000 Turkish cavalry. CIHofC, p.111 Military activities during the first half of the Tang Dynasty (618–735) The Li-Sun Rebellion (696–697) Under Tang Taizong (r. 626–649) the Khitans became vassals of Tang China. Despite some occasional clashes the Khitans

Wenhui, who treated the local chieftains as his servants and humiliated them on many occasions, provoking resentment and because of a famine that struck the Khitan area in 696. According to the "loose rein policy" the Tang Governor-general was supposed to provide famine relief but when Zhao Wenhui failed to do so, adding injury to the insult done his local chieftains, the brothers-in-law launched a Khitan rebellion in the fifth month of 696. ref name "Xu Elina-Qian, p.241"

; Li Jinzhong led the rebellion and quickly captured Yingzhou where he declared himself "Wushang Kehan" (無上可汗: "paramount khaghan"). Sun Wanrong assisted him as general successfully leading tens of thousands of troops southward. The first significant Chinese response was to send an army with twenty-eight generals which was defeated by the Khitans in the Battle of Xiashi Gorge (near modern Lulong County of Hebei Province) in the eighth month of 696). !-- chief

Metro Detroit

the contemporary '''Troy''' is a city in Oakland County (Oakland County, Michigan) in the U.S. state of Michigan

, 1955, and chartered on December 6 that same year, becoming the tenth city government in southern Oakland County. At that time, the city was one of the largest suburban communities in the Metro Detroit area. The first city hall was located at 26305 John R Road, the former township offices. On April 5, 1963, a new municipal building was dedicated which is on the present location at 300 West Thirteen Mile Road. The city lies in the I-696 and I-75 corridor

rare exhibits including John F. Kennedy's presidential limousine, Abraham Lincoln's chair from Ford's Theatre, Thomas Edison's laboratory, the Wright Brothers' bicycle shop, and the Rosa Parks bus. In the late 1970s, during the second phase of construction of the I-696 (Walter P. Reuther Freeway) (Interstate 696) in Metro Detroit, lobbying efforts and lawsuits attempted to block construction of the central section. If successful, the efforts would have left


commercial development along the freeway (Parkedale Avenue parallels Highway 401 between exits 696 and 698; the Stewart and Parkedale area includes grocers, big-box department stores, fast food and chain hotels as well as the 1000 Islands Mall). Eat * Various national fast-food franchises (McDo, Harvey's, Burger King, KFC, Swiss Chalet) are located near Highway 401 exit 696 (Stewart and Parkedale). There is a food court in the 1000 Islands Mall. *

: www.qualityhotelbrockville.com email address 100 Stewart Boulevard K6V 4W3 lat long directions 401 exit 696 phone +1 613-345-1400 tollfree +1-800-267-4428 fax +1 613-345-5402 hours price checkin checkout content Connect * A highway 401 rest area west of the city (ONroute Mallorytown, both directions) provides sixty minutes free wi-fi to travellers. Go next * Front of Yonge and the Thousand Islands * Smiths Falls * Westport (Ontario) Westport


; The Central Hospital of Kainuu, which serves the wider region, is situated in Kajaani.

-5PM price content Tasty, no-nonsense Finnish food with a good wine list. Main dishes €6.5-14, fixed menu a little more. The restaurant is situated on a beautiful site next to river. *

Top-40 hits and Finnish classics. Targeted to young adults, but older folks have started to hang around after few other clubs have been closed. * *


. The city of Kisangani lies 324 km from Buta, from Kinshasa. The Port of Piroguiers is the largest inland port in the RDC, after the nation’s capital Kinshasa, handling million tonnes of cargo annually. As one of the most important ports in RDC, it remains a trans-shipment point link Kinshasa to the North-Eastern provinces for grain, sugar, petroleum products


- 8,000 Years , Allvoices.com The first mention of Erbil in literary sources' comes from the archives of Ebla. They record two journeys to Erbil (Irbilum) by a messenger from Ebla around 2300 BC. Later, Erridupizir, king of Gutium, captured the city in 2200 BC.696 Timeline ErbilCitadel.orq The Neo-Sumerian

Edmonton Capital Region

align center Y - Wabamun (Wabamun, Alberta) align center Village align center 661 align center 662 align center 2009 align center Y - Wabamun 133A (Wabamun 133A, Alberta) and 133B (Wabamun 133B, Alberta) align center Indian reserve align center 1,086  align center 1,293 align center 2009 align center - Warburg (Warburg, Alberta) align center Village align center 789 align center 696 align center 2009 align center Y - class "


; 0 align "right" 0 align "right" 572.62 - 2499130 align "center" K Kangiqsujuaq (Kangiqsujuaq (northern village)) VN align "right" 696 align "right" 605 align "right" 174 align "right" 170 align "right" 12.56 - 2499890 align "center" K Kangirsuk (Kangirsuk (Inuit reserved land)) TI align "right" 0


with coastal guns. After five minutes of firing by four coastal guns, the cruiser had been damaged by near misses and retreated. The destroyers remained undamaged, but ''Kirov'' suffered 17 dead and 30 wounded. The Soviets already knew the locations of the Finnish coastal batteries, but were surprised by their firing range. Silvast (1999) (#Silvast), pp. 694–696 Image:Sveaborg bombed.jpg thumb left Bombardment of Battle


night sky. *

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