A-13 (Quebec Autoroute 13) and A-520 (Quebec Autoroute 520) in Dorval 20px (Image:Quebec Autoroute 15.svg) 20px (Image:Quebec Autoroute 19.svg) 20px (Image:Quebec Autoroute 25.svg) A-15 (Quebec Autoroute 15), A-19 (Quebec Autoroute 19), A-25 (Quebec Autoroute 25) in Montreal 20px (Image:Quebec Autoroute 640.svg) A-640 (Quebec Autoroute 640) in Charlemagne (Charlemagne, Quebec) 20px (Image:Quebec Autoroute 31.svg) Quebec Autoroute 31 A-31


640, the Muslim army reached Pelusium. It was a fortified town manned by a Byzantine garrison, which contained many ancient Egyptian monuments, as well as many Christian churches and monasteries. The city was considered Egypt's eastern gate, and a branch of the Nile, known as the Pelusiac Branch, used to empty into the Mediterranean near the city. The Muslims besieged the town. The siege dragged on for two months. Towards the fall of February 640 an assault group led by a prominent

and tactically brilliant commander went behind enemy lines, and caused chaos all out of proportion to their size. They laid siege to Babylon (Babylon Fortress), which after a small effort at negotiation, was taken by storm on 6 April 640, which was Good Friday. Having finished there, Amr rode on. He and his army marched (or rode) to a point on the Nile called Umm Dunein. The siege of this city caused Amr and his horsemen considerable difficulty as they lacked siege engines and overwhelming

numbers. After finally taking Umm Dunein, Amr crossed the Nile to Faiyum. There, on 6 June 640, a second army dispatched by Omar arrived at Heliopolis (Heliopolis (ancient)) and began to lay siege to it. Amr retraced his route across the Nile River, and united his forces with those of the second army. They began to prepare for movement towards Alexandria – but scouts reported the approach of the Byzantine army. Butler, Alfred, ''The Arab Conquest of Egypt

Sabha, Libya

-2549-6 Sabha is about south of Tripoli. Walt, Vivienne. "The Capture of Gaddafi's Son: The Reformer Who Refused to Reform." ''TIME (TIME (magazine))''. November 19, 2011. Retrieved on November 19, 2011. Overview With a relatively large population, and growing fast, Sabha's importance is due to its being the air and road transport hub of the Fezzan

;ref name IHT On 19 November 2011, as Saif al-Islam Gaddafi was trying to flee from Libya, he and four aides were captured, from

Humboldt, Saskatchewan

5510 1 - Ukrainian (Ukrainians) 860 - '''''Total respondent population''''' '''''5.510


Tagil. However, travelers should take care as some of the buses do not stop in Nevyansk. * Ekaterinburg-bound buses depart from the northern bus station (автовокзал «Северный») bound for Nevyansk (#686), Nizhny Tagil (#640, ask explicitly if it stops in Nevyansk), Nizhnyaya Salda (#630), Verkhnyaya Salda (#602), and Serov (#810). Buses depart approximately hourly, travel time: 2 hours. * The Nizhny Tagil-bound buses are somewhat complicated. Minibuses directly to Nevyansk exist, in addition

to regular buses to Ekaterinburg (#602, 630, 640, 810; check if they stop in Nevyansk), Rezh (#526), Tyumen (#957), and Chelyabinsk (#593). Buses depart every hour, travel time: 1 hour. By car Follow the '''P352''' highway from Ekaterinburg (92km) or Nizhny Tagil (54km); take any of the exits labeled "Nevyansk". They are all close to the town center. Another local road comes from Rezh (92km). Get around thumb 450px Map of Nevyansk (Image:Nevyansk en.png) Nevyansk

Saint-Jérôme, Quebec

it downgrades to Route 117 (Quebec Route 117). It also links up to the northern suburbs of Montreal, as well as provides a connection to the A-440 (Quebec Autoroute 440 (Laval)), A-640 (Quebec Autoroute 640) and the A-50 (Quebec Autoroute 50) in Mirabel (Mirabel, Quebec). The first section from A-40 to Saint-Jérôme (Saint-Jérôme, Quebec) was opened in 1958 as a toll road, although the tolls were later removed. This section was also the first to be designed as an autoroute in the province

Bathurst, New Brunswick

Brunswick Route 325 Route 325 -- '''Bertrand (Bertrand, New Brunswick)''' - Trudel (Trudel, New Brunswick) *Prospect Street Extension, Fredericton (2.7 km): A former alignment of Route 2 (New Brunswick Route 2) from Hanwell Road (Route 640 (New Brunswick Route 640)) to Woodstock Road (Route 102 (New Brunswick Route 102)). *Vanier Boulevard, Bathurst (Bathurst, New Brunswick) (1.7 km): A continuation of Route 180 (New Brunswick Route 180) from Route 11 (New Brunswick Route 11) to St

El Nido, Palawan

name "palawan" in the northernmost tip of mainland Palawan, is bordered by the Linapacan Strait (Luzon Sea) in the north, the Sulu Sea in the east, and the South China Sea in the west. It is composed of 45 islands and islets, each has its own unique geological formations. The highest peak is at Cadlao Island, towering up to above sea level. Together with Sulu

. There are over 30 dive sites ranging in depth from six to more than thirty meters. El Nido: Scuba. Accessed August 24, 2008. Cadlao Island It is the largest island in El Nido, occupying a land area of 10.06 square kilometers. Among all islands, it is the closest to town proper and has the highest peak that towers up to 640 meters above sea level. It is known for its white sand beaches, gradually

Dalhousie, New Brunswick

;. The 2007 merger of Bowater and Abitibi Consolidated resulted in the decision by the newly merged company to announce the closure of the Dalhousie newsprint mill on November 29, 2007 due to apparent market conditions. The mill, which produced 640 tonnes of newsprint per day for shipment by rail, truck and ship to domestic and international markets, was officially closed on January 31, 2008. Consequently the economy of the town of Dalhousie is facing uncertainty during the post-industrial


light on local history and facilitate their preservation for posterity. Michael Hodd, ''East African Handbook'', (Trade & Travel Publications: 1994), p.640. The Warsangali Sultanate was an imperial ruling house centered in northeastern and in some parts of southeastern Somalia. It was one of the largest sultanates ever established in the territory, and, at the height of its power, included the Sanaag region and parts of the northeastern Bari

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