of the Britons in Wales and the West Country (''i.e.'' Cornwall and Dumnonia), and to the south of those in the ''Hen Ogledd'' or Old North. As one of the southeasternmost Brittonic regions for which there is reasonably substantial evidence, it is notable for having survived relatively late in the period of Anglo-Saxon conquest (Anglo-Saxon settlement of Britain). Elmet was invaded and conquered by Northumbria in the autumn of 616 or 626. The kingdom

, and of the powerful Æthelberht of Kent the same year, Raedwald and his client Edwin were well placed to dominate England, and indeed Raedwald did so until his death a decade later. Edwin annexed the minor British (Brython) kingdom of Elmet following a campaign in either 616 or 626. Elmet had probably been subject to Mercia and then to Edwin. Death of Ceretic in ''Annales Cambriae'', s.a. 616; Bede, ''HE'', IV, xxiii; Higham, ''Kingdom of Northumbria'', pp. 84–87 & 116. ref

at Chester (Battle of Chester) in 616. Edwin would launch a successful occupation of Lindsey (Kingdom of Lindsey) in 625, and he invaded and defeated Wessex (Kingdom of Wessex) in 626. He would also invade and occupy Anglesey, besieging Cadwallon on ''Ynys Seiriol'' ( , ''A History of Wales, Vol. I

Duchy of Gascony

. In 626, the Basques rebelled against the Franks, with the bishop of Eauze being exiled on the accusation of supporting or sympathising with the Basque rebels, Fredegarius. IV, 54. while in 635 a gigantic Frankish expedition led by the duke Arnebert and 9 more dukes launched an attack against the Basques, forcing them to retreat to the mountains, while Arnebert's column was defeated in Subola (Soule), maybe near Tardets (Tardets-Sorholus). However, the Basques

' relish was short-lived since they were brought to heel by Dagobert (Clichy, 636). Collins, R. (1990) By 626, it is certain that the duchy extended up to the Pyrenees and Vasconia had replaced Novempopulania as a preferred name for the geographical area between the Pyrenees and the Garonne. In 643, there was another rebellion to the north of the Pyrenees and in 642 and 654 they battled against the Visigoths to the south, in Saragossa

of Gascony are listed according to their Gascon names (based on the current spelling of Gascon, not the medieval spelling, which was fluctuating). Dukes of Vasconia (Frankish vassals) *Genial (602-606) *Aeghyna (626-638) *Amandus (636-660) Independent dukes of Vasconia and Aquitaine *Felix (Felix of Aquitaine) (660-670) *Lupus I (Lupus I of Aquitaine) (670-676 or until 710 in Vasconia only


; Kirby, p. 72. Yorke, ''Kings and Kingdoms'', p. 76, makes Hereric a brother of Edwin. DATE OF BIRTH 586 PLACE OF BIRTH Deira, England DATE OF DEATH caption birth_place Deira area, Northumbria Britannica.com death_place Whitby, Yorkshire DATE OF BIRTH 626 PLACE OF BIRTH Deira area, Northumbria DATE

;''Historia Brittonum'' (s:History of the Britons), ch. 57. One of them, Theodric (Theodric of Bernicia), is noted for fighting against a British coalition led by Urien Rheged and his sons. ''Historia Brittonum'' (s:History of the Britons), ch. 63. *Hugh II (Hugh II of Jaffa) (1134), Count of Jaffa (County of Jaffa and Ascalon), Jerusalem *Saint Edwin (Edwin of Northumbria) (626), King of Deira and Bernicia *Ptolemy VIII of Egypt (2nd

Downtown Calgary

and local media continue to use ''C-Train''. The '''Calgary Tower''' is a 191 metre (626 feet) free standing observation tower in Downtown (Downtown Calgary) Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Originally called the '''Husky Tower''', it was conceived as a joint venture between Marathon Realty Company Limited and Husky Oil (Husky Energy) as part of an urban renewal plan and to celebrate Canada's centennial (Canadian Centennial) of 1967. The tower was built at a cost

Port Dover, Ontario

;date 2010-01-05 archivedate 2010-01-05

Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea

book author Jessup, John E. chapter Rhee, Syngman title An encyclopedic dictionary of conflict and conflict resolution, 1945-1996 publisher Greenwood Publishing Group year 1998 isbn 978-0-313-28112-9 page 626 url http: books.google.com books?id hP7jJAkTd9MC&pg PA626 His political activism attracted unwelcome attention from the occupying army. In 1919, all of the major pro-independence factions formed the Provisional Government

June Lake, California

the population of June Lake to be 613. For 2003, the California Department of Finance estimated the population to be 626. In 2000, 4% of the population was under 5 years old, 17% were from 5 to 17, 71% were from 18 to 64, and 8% were over 65. The median age was 41.4. Sixty-six percent of the households were owner occupied and 34% were rented. Only 615 of June Lake's 1,187 parcels have been developed


, and Tunumiisut the most innovative. - Qaanaaq (Thule), Greenland, Denmark 77°30' N align "center" 640 align "center" yes align "center" yes Settlement - - 626 Qaanaaq Qaasuitsup - During 1940, with the "Little Norway" facilities under construction and his administrative duties taken over by others, Balchen requested permission from the Norwegian Air Force to fly ferrying missions for the British, teaming

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