sent by Justinian. When the city was sacked by the Slavs and Avars just before the 614, people took refuge on an island nearby which later united with the mainland, gave rise to the city of Dubrovnik. From that moment Cavtat was always under the control of powerful neighbour. The modern Croatian name for the city reveals the ancient origin and the link with Dubrovnik: Cavtat is a derived from ''Civitas Vetus'', the name by which the Dubrovnikans called their old city. Today Cavtat


;Featherstone, ''Tribal Hidage'', p. 30. - Ceredig ap Gwallog c.614–617 Elmet ''King of the Britons'' (in 614) Bede may refer only to Britons in Elmet - The reason for Gildas' disaffection for these individuals is unknown. He was selective in his choice of kings, as he had no comments concerning the kings of the other British kingdoms that were thriving at the time, such as Rheged, Gododdin, Elmet, Pengwern Powys (Pengwern), or the kingdoms


price checkin checkout content $60 per night for double room with breakfast. At the northern end of the beach, this is the only resort along the Tarabin strip. Seems pretty empty these days. Has its own diving center and several packages are on offer on their website. *

North Norfolk

the district (Non-metropolitan district) of North Norfolk. The village is situated on the route of the B1159 (B1159 road) that runs between the town of Cromer and the town of Stalham. County A to Z Atlas, Street & Road maps Norfolk, page 229 ISBN 978-1-84348-614-5 The civil parish has an area of and in the 2001 census (United Kingdom Census 2001) had a population of 2,451 in 1,205 households. For the purposes of local

ncc028390.pdf ''. Retrieved December 2, 2005. . Beeston Regis' public transport operates a frequent bus service on the coast road A149 (A149 road) County A to Z Atlas, Street & Road maps Norfolk, page 228 ISBN 978-1-84348-614-5 and a rail service (Greater Anglia) from the nearby stations of Sheringham (Sheringham railway station) to the west and West Runton (West Runton railway station) to the east, where the Bittern Line

Helena-West Helena, Arkansas

% of the population. The median income for a household in the city was $19,896, and the median income for a family was $23,274. Males had a median income of $25,087 versus $17,238 for females. The per capita income for the city was $12,131. Helena

Hazelton, British Columbia

of on January 8, 1991. ref name "climate"


; * '''Adris''', Str. Lct. Economu, Nr. 30; Tel. - +40 241-550-611; * '''Albatros''', Str. Traian, Nr. 52; Tel. - +40 241-615-717; * '''Amarilis''', Str. I.C. Brătianu; Tel. - +40 241-511-185; Fax - +40 241-692-679; * '''Ambient''', B-dul Mamaia, Nr. 191; Tel. - +40 241-614-401; * '''Aristocrat''', B-dul Tomis, Nr. 279; Tel. - +40 241-692-021; * '''Aspendos''', B-dul Tomis, Nr. 48; Tel. - +40 241-617-612; * '''Astoria''', P-ţa Ovidiu, Nr. 5; Tel. - +40 241-611-285; * '''Au Coq Simpa''', Str. Ştefan

cel Mare, Nr. 19; Tel. - +40 241-614-797; * '''Avanti''', B-dul Tomis, Nr. 334; Tel. - +40 241-693-992; * '''Bad Rock''', Str. Călăraşi, Nr. 1; Tel. - +40 721-204-000; * '''Balada''', B-dul 1 Decembrie 1918, Nr. 12; Tel. - +40 241-625-327; * '''Bel Ami''', Str. Poporului, Nr. 24; Tel. - +40 241-609-522; *

; Tel. - +40 241-617-814; Fax - +40 241-618-285 * '''Maria''', B-dul 1 Decembrie 1918, Nr. 2D; Tel. - +40 241-611-711; Fax - +40 241-616-852 * '''Millennium''', B-dul Mamaia, Nr. 135; Tel. - +40 241-607-317; Fax - +40 241-607-341 * '''Minihotel Adry'S''', Str. Lct. Economu, Nr. 30; Tel. +40 241-550-611; Fax. +40 241-550-661 * '''Oxford''', B-dul Alexandru Lăpuşneanu intersecţie cu B-dul Aurel Vlaicu * '''Palace''', Str. Remus Opreanu, Nr. 5-7; Tel. - +40 241-614-696 Splurge * '''Bulevard


through the industrial city of Tema. Ghana is geographically closer to the "centre" of the world than any other country even though the notional centre, (0°, 0°) is located in the Atlantic Ocean approximately south of Accra, Ghana, in the Gulf of Guinea. Extreme points of Earth thumb right Lake Volta (File:VoltaRiverWithAdombeBridge183-1-.jpg) in Ghana is the largest reservoir in the world, extending from the Akosombo


Empire Persian invasion in AD 614 caused the rapid decline of Jerash. However, the city continued to flourish during the Umayyad Period, as shown by recent excavations. In AD 749, a major earthquake destroyed much of Jerash and its surroundings. During the period of the Crusades, some of the monuments were converted to fortresses, including the Temple of Artemis (Temple of Artemis (Jerash)). Small settlements continued in Jerash during the Ayyubid, Mameluk dynasty Mameluk

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