Shuyang County

government_type Province Managing County area_total_km2 2299 population 1,860,000 population_urban 560,000 established_title Established established_date 582 BC population_density_km2 auto seat parts_type parts_style parts !-- parts text

of Jiangsu was inhabited by the Dongyi nation who established a lots of city-states. The area around Shuyang belonged to one of Dongyi states called ‘Tan (郯)’. (民国)戴仁、张景衡、吴鹏等监修,《民国重修沭阳县志》,江苏古籍出版社,2008年. In the late period of Zhou Dynasty, that is Spring and Autumn Period, the State of Lu began to expand its power to the south. Part of the region was officially proclaimed as the territory of the State of Lu in 582 BC after the military fortification


Rollinson Dating of different minerals and or isotope systems (with differing closure temperatures) within the same rock can therefore enable the tracking of the thermal history of the rock in question with time, and thus the history

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and onwards to Heathrow Airport, calling at the Bus Station at Heathrow Central before terminating at Heathrow Terminal 5 (London Heathrow Terminal 5). The 581 circular bus service provides a link between the various areas of Denham and Uxbridge bus station. The Saturdays-only 582 service links the various Denhams with Iver, Slough and Windsor. The R21 bus service between Uxbridge and Mount Vernon Hospital in Northwood stops twice daily at Denham Station every day except Sunday


and the electric and showers still work. * -- *

USD35, dorm USD10 checkin checkout content Looking oddly out of place, like it's been dropped in from the English home counties, this relatively quiet guest house is run by the same people as the Golden Monkey, but you do pay more for a better night's sleep and secure parking. No smoking & free Wi-Fi. *

Al Karak

route between Damascus and Egypt and the pilgrimage route between Damascus and Mecca. In the thirteenth century the Mamluk ruler Baibars used it as a stepping stone on his climb to power. In 1389 Sultan Barquq was exiled to al-Karak where he gathered his supporters before returning to Cairo. Holt, P.M. (1986) ''The Age of the Crusades. The Near East from the Eleventh century to 1517''. Longman. ISBN 0-582-49302-1. Pages 86, 128. Al-Karak was the birthplace

High Peak, Derbyshire

in West Yorkshire and High Peak (High Peak, Derbyshire) in Derbyshire, reaching above sea level. - SK (SK postcode area) Alderley Edge, Buxton, Cheadle (Cheadle, Greater Manchester), Dukinfield, Glossop, High Peak (High Peak, Derbyshire), Hyde (Hyde, Greater Manchester), Macclesfield, Stalybridge, Stockport, Wilmslow - - 261 High Peak (High Peak, Derbyshire) 172 Borough status in the United Kingdom Borough

Rift Valley Province

to Europe to make arrangements and leaving from Venice to Tanganyika a few months later. Philip Percival, Hemingway's safari guide in 1933, joined the couple for the four


, Junta de Arroyo Grande, Rancho del Cura Ejido, Cerro Bronco, Crucero de Camino, Ma-nantial Mojarra, Colonia Renacimiento, Plan de los Muertos, Cabeza de Arroyo Caballo and Colonia Luis Donaldo Colosio.

Grand Falls, New Brunswick

E (List of E Postal Codes of Canada)3Z area_code 506 (Area code 506) blank_name Telephone Exchange blank_info 426, 473, 475, 477, 479, 481, 582 blank1_name NTS (National Topographic System) Map blank1_info 021O04 blank2_name GNBC (Geographical Names Board of Canada) Code blank2_info DAICU footnotes '''Grand Falls''' (French: '''Grand-Sault

Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies

name "Dower 1986" Cited in: Dower, John W. ''War Without Mercy: Race and Power in the Pacific War'' (1986; Pantheon; ISBN 978-0-394-75172-6) Dahm

publisher Longman Group isbn 978-0-582-05713-5 ref *

San Anselmo, California

juke box. In 1977, Lucas screened an early version of "Star Wars," without completed special effects, at his San Anselmo home for a small group of Hollywood friends, including the producer Alan Ladd, Jr., directors Steven Spielberg, Brian DePalma, and Martin Scorsese, and screenwriters Jay Cocks, Willard Huyck, and Gloria Katz. ''Easy Riders Raging Bulls'', p. 582 Most of the downtown antique and boutique stores and restaurants

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