Yankton, South Dakota

radio stations''' - !Frequency!!Call sign!!Name!!Format!!Owner!!City - 570 AM WNAX (WNAX (AM)) WNAX Radio 570 News Talk Saga Communications Yankton - 1450 AM KYNT Yankton's Home Team Soft Adult Contemporary Riverfront Broadcasting LLC Yankton - 1570 AM KVTK 1570 "The Ticket Sports Talk Culhane Communications, Inc. Vermillion FM Radio class "wikitable" !align "center" colspan "7" '''FM radio stations

) WNAX -AM 570 AM Land speculators founded two of eastern South Dakota's largest present-day cities: Sioux Falls in 1856 Schell, pp. 72–73. and Yankton (Yankton, South Dakota) in 1859. Schell, p. 72. In 1861, the Dakota Territory was established by the United States government (this initially included North Dakota, South Dakota, and parts of Montana and Wyoming).

in Sioux City, but both frequencies are audible in Sioux City. Previously oldies classic hits KCLH; was top 40 KQHU "Q104" in 1990. * KSUX, 105.7, "The SuperPig, K-Sioux 105.7"; has played country music since the signal went on-air in the fall of 1990. ; AM stations * WNAX, 570, talk radio and farm news from Yankton, South Dakota; with a signal covering much of the upper Midwest * KMNS, 620, sports talk

Northern Qi

son) briefly declared himself emperor around the new year 577 after the soldiers guarding the city of Jinyang (晉陽, in modern Taiyuan, Shanxi) demanded that he claim the title when Gao Wei abandoned Jinyang. Gao Yanzong, however, was almost immediately defeated and captured by Northern Zhou troops, and therefore is generally not considered a true Northern Qi emperor. Tiantong (天統 tiān tǒng) 565-569 Wuping (武平 wǔ píng) 570-576 Longhua (隆化 lóng huà) 576

! Northern Qi arts thumb Northern Qi Bodhisattva (Image:NorthernQiBuddha.JPG), Changzi-xian, Shanxi, dated 552.

''. * ''History of Northern Dynasties''. * ''Zizhi Tongjian''. * (Category:Northern Qi) Category:Former countries in Chinese history thumb upright A limestone (Image:Chinese Boddhisattva statue.jpg) statue of the Bodhisattva, from the Northern Qi Dynasty (Northern Qi), AD 570, made in what is now modern Henan province. thumb left 200px Japanese seismologist Akitsune Imamura (Image:Akitsune Imamura.jpg), who


1,200 2.46% - Chinese (Chinese languages) 1,055 2.17% - Spanish (Spanish language) 880 1.81% - class "wikitable" align "left" - bgcolor "#CCCCCC" + ! Mother Tongue ! Population ! Percentage - Hebrew (Hebrew language) 792 1.6% - Polish (Polish language) 745 1.53% - Tagalog (Tagalog language) 685 1.41% - Romanian (Romanian language) 630 1.29% - Armenian (Armenian language) 570 1.17% - Tamil

language Tamil 570 1.17% - Gujarati (Gujarati language) 565 1.16% - Urdu 475 0.98% - Creole (Haitian Creole language) 440 0.90% - '''Home language (from 1996 to 2011)'''

Swift Current

'' * ''Prairie Post'' ;Radio * AM (AM radio) 540 - CBK (CBK (AM)), CBC Radio One, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation * AM (AM radio) 570 - CKSW, country music, Golden West Broadcasting * FM (FM radio) 94.1 - CIMG-FM, "The Eagle 94 One" classic hits, Golden West Broadcasting * FM (FM radio) 95.7 - CBK-FM-4 (CBK-FM), CBC Radio 2, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation * FM (FM radio) 97.1 - CKFI-FM, "Magic 97" adult contemporary

of Victoria . http: www.lornacrozier.ca DATE OF BIRTH May 24, 1948 PLACE OF BIRTH Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada DATE OF DEATH - CKSW 0 570 AM Swift Current, Saskatchewan (Swift Current) Golden West Broadcasting Country - - YYN CYYN Swift Current Airport Swift Current, Saskatchewan

in 1967 as a Canadian Centennial project and originally known as the Centennial Civic Centre. In 2007, Swift Current city council approved a $14,000,000 expansion to the Centennial Civic Centre. Construction of the hockey curling complex was completed in the fall of 2007. - CKSW 0 570 AM Swift Current Golden West Broadcasting country (country music) - - CIMG-FM span style "display:none"

Tarim, Yemen

Byzantines to protect Yemeni Christians from the ruler Najran, a convert to Judaism. The Yemenis opposed Ethiopian rule and sought the Sassanid Persians for assistance. The result was that the Persians took over about 570 CE. The Persians appear to have been in Hadhramaut, but the only clear evidence of their presence is at Husn al Urr, a fort between Tarim and Qabr Hud. Early Islamic period In 625, Badhan (Badhan (Persian Governor)), the Persian Governor of Sana’a


of the Soviet Project K nuclear tests (ABM System A (anti-ballistic missile) proof tests), and consisted of a 300-kiloton high-altitude nuclear explosion at an altitude of stretch of overhead telephone line to Zharyq, blowing all the protective fuses (fuse (electrical)). The late-time Magnetohydrodynamics MHD

-altitude test occurred on 22 October 1962 (during the Cuban missile crisis), in ‘Operation K (The K Project)’ (ABM System A proof tests) when a 300 kt missile-warhead detonated near Dzhezkazgan at 290-km altitude. The EMP fused 570 km of overhead telephone line with a measured current of 2,500 A, started a fire that burned down the Karaganda power plant, and shut down 1,000-km of shallow-buried power cables (electric power transmission) between Astana Aqmola

Vermillion, South Dakota

) * Abby Whiteside, controversial piano teacher and theorist * Gerald W. Wolff, retired historian from University of South Dakota Media AM radio class "wikitable" !align "center" colspan "6" '''AM radio stations''' - !Frequency!!Call sign!!Name!!Format!!Owner!!City - 570 kHz WNAX (WNAX (AM)) WNAX Radio 570 News Talk Saga Communications Yankton - 1450 kHz KYNT Yankton's Home Team Soft

Winter Haven, Florida

where it joins US 92 (U.S. Route 92), and southward to Bartow (Bartow, Florida). * US 27 (U.S. Route 27 in Florida) - This divided highway east of Winter Haven will be a key access road for Legoland Florida in its intersection with Interstate 4 to the north. * State Road 540 (Florida State Road 540) - This key road runs through southern Winter Haven as '''Cypress Gardens Boulevard''', leading westward to Lakeland and the Polk Parkway (Florida State Road 570), by Legoland

to north. The Polk Parkway is a four lane divided expressway (Limited-access road) for most of its length, although between Old Dixie Highway (Exit 18) and the eastern terminus at I-4 (Interstate 4), the highway is a "Super 2" freeway (two-lane freeway), with one lane in each direction, using the northbound median.570.html Florida @ SouthEastRoads - Florida 570 Parker grew up in Winter Haven, Florida Winter Haven

Orson, Pennsylvania

, Pennsylvania Thompson ) 18470 (Union Dale (Union Dale, Pennsylvania)) area_code 570 (Area code 570) blank_name GNIS (Geographic Names Information System) feature ID blank_info 1183050 blank1_name FIPS code (Federal Information Processing Standard) blank1_info 42-127-62600 -57144 ref name "


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