-- subdivision_type1 County (Counties of Hungary) subdivision_name1 Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok elevation_m 68 area_total_km2 187.23 population_total 74544 population_rank 11th (List of cities and towns in Hungary) population_footnotes population_as_of 2011 population_density_km2 403 postal_code_type Postal code postal_code 5000 area_code 56 latd 47.17471 longd 20.17626 website File:Szolnok1.jpg thumb

address Kossuth tér 9. lat 47.175313 long 20.195713 directions phone +36 56 420-704 tollfree fax hours At the address M-Th 08:00-16:00, P 08:00-13:00; in the kiosk on Kossuth tér P 13:00-17:00 price content A free, mainly Hungarian program magazine for the region called '''Szolnoki Est''' is published fortnightly. Get in By car Szolnok is not on any major highways but you can take Route 4 all the way from Budapest or choose M5 highway and leave it at Exit

Punta Arenas

" demographics1_title1 Men demographics1_info1 60,616 (2002) demographics1_title2 Women demographics1_info2 58,880 (2002) timezone CLT (Time in Chile) utc_offset −4 timezone_DST CLST (Time in Chile) utc_offset_DST −3 latd 53 latm 10 lats latNS S longd 70 longm 56 longs longEW W coordinates_region CL-MA coordinates_display inline,title coordinates_footnotes coor_pinpoint city postal_code_type postal_code

area_code 56 + 61 website Official website thumb Memorial to Ferdinand Magellan (File:PArenas Magallanes.JPG) in Punta Arenas. '''Punta Arenas''' (English: ~ "Sandy Point") is a commune (Communes of Chile) and the capital city (List of cities in Chile) of Chile's southernmost region (Regions of Chile), Magallanes and Antartica Chilena (Magallanes and Antartica Chilena Region). The city was officially renamed

.'' title Average midrange ultraviolet radiation flux and time outdoors predict melanoma risk journal Cancer Res. volume 62 issue 14 pages 3992–6 year 2002 month July pmid 12124332 url http: cgi pmidlookup?view long&pmid 12124332 A study of people in Punta Arenas, at the southern tip of Chile, showed a 56% increase in melanoma and a 46% increase in nonmelanoma skin cancer over a period of seven years, along with decreased ozone


demographics1_title2 Women demographics1_info2 20,153 timezone CLT (Time in Chile) utc_offset −4 timezone_DST CLST (Time in Chile) utc_offset_DST −3 elevation_m 0 postal_code_type postal_code area_code 56 + 65 website Official website ) is a city in southern Chile located in the northernmost part of the island (Chiloé Island) and Chiloé Province province of Chiloé

phone +56 9 93792481 tollfree fax hours price content Eco Tourism Chepu Adventures. Kayak while visiting the charming Valley of the Dead Trees at Chepu Wetlands, an overwhelming landscape of sunken dead logs and nature. Kayak at dawn. Trek to penguin colony. Eco - Camping with alternative energy (wind) and solar hot showers. Hosting in suites for 2 persons (cabin type) with private bathroom and bathroom included. Adults only. Ecofriendly activities as kayak at dawn, trekking

for $2000 was good. (Feb 12) * Drink *

Greensburg, Kansas

Greensburg (Greensburg, Kansas). In southern Edwards County (Edwards County, Kansas), the highway makes a brief turn to the west before meeting up with US-56 (U.S. Route 56 (Kansas)) in Kinsley (Kinsley, Kansas), the Edwards County seat. US-56 and US-183 turn northeast before the highways split after entering Pawnee County (Pawnee County, Kansas). US-56 continues northeast toward Larned (Larned, Kansas), and US-183 straightens out to pass through largely unpopulated areas in Edwards County

50 and U.S. Route 56 (U.S. Route 56 (Kansas)) for a brief stint. Two notable days for severe weather exhibited CAPE values over 5,000 J kg. Two hours before the 1999 Oklahoma tornado outbreak occurred on May 3, 1999, the CAPE value sounding at Oklahoma City (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) was at 5,885 J kg. A few hours later, an F5 (Fujita scale) tornado ripped through the southern suburbs of the city. Also on May 4, 2007 CAPE values of 5,500 J kg were reached and an Enhanced


the provincial capital of Shenyang, , occupying a mere 4.9% of the provincial area. The city has a total

percentsun 63 Jun sun 262.1 Jun percentsun 58 Jul sun 233.7 Jul percentsun 51 Aug sun 239.1 Aug percentsun 56 Sep sun 254.0 Sep percentsun 68 Oct sun 232.2 Oct percentsun 68 Nov sun 185.5 Nov percentsun 62 Dec sun 183.5 Dec percentsun 64 Jan humidity 62 Feb humidity 59 Mar humidity 58 Apr humidity 58 May humidity 61 Jun humidity 70 Jul humidity 79 Aug humidity 79 Sep humidity 72 Oct humidity 67 Nov humidity 66 Dec humidity 64 unit

-Dashiqiao 营口线 *Lushun Railway; Zhoushuizi-Lushun旅顺线 Geography Huludao is a coastal city on the Bohai Sea at 120°38' east longitude and 40°56' north latitude. It lies in the southwest of Liaoning Province, at the border with Hebei, forming the Bohai Sea economic rim with such cities as Dalian, Yingkou, Qinhuangdao, and Qingdao. As the first city outside the Shanhai Pass, it serves as the gateway into the Northeast. Later in 644, when Emperor

Bhopal State

navigation: Preceding and succeeding entities p1 to p5 and s1 to s5 -- p1 Mughal Empire flag_p1 Flag of the Maratha Empire.svg s1 India flag_s1 Flag of India.svg image_flag Drapeau Bhopal.svg image_coat CoA Bhopal.png image_map Map_of_Bhopal_State_(1949-1956)_showing_development_activities.jpg image_map_caption Bhopal State (1949–56), after merger

was the second largest state in pre-independence India, with a Muslim leadership, first being Hyderabad State. The state was merged into the Union of India in 1949 as Bhopal (Bhopal State (1949–56)). Establishment thumb Dost Muhammad Khan Bahadur, Founder of Bhopal State (File:Dost Mohammad Khan, Nawab of Bhopal.jpg) The State of Bhopal was established by Dost Mohammad Khan (Dost Mohammad Khan, Nawab of Bhopal) (1672–1728), an Afghan (Pashtun people) soldier in the Mughal army.<


area is undergoing heavy construction (welcome to Weifang). From the station take bus 56 to get to the downtown spots. 'As with every train station in the country, beware of the taxi drivers waiting to overcharge unsuspecting foreigners.' This previous para, is incorrect or old information now, and should be removed. All Green and Gold taxis are "Beijing Hyundai Elantra's" they are all correctly metered The Blue taxis, which are slowly being replaced, are Volks Wagon Santana's

about 2 hours and costs 70 rnb. ''Travel tip'': buses in China generally do not have toilets on them and they sometimes go for hours (especially sleeper buses) without stopping. Get around By bus Weifang buses much like the city itself are new and therefore quite comfortable when not peak travel times. Buses start around 6AM ending at about 10PM in the summer and 9PM in the winter. The two main roads are Dongfeng Jie and Shengli Jie which bus #16 and #56 both service. Bus 16

follows a circular loop along both of these two main streets while bus 56 starts at the train station and ends at the other side of the city at Weifang University. By Taxi 90 % of the taxi's in Weifang are now green and gold taxi's, these are Hyundai Elantra's. The older blue are slowly being replaced, they are Volks Wagon Santana's. Taxi's will go 3 kilometers before adding about 1.6 yuan per each extra kilometer. An extra one yuan fuel fee is to be paid to the driver at the end of your


the Sassanian Shah Shapur&nbsp;I defeated the Roman (Roman Empire) emperor Valerian (Valerian (emperor)), he is said to have ordered the captive Roman soldiers to build a large bridge and dam stretching over 500 metres. ;

Niklaus title Römische Talsperren journal Antike Welt volume 8 issue 2 pages 25–32 (32) year 1978 * *

Talsperren place Stuttgart publisher Verlag Konrad Wittwer year 1987 volume 1 pages 47–56 (50) isbn 3-87919-145-X External links * '''''English tour guide and translator in Shushtar''''' * '''''Shushtar ''Instagram''''''' * ''Visiting Shushtar'' Photo Essay * Hamid-Reza Hosseini, ''Shush at the foot


-Muqaddasi described several dams in Persia. He reported that one in Ahwaz (Ahvaz) was more than ref>

; Another one, the ''Band-i-Amir'' dam, provided irrigation for 300 villages. - DEF OIAD Dezful Airport Dezful, Iran - In Iran, Wassmuss first passed through the market towns of Dezful and Shushtar. He conferred with the local

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