Ostrogothic Kingdom

Battles of Isonzo and Verona date_pre 489 event1 Start of Gothic War (Gothic War (535–554)) date_event1 535 p1 Kingdom of Odoacer s1 Byzantium under the Justinian dynasty flag_s1 Simple Labarum.svg image_map Ostrogothic Kingdom.png image_map_caption The Ostrogothic Kingdom at its greatest extent. capital Ravenna (from 493 to 540) latd 44 latm 25 latNS N longd 12 longm 12 longEW E common_languages Latin

. Only by renouncing his throne in the Empire's favour could Theodahad hope to avert war. The Gothic War and end of the Ostrogothic Kingdom (535–554) The '''Gothic War''' between the Eastern Roman Empire and the Ostrogothic Kingdom was fought from 535 until 554 in Italy, Dalmatia (Dalmatia (theme)), Sardinia, Sicily and Corsica. It is commonly divided into two phases. The first phase lasted from 535 to 540 and ended with the fall

of Ravenna and the apparent reconquest of Italy by the Byzantines. During the second phase (540 541–553), Goths' resistance was reinvigorated under Totila and put down only after a long struggle by Narses, who also repelled the 554 invasion by the Franks and Alamanni. In the same year, Justinian promulgated the Pragmatic Sanction which prescribed Italy's new government. Several cities in northern Italy continued to hold out, however, until the early 560s. The war had its roots

Fort Smith, Arkansas

in Arkansas. The route passes through Van Buren (Van Buren, Arkansas), where it intersects the southbound Interstate 540 (Interstate 540 (Arkansas)) US 71 (U.S. Route 71 in Arkansas) to Fort Smith (Fort Smith, Arkansas).

and Research Division format PDF year 2011 scale 1:62500 accessdate November 15, 2011 The route continues east to Alma (Alma, Arkansas) to intersect I-540 north to Fayetteville, Arkansas. Running through the Ozark Mountains (The Ozarks), I-40 serves Ozark (Ozark, Arkansas), Clarksville (Clarksville, Arkansas), Russellville (Russellville, Arkansas), Morrilton (Morrilton, Arkansas) and Conway (Conway, Arkansas). The route turns south after Conway and enters North Little

, Arkansas (partially built and in service as Interstate 540 (Interstate 540 (Arkansas))). *Interstate 30 in North Little Rock, Arkansas *I-440 (Interstate 440 (North Carolina)) - Raleigh, North Carolina *I-540 (Interstate 540 (Arkansas)) - Spurs to Fort Smith, Arkansas, and the Northwest Arkansas metro area. It is proposed to become part of an extended Interstate 49 *I-540 (Interstate 540 (North Carolina)) - Raleigh, North Carolina '''Sequoyah County

Fayetteville, Arkansas

* Fayetteville Flyer *25px (File:I-49 (AR) Metric.svg) Interstate 49 (Interstate 49 (Arkansas)) *20px (File:US 62 (1961).svg) US Route 62 (U.S. Route 62 in Arkansas) *20px (File:US 71 (1961).svg) U.S. Route 71 in Arkansas US Route 71

265 The major through route in Fayetteville is Interstate 49 US 71 (U.S. Route 71 in Arkansas). This fully controlled access (Controlled-access highway), four-lane expressway (Controlled-access highway) is a discontinuous piece of a route ultimately planned to connect Kansas City, Missouri to New Orleans, Louisiana. Formerly designated as Interstate 540 (Interstate 540 (Arkansas)) with the re-designation

in Arkansas US 67 US 167 (U.S. Route 167 in Arkansas) branch south from I-40 US 65 AR 107 (Arkansas Highway 107) in Little Rock. This is also the northern terminus of I-30. Interstate 40 enters the west-central part of the state and runs for in Arkansas. The route passes through Van Buren (Van Buren, Arkansas), where it intersects the southbound Interstate 540 (Interstate 540 (Arkansas)) US 71 (U.S. Route 71 in Arkansas) to Fort Smith, Arkansas


Westmount in the West End; Montreal East (Montreal East, Quebec) in the East End *From Quebec City: L'Ancienne-Lorette (L'Ancienne-Lorette, Quebec) and Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures (Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Quebec) terminus_a near Pointe-Fortune, Quebec junction 20px (Image:Quebec Autoroute 540.svg) A-540 (Quebec Autoroute 540) in Vaudreuil-Dorion 20px (Image:Quebec Autoroute 13.svg) Image:Quebec Autoroute 520.svg 20px

in Lavaltrie (Lavaltrie, Quebec) 20px (Image:Quebec Autoroute 55.svg) A-55 (Quebec Autoroute 55) in Trois-Rivières 20px (Image:Quebec Autoroute 73.svg) 20px (Image:Quebec Autoroute 440.svg) 20px (Image:Quebec Autoroute 540.svg) 20px (Image:Quebec Autoroute 573.svg) 20px (Image:Quebec Autoroute 740.svg) A-73 (Quebec Autoroute 73), A-540 (Quebec Autoroute 540 (Quebec City)), A-573 (Quebec Autoroute 573), A-740 (Quebec Autoroute 740) in Quebec

Kingdom of Dyfed

the Edwardian Conquest of Wales in 1284 settled the matter. The 1284 Statute of Rhuddlan established the English county of ''Pembrokeshire'' and ''Carmarthenshire'' out of the region formally known as ''Dyfed''. Rulers *Anwn ( c. 357) *Ednyfed ( c. 373) *Gloitgwyn *Clotri ( c. 405) *Triffyn Farfog ( c. 385) *Aergol Lawhir ( c. 437) *Gwrthefyr (c. 475 - 540) *Arthwyr ( c. 585) *Cloten (Cloten of Dyfed and Brycheiniog) ( c. 630) * Rhain of Dyfed and Brycheiniog

Conquestu Britanniae '' ( , ''De

y Brenhinedd'', Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1971, pp. xxiv-xxxi , although Brynley F. Roberts has demonstrated that the ''Brut Tysilio'' originated around 1500 as an "amalgam" of earlier versions of the ''Brut y Brenhinedd'', which itself derives from Geoffrey of Monmouth's 12th-century Latin ''Historia Regum Britanniae.'' frameless right 241px (File:Britain.circa.540.jpg) Maelgwn (Maelgwn Gwynedd) (Maglocune

Muang Sing

Forests: nature, people, power url http: books.google.com books?id hJ5w3wsAsrcC&pg PA176 accessdate 23 January 2012 year 2000 publisher Wiley-Blackwell isbn 978-0-631-22188-3 page 176 The terrain ranges in altitude between 540 in the lowlands to 2,094 metres in the highlands. ref>

and in keeping with his Siamese wife's wishes, made Theravada Buddhism the state religion. '''Muang Sing''' is a city in Northern Laos. '''Muang Sing Town''' Muang Sing District is in Luang Namtha's far northwest bordering Myanmar and China's Yunnan Province with historic Muang Sing Town as its administrative and economic centre. Its landscape is predominantly mountainous with elevation ranging between 540 to 2,094 m, traditionally

Winter Haven, Florida

where it joins US 92 (U.S. Route 92), and southward to Bartow (Bartow, Florida). * US 27 (U.S. Route 27 in Florida) - This divided highway east of Winter Haven will be a key access road for Legoland Florida in its intersection with Interstate 4 to the north. * State Road 540 (Florida State Road 540) - This key road runs through southern Winter Haven as '''Cypress Gardens Boulevard''', leading westward to Lakeland and the Polk Parkway (Florida State Road 570), by Legoland

springs. Route description The Polk Parkway provides easier access to Interstate 4 from Polk County cities such as Winter Haven (Winter Haven, Florida), Bartow (Bartow, Florida), and Auburndale (Auburndale, Florida), and the south side of Lakeland. The road is signed east–west, although the section from SR 540 (State Road 540 (Florida)) (exit 14) to the eastern terminus near Interstate 4 runs nearly south

Belgorod Oblast

from east to west. The oblast is located in the southwestern and southern slopes of the Russian Upland in the Dnieper (Dnieper River) and Don River (Don River (Russia)) basins (drainage basin), in the steppe zone

continental with a relatively mild winter with some snowfall and long summers. Average annual air temperature varies from , being warmer on average in the southeast than the north. The coldest month is January and the frost-free period is 155–160 days, with an average of 1800 hours of sunshine. Rainfall is uneven by year and season, with an average of 540–550 mm although rainfall can dramatically differ between the western and northern areas

Nenets Autonomous Okrug

; 606 align "right" 540 align "right" 66 align "right" 14.7 align "right" 13.1 align "right" 1.6 - 2003 align "right" 42 align "right" 665 align "right" 590 align "right" 75 align "right" 15.9 align "right" 14.1 align "right" 1.8 - 2004 align "right" 42 align "right" 595 align "

;right" 519 align "right" 76 align "right" 14.3 align "right" 12.4 align "right" 1.8 - 2005 align "right" 42 align "right" 607 align "right" 513 align "right" 94 align "right" 14.6 align "right" 12.3 align "right" 2.3 - 2006 align "right" 42 align "right" 587 align "right" 540


in Childhood volume 71 issue 6 page 540 pmc 1030096 issn 0003-9888 accessdate 5 January 2011 pmid 7726618 doi 10.1136 adc.71.6.540

name "SlavonskiBrod-Bombardment" '''Vrbanja''', a village in the region of Spačva (Spačva (region)), Croatia, 24

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