Tukwila, Washington

; is believed to have come from the Chinook Jargon word for "nut" or "hazelnut", referring to the hazelnut trees that grew in the area

20px (Image:WA-18.svg) SR 18 (State Route 18 (Washington)) in Federal Way (Federal Way, Washington) 20px (Image:WA-509.svg) SR 509 (State Route 509 (Washington)) through Federal Way (Federal Way, Washington) 20px (Image:WA-516.svg) SR 516 (State Route 516 (Washington)) in Des Moines (Des Moines, Washington) 20px (Image:WA-518.svg) SR 518 (State Route 518 (Washington)) in SeaTac (SeaTac, Washington) 20px (Image:WA-599.svg) State Route

(I-405 (I-405 (WA))) formerly Seattle (Seattle, Washington) (SR 900 (Washington State Route 900)) Tukwila (Tukwila, Washington) (I-5 (I-5 (WA)) SR 518 (Washington State Route 518)) Alderwood Manor (Alderwood Manor, Washington) (I-5 (I-5 (WA)) SR 525 (Washington State Route 525)) Burien (Burien, Washington) (SR 509 (Washington State Route 509)) Tukwila (Tukwila, Washington) ( I


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Mérida, Mérida

22 November 2008 deadurl no ** No survivors are found after a rescue helicopter discovers the wreckage of Santa Bárbara Airlines Flight 518 just northeast of Mérida (Mérida, Mérida), Venezuela. The commercial plane had 46 people on board, including crew.

Mérida Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception of Mérida (Mérida Cathedral, Venezuela) 1991 100px (Image:Catedral de Mérida, Venezuela.jpg) - - MRD SVMD Alberto Carnevalli Airport Mérida (Mérida, Mérida), Venezuela - * On 21 February 2008, Santa Barbara Airlines Flight 518 crashed in the Andes near Mérida (Mérida, Mérida), Venezuela, during a flight from Mérida to Simón Bolívar International Airport (Venezuela) Simon Bolivar

to that of the Spartan soldiers of Ancient Greece. **Maturín - Maturín Airport **Mérida (Mérida, Mérida) - Juan Pablo Pérez Alfonso Airport **Porlamar - Del Caribe International General Santiago Marino Airport On 21 February 2008 an ATR 42 propeller aircraft operating the Flight 518 (Santa Bárbara Airlines Flight 518) from Mérida (Mérida, Mérida) to Caracas, went missing shortly after taking off. Forty-three passengers and a crew

Shepherdstown, West Virginia

As of the census . The racial makeup

of the town was 85.5% White (White (U.S. Census)), 9.5% African American (African American (U.S. Census)), 0.1% Native American (Native American (U.S. Census)), 1.3% Asian (Asian (U.S. Census)), 0.1% Pacific Islander (Race (U.S. Census)), 1.0% from other races (Race (U.S. Census)), and 2.5% from two or more races. Hispanic (Hispanic (U.S. Census)) or Latino (Latino (U.S. Census)) of any race were 2.9% of the population. There were 518 households of which 15.6% had children under the age


to the Arab (Arab people) Muslim historian (Historiography of early Islam) Ibn Isḥāq (Ibn Ishaq), Najran was the first place where Christianity took root in South Arabia. According to the contemporary sources, after seizing the throne of the Ḥimyarites, in ca. 518 or 523 Dhū Nuwās (Dhu Nuwas), a convert to Judaism, http: www.thejc.com news uk-news historians-back-bbc-over-jewish-massacre-claim attacked the Aksumite (Kingdom of Aksum) (mainly Christian) garrison

seizing the throne of the Himyarites, in ca. 518 or 523 Dhū Nuwas attacked the Aksumite (Kingdom of Aksum) (mainly Christian Ethiopians) garrison at Zafar (Zafar, Yemen), capturing them and burning their churches. He then moved against Najran, a Christian (Christianity) and Aksumite stronghold. After accepting the city's capitulation, he massacred those inhabitants who would not renounce Christianity. Estimates of the death toll from this event range up to 20,000 in some sources


elevation_min_m postal_code_type Postal code span zip code postal_code H0M 1A0 (List of H Postal Codes of Canada), 13655 area_code 518 (Area code 518), 613 (Area code 613) postal_code_type1 ZIP code postal_code1 13655 area_code1 website footnotes The '''Mohawk Nation at Akwesasne''' (alternate spelling '''Ahkwesáhsne''') is a Mohawk Nation (''Kanien'kehá:ka'') territory (Territory (country subdivision)) that straddles

Edmonds, Washington

20px (Image:WA-518.svg) SR 518 (State Route 518 (Washington)) in SeaTac (SeaTac, Washington) 20px (Image:WA-599.svg) SR 599 (State Route 599 (Washington)) in Tukwila (Tukwila, Washington) 20px (Image:WA-509.svg) SR 509 (State Route 509 (Washington)) in Seattle (Seattle, Washington) 20px (Image:WA-104.svg) SR 104 (State Route 104 (Washington)) in Edmonds (Edmonds, Washington) 20px (Image:WA-524.svg) State Route 524

Visby city wall

Westholm first1 Gun title Visby 1361: Invasionen trans_title Visby 1361: The invasion date 2007 publisher Prisma language Swedish location Stockholm isbn 978-91-518-4568-5 url http: libris.kb.se bib 10415688 accessdate 12 June 2014 The corner tower known as the ''Silverhättan'' (the Silver Cap) probably dates from the period in which Visby belonged to the Teutonic Knights (1398–1408). It is possible that two lesser towers facing the sea, also

;, is of a significantly later date. During the wars with Denmark in 1361 and intermittently from 1394 to 1487, it served as a gunpowder store for both sides, since it was not unusual for the representatives from the town of Visby to change their allegiance.

Lake View, Chicago

and Lesbian Pride Parade begins at the intersection of Montrose and Broadway, runs south along Broadway then Halsted to Belmont, turns east on Belmont to Broadway again, then south to Diversey, and then east to Sheridan Road. Lakeview East thumb left Vintage high-rise (Image:Gerald Farinas Lakeview Chicago Skyline.jpg)s stand next to modern, upscale condominiums along North Lake Shore Drive. Image:Gerald Farinas 518 West Cornelia Avenue.jpg thumb upright Rehabilitated vintage

courtyard buildings (named for the courtyards created by their "U" shape construction), such as this 1927 building at 518 West Cornelia Avenue, are common along the side streets between North Lake Shore Drive and North Broadway. Lakeview East is territorially defined by its chamber of commerce as the area between North Clark Street and North Halsted Street to the west, West Grace Street to the north and West Diversey Parkway to the south, bounded by North Lake Shore Drive

Lynnwood, Washington

, Washington Federal Way 20px (Image:WA-516.svg) SR 516 (State Route 516 (Washington)) in Des Moines (Des Moines, Washington) 20px (Image:WA-518.svg) SR 518 (State Route 518 (Washington)) in SeaTac (SeaTac, Washington) 20px (Image:WA-599.svg) SR 599 (State Route 599 (Washington)) in Tukwila (Tukwila, Washington) 20px (Image:WA-509.svg) SR 509 (State Route 509 (Washington)) in Seattle (Seattle, Washington) Image:WA-104.svg 20px

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