restaurant, bar and cafe. *

Bács-Bodrog County

Rusyns were settled here as well. After 1867, colonization of Hungarians was intensified, and until the beginning of the 20th century they replaced Serbs as largest ethnic group in Kula. According to the 1910 census the population of Kula was ethnically mixed: from the total population of 9,119 there was 3,679 speakers of Hungarian (Hungarian language), 2,510 speakers of Serbian (Serbian language), 2,425 speakers of German (German language), and 456 speakers of Pannonian Rusyn

language German , and 456 speakers of Rusyn (Pannonian Rusyn language). History Tovariševo is one of the old Serb (Serbs) communities of Vojvodina, first mentioned in 1543, during Ottoman (Ottoman Empire) administration. It administratively was part of the Ottoman Sanjak of Segedin. In the end of the 17th century, the village was abandoned, but was repopulated in the beginning of the 18th century, during Habsburg (Habsburg Monarchy) administration. A description from

Roman, Romania

. Rădvan 2010, p. 456. The town may have been named after a Hungarian innkeeper who, supposedly, had an inn, the first building in the town, on the road from Bacău to Roman (Roman, Romania). Another theory suggests that the town's name has a Slavic (Slavic languages) origin, pointing to the Proto-Slavic (Proto-Slavic language) word ''byk'', meaning "ox" or "bull", the region being very

Mountlake Terrace, Washington

: www.census.gov popest data cities totals 2013 SUB-EST2013-3.html publisher United States Census Bureau accessdate 2014-06-14 population_total 19909 population_density_km2 1893.3 population_density_sq_mi 4903.7 timezone Pacific Time Zone utc_offset -8 timezone_DST PDT utc_offset_DST -7 elevation_m 139 elevation_ft 456 coordinates_display 1 latd 47 latm

Boyle Heights, Los Angeles

Elementary, 1015 S. Lorena Street *Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School, alternative, 1200 North Cornwell Street * Theodore Roosevelt High School (Theodore Roosevelt High School (Los Angeles)), 456 South Mathews Street * Mendez High School 1200 Playa Del Sol * Animo Oscar De La Hoya Charter High School, 1114 South Lorena Street * Boyle Heights Continuation School, 544 South Mathews Street* Central Juvenile Hall, 1605 Eastlake Avenue * Hollenbeck Middle School, 2510 East

Gainsborough, Saskatchewan

Battle River No. 438, Saskatchewan Battle River


;格尔木至敦煌铁路开工, ''Renmin Tielu Bao'', 2012-10-20 A planned Golmud-Korla Railway running north west from Golmud into Xinjiang province began construction in November 2014. http: www.peoplerail.com rail show-456-184719-1.html Highways *The Golmud-Lhasa highway (National Trunk Highway System), extending , is part of the 1,930-km Qinghai-Tibet highway ( China National

Lynnwood, Washington

edition year 2008 cartography NAVTEQ scale 1:24,000 series The Thomas Guide page 454–457 section 454: F4, F5, F6, G4, H4, J4; 455: A4, B4, C4, D4, E4, E5, F4, G4, H4, J4; 456: A4, B4, B5, B6, C6, D6, E6, F5, F6, G6, H6, H7, J7; 457: A7, B7, C7, D7 accessdate 2009-06-29 isbn 0-528-86671-0 The busiest section on the highway in 2007 was west of the I-5 interchange, which was used by an estimated daily average (annual average daily traffic) of 47,000 motorists; ref

accessdate 2009-06-29 ref>

Port Blair

record low C 14.8 Feb record low C 15.9 Mar record low C 16.2 Apr record low C 17.3 May record low C 17.1 Jun record low C 14.6 Jul record low C 18.0 Aug record low C 17.4 Sep record low C 16.8 Oct record low C 17.8 Nov record low C 17.3 Dec record low C 16.2 precipitation colour green Jan precipitation mm 36 Feb precipitation mm 21 Mar precipitation mm 9 Apr precipitation mm 70 May precipitation mm 346 Jun precipitation mm 456 Jul

Metric janhigh 29.2 febhigh 30.1 marhigh 31.1 aprhigh 32.2 mayhigh 31 junhigh 29.5 julhigh 29.2 aughigh 29.1 sephigh 29.1 octhigh 29.6 novhigh 29.4 dechigh 29.1 janlow 21.3 feblow 21 marlow 21.8 aprlow 23.4 maylow 23.3 junlow 23.1 jullow 23 auglow 22.9 seplow 22.4 octlow 22.2 novlow 22.3 declow 22.3 janprecip 36 febprecip 22 marprecip 9 aprprecip 70 mayprecip 346 junprecip 456

Safi, Morocco

34.2 (TG 34.2). On 7 November, the escort carrier, with , left the formation and, the following morning, took positions off Safi (Safi, Morocco), French Morocco. ''Santee'' launched planes and fueled ships until 13 November, when she rejoined TG 34.2 and returned to Bermuda. The group departed that island on 22 November and anchored in Hampton Roads, Virginia two days later. - 12

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