Visby city wall

57 38 31.93 N 18 17 29.07 E type:landmark name Kruttornet - The Love Gate ''Kärleksporten'' 170px (File:Kärleksporten in Visby.JPG) '''''Kärleksporten''''' was built as late as 1872. It was constructed in a section of the wall which had collapsed and was used by local fishermen as a passageway between the ''Strandpromenaden'' (the Beach Promenade Road) and the area now known as the Visby Botanical Garden. The wall north of ''Kruttornet'' facing the sea, originally lacked

C.E. Gernandt via Project Runeberg location Halmstad page 336 url http: famijour 1879 0340.html volume 18 language Swedish accessdate 16 November 2014 According to tradition, couples who pass through the gate should stop here and kiss each other. There are numerous romantic inscriptions on the stones of the gate. - The Slit Bottle


“Basylik” alt Кафе-ресторан "Базилік" url email address Kravchuka St., 11a lat long directions phone +38 066 341-42-41, +38 098 430-54-24 tollfree fax hours 11AM - 12PM price content Family cafe-restaurant "Basylik" offers a wide selection of pizzas by popular author recipes. Amateurs of Italian cuisine can taste here fokachcho pancakes, classic pastas and delicious salads with special sauces. Those who are not indifferent

Restaurant "Monastyrska doroga" alt Музейно-театральний ресторан "Монастирська дорога" url email address Lesi Ukrainky St. 67 lat long directions Downtown phone +38 0332 72-52-04, +38 050 76-63-689 tollfree fax hours 11AM - 11PM price content Monasteries which were in Lutsk are waiting there for you. Styled restaurant walls will guide you through the Lutsk abbey road, which will leave unforgettable impressions. Delicious

cuisine will make you come back here. thumb Ukrainian hot-dog in tortilla (File:Ukrainian hot-dog in tortilla.JPG) * *

Union Square, San Francisco

) - - rowspan "2" 38 Geary rowspan "2" Transbay Terminal (San Francisco Transbay Terminal) 33rd Ave. and Balboa; Fort Miley Hospital Weekdays and Sunday daytime rowspan "2" Financial District (Financial District, San Francisco), Union Square (Union Square, San Francisco), Japantown (Japantown, San Francisco, California), Western Addition, San Francisco, California Western Addition

, Laurel Heights (Laurel Heights, San Francisco, California), Richmond (Richmond District, San Francisco) rowspan "2" 38 Schedule38-38L-layer.pdf Route map (PDF) - - 38L Geary Limited Transbay Terminal Point Lobos and 48th Ave. Financial District (Financial District, San Francisco), Union Square, San Francisco Union

Square , Japantown (Japantown, San Francisco, California), Western Addition (Western Addition, San Francisco, California), Laurel Heights (Laurel Heights, San Francisco, California), Richmond (Richmond District, San Francisco) Schedule38-38L-layer.pdf Route map (PDF) - - 38 Geary San Francisco Transbay Terminal Transbay Terminal


Mieroop, A History of the Ancient near East, C. 3000 (30th century BC)–323 BC, p 265 Charles Burney and David Marshal Lang, The Peoples of the Hills: Ancient Ararat and Caucasus, p. 38 Oliver Wardrop, The Kingdom Of Georgia: Travel In A Land Of Women, Wine And Song (Kegan Paul Library of History and Archaeology) David Braund, Georgia in Antiquity: A History of Colchis and Transcaucasian Iberia

(65 BC–47 BC) *'''Commagene''' - Antiochus I (Antiochus I Theos of Commagene), King of Commagene (List of rulers of Commagene) (70 BC–38 BC) **Attambelos I, King of Characene (Characene) (47 BC–24 BC) *'''Colchis''' - Aristarchus (Aristarchus of Colchis), King of Colchis (Colchis) (65 BC–47 BC) *'''Commagene''' - Antiochus I (Antiochus I Theos of Commagene), King of Commagene (List of rulers of Commagene) (70 BC– 38 BC

) **Artabazos, King of Characene (Characene) (49 BC–47 BC) *'''Colchis''' - Aristarchus (Aristarchus of Colchis), King of Colchis (Colchis) (65 BC–47 BC) *'''Commagene''' - Antiochus I (Antiochus I Theos of Commagene), King of Commagene (List of rulers of Commagene) (70 BC–38 BC) **Artabazos, King of Characene (Characene) (49 BC–47 BC) *'''Colchis''' - Aristarchus (Aristarchus of Colchis), King of Colchis (Colchis) (65 BC– 47 BC

South Norfolk

; width: 3px;" '''Labour (Labour Party (UK))''' '''Other ''' ! colspan 2 Governance - 1973 colspan 2 6 colspan 2 1 colspan 2 7 33 - 1983 colspan 2 33 colspan 2 5 colspan 2 1 8

colspan 2 28 colspan 2 0 0 2011 saw the Conservatives win 57.2% of the vote and 38 seats in total. They lost a seat (Forncett) to the Liberal Democrats

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Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

railway station. A railway line, which was operating between Madina and Damascus. Image:Tabuk_Morning.JPG A beautiful winter morning in Tabuk.

high C 33 Dec record high C 29 Jan high C 18 Feb high C 20 Mar high C 25 Apr high C 31 May high C 35 Jun high C 38 Jul high C 39 Aug high C 39 Sep high C 37 Oct high C 32 Nov high C 25 Dec high C 20 Jan low C 4 Feb low C 5 Mar low C 9 Apr low C 14 May low C 19 Jun low C 22 Jul low C 24 Aug low C 24 Sep low C 20 Oct low C 14 Nov low C 10 Dec low C 5 Jan record low C -7 Feb record low C -2 Mar record low C 0

squadron, as a reserve, or shadow squadron, its twelve aircraft were equipped with conventional weapons and eight WE.177 nuclear weapons for use in a high-intensity European war, and it remained assigned to SACEUR for that purpose. Weapon overview @ vw.htm#WE.177 Carriage RAF nuclear frontline Order-of-Battle 1992


longd 38 longm 54 longEW E elevation_footnotes tags-- elevation_m 1907 elevation_ft postal_code_type postal_code area_code blank_name blank_info blank1_name blank1_info website footnotes !-- Infobox

, Adwa has a longitude and latitude of , and an elevation of 1907 meters. Adwa is surrounded by Adwa (Adwa (woreda)) woreda. Adwa is home to several notable churches: Adwa Gebri'el Bet (built by Dejazmach Wolde Gebriel), Adwa Maryam Bet (built by Ras (Ras (title)) Anda Haymanot), Adwa Medhane `Alem Bete (built by Ras Sabagadis), Adwa Nigiste Saba Huletenya Dereja Timhirt Bet, and Adwa Selasse Bet. Near Adwa is Abba Garima

*Sebhat Guèbrè-Egziabhér, Writer *Abune Paulos, Patriarch *Abay Tsehaye, Politician *Abuna Yesehaq, Leader of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in the Western hemisphere *Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister See also *Battle of Adwa References Category:Populated places in the Tigray Region date 1 March 1896 place


#2005 fifth major airline accident this month. (Reuters) (Link dead as of 21:38, 14 January 2007 (UTC)), (BBC), (CNN). * UN Secretary-General (United Nations Secretary-General) Kofi Annan visits Zinder, Niger, which

is affected by a regional food crisis (2005 Niger food crisis) in West Africa. (Guardian), (BBC), (CNN) (Link dead as of 21:38, 14 January 2007 (UTC)), (Reuters) (Link dead as of 21:38, 14 January 2007 (UTC)) * Israel completes the Israel unilateral

disengagement plan unilateral disengagement from all settlement (Israeli settlement)s in the Gaza Strip and four in the West Bank. (Reuters) (Link dead as of 21:38, 14 January 2007 (UTC)), (BBC), (Haaretz) (Link dead as of 21:38, 14 January 2007 (UTC

Lysychansk pls z7502 A005?rdat1 19.05.2010&rf7571 18987 РЕГІОНИ УКРАЇНИ ТА ЇХ СКЛАД population_as_of January 1, 2014 population_total 103 459 evolution - population_density_km2 1201.430 timezone EET utc_offset +2 timezone_DST EEST utc_offset_DST +3 latd 48 latm 55 latNS N longd 38 longm 24 longEW E elevation_m 145 elevation_ft

, Square at DC). * Palace of Culture. Vladimir Nikolaevich Sosyury with a mosaic mural on the theme "Power to the Soviets" and "Astronaut" (Glass-district). * Claw lake and Recreation area * Gresovsky Recreation Park: in the woods on the left bank of the Seversky Donets River opposite of the Mount of Kirov. The park is now under repair. Between 1940 - 1960

the recreation park of the city, "Lyssoda" and Power Plant was full of attractions and a great stadium for sporting events. * Конгрессов Яр (Гельмерсенов Яр) - Geological Monument. Long, curved ravine with steep slopes at the end Sverdlova street, which stretches to the railway station Pereizna. On the surface you can see Paleozoic-Mesozoic geological formations

Cochabamba Department

. It is the capital (Capital (political)) of the Cochabamba Department and is the third largest city in Bolivia (list of cities in Bolivia) with an urban population of 608,276 (2008)38 World Gazetteer and a metropolitan population of more than 1,000,000 people. The name derives from a compound of the Quechua (Quechua languages) words

: Instituto Nacional de Estadística . '''Arque''' is a location in the Cochabamba Department, Bolivia. It is the seat of Arque Province and Arque Municipality. Arque is situated at an elevation of 10,735&nbsp;ft (3,272 m) on the northern bank of Arque River. At the time of census 2001 it had a population of 487 38&srt npan&col aohdq&pt c&

;des wg&geo -38&srt npan&col adhoq&msz 1500&geo -729 World Gazetteer '''Mizque''' (from Quechua (Quechua languages): ''misk'i'', meaning "sweet") is a town in the Cochabamba Department, Bolivia. It is the capital of the Mizque Province. Mizque is located in the valley of the Mizque River, one of the main tributaries of the Río Grande (Río Grande (Bolivia)). '''Punata''' is the capital of Punata Province and Punata

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