stops in Cobourg on selected Toronto-Kingston (Kingston (Ontario)) runs. The nearest major airport is in Toronto. The community is also accessible by boat, with one marina on Lake Ontario: *

launch ramp, fishing charter boats. Get around * A segment of Canada's Waterfront Trail is open to cyclists on a former rail right-of-way in the Cobourg area. * See *

Victoria Hall url http: email address 55 King St. W. lat long directions phone +1 905-372-2210 (concert hall box office) tollfree +1-855-372-2210 fax +1 905-372-0781 hours price content 1860 Palladian style city hall with Old Bailey-style courtroom, Concert Hall and ballroom. National Historic Site with Grecian columns, stone-cut insignia and clock tower. Vintage film festival in late October. Guided tours year-round, site is available


utc_offset +2 timezone_DST EEST utc_offset_DST +3 elevation_m 248 postal_code_type Postal code postal_code 58000 area_code +380 372 registration_plate CE 26 blank_name Sister cities (Town twinning) blank_info Salt Lake City (Salt Lake City, Utah), Konin, Suceava, Nazareth Illit, Saskatoon, Klagenfurt, Podolsk website

+380 372 592190 tollfree fax hours price content Kyiv (85uah, 12½ to 15 h, 2 day), Lviv (50uah, 5½ to 11 hours, 3 daily) go via Ivano-Frankivsk. Local trains go to Kolomyya (5uah, 2 to 2½ hours, at least 4 day. - You can get to Chernivtsi by train either from Romania or from within Ukraine. The train from Kiev or Lviv is probably the best option as they are comfortable and cheap. *

Чернівці-Північна url email address Zavods'ka str., 13 lat 48.31821 long 25.91743 directions NW 3km phone +380 372 592423 tollfree fax hours price content Northern suburb station *


(+372) 64 postal_code_type Postal code postal_code 15199 registration_plate A-B website footnotes '''Tallinn''' (

in snow and Christmas decorations is not a bad idea. Tourist office * Get in By boat File:Morning in Tallinn

more expensive). Particularly popular are '''day cruises''', which can go for as little as €19 return. All ferries except Linda Line's catamarans can also carry cars, from €25 one way. thumb Cruise ships moored in Tallinn harbour (File:Atlantica vs Classica.jpg) The following companies operate ferries between Tallinn and Helsinki: *


", and other parts of his body to Axum, Manhadbe (possibly the Manadeley Francisco Álvares visited in the 1520s), Wasel (near modern Dessie), Jejeno (likely Mekane Selassie), Lawo (possibly Lawo Gabaya), and Wiz (location unknown). Identification of place names is from Huntingford, p. 104. Afterwards Negus Mikael defended himself in his corral until his defeat was undeniable, when he surrendered. Gebre

-Igzabiher Elyas, ''Chronicle'', p. 372 Amnesty was offered to the soldiers from the losing side, provided that they swear loyalty to the new Empress. However, two of Negus Mikael's chief lieutenants escaped the battle unvanquished: Ras Yimer, who managed to rally some of the defeated army and lead them to Dessie; and Fitawrari Sirah Bizu, who discarded his weapons and battle-dress and slipped from the battlefield in the garb of a sick priest with a single

servant, and met up with Ras Yimer in Dessie. Dejazmach Gebre Igziabiher who had been a lukewarm supporter of Negus Mikael sat out the battle, but when the Negus surrendered and he attempted to flee back to Welo, the peasants of Aliyu Amba ambushed and killed him. As for the deposed Lij Iyasu, he had just reached Ankober by the time the battle ended; he led his small army of 6,000 into the desert back to Dessie, arriving there 8 November and joining


– The '''Khobar Towers bombing''' in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, left 19 American servicemen and one Saudi dead and 372 of many nationalities wounded. refimprove section * The World War II Memorial (National World War II Memorial) is dedicated in Washington, D.C., with around 200,000 people attending the ceremony. (Reuters) (CNN) * Islamism Islamist

('''See Khobar Towers bombing''') - the Khobar Towers apartment complex in Khobar, near Dhahran, is hit by a large truck bomb. Nineteen US soldiers (US army) are killed and 372 wounded by the blast. William Perry, who was the United States Secretary of Defense at the time that this bombing happened, said in an interview in June 2007 that "he now believes al-Qaida rather than Iran was behind a 1996 truck bombing at an American military base." ref>


'' with all necessary logistical support. Rhodes 2002, p 15. After the "second sweep" started in late 1941-early 1942, since ''Einsatzgruppe A'' had murdered almost all of the Jews in its area, it had little to do and so shifted its operations into Belorussia to assist ''Einsatzgruppe'' B. Hilberg 1985. p 372. As part of the "second sweep", in Dnepropetrovsk in February 1942 saw ''Einsatzgruppe

'' D reducing the city's Jewish population from about 30, 000 to 702 over four days. Hilberg 1985, p 372. Unlike in Germany, where the Nuremberg Laws of 1935 had defined as Jewish anyone who had three or four Jewish grandparents regardless of one's religion, the ''Einsatzgruppe'' defined as Jewish anyone had at least one Jewish grandparent again with no regard to one's actual faith. Hilberg 1985, p 368. Reflecting


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, such as in the newly-built ice skating stadium. * Get in By train

takes three hours and costs around €10. By boat Get around See thumbnail The town hall (File:Peips & Narva-20090807-1007-DSC 1837.jpg) thumbnail Worker's living quarters at Kreenholmi (File:Kreenholmi elukasarm Kalda tn. 10 14011.jpg) *

La Baie, Quebec

land for the new Bagot Township (named after Sir Charles Bagot) Luc Noppen, Lucie K. Morisset, op. cit., page 13 and divide county seats for the new constituency. Russel Bouchard, Jean Martin, op. cit., page 25 Duberg was also responsible for mapping a road to Chicoutimi during the summer of 1842, which would eventually become Quebec Route 372 Saint-Jean-Baptiste Boulevard and Grande-Baie Nord

emploi'', and a Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) branch. The Dubuc (Dubuc (electoral district)) MNA’s riding office is also located in the borough. Transportation Automobile thumbnail right The De la Grande-Baie Nord Boulevard (Highway 372) toward downtown La Baie (File:Route 372 La Baie.jpg) A provincial highway and two interregional highways cross La Baie. The main road, Highway 170 (Quebec Route 170), runs from Highway 70 (which junctions

381 Highway 381 ), begins at Port-Alfred and heads toward Ferland-et-Boilleau (Ferland-et-Boilleau, Quebec). These interregional roads both connect the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region to Charlevoix (Charlevoix, Quebec). The only intermunicipal highway is Saint-Jean-Baptiste Boulevard, which becomes Grande-Baie Nord Boulevard (Highway 372 (Quebec Route 372)) on the eastern edge of the borough. It connects Rivière-du-Moulin (Rivière-du-Moulin, Quebec) in Chicoutimi to Bagotville. Automobile


Rifles captured Fort Capuzzo and Fort Maddalena and another 220 prisoners were taken. On 16 June, a deep raid into Italian territory resulted in the destruction of 12 Italian tanks. In addition, a convoy was intercepted on the Tobruk-Bardia highway, part of the ''Via Balbia'', and an Italian general was captured. Churchill, ''Their Finest Hour'', p. 372 North Africa The division was transported to Libya in April 1941

Domodedovo International Airport

372 made an emergency landing at Domodedovo, killing two people and injuring 56. *On 25 December 2010, freezing rain caused widespread power outages in Moscow and suburbs, including Domodedovo. The power lines

Vnukovo , Domodedovo (Domodedovo International Airport) and Ostafyevo (Ostafyevo International Airport). Airport Bykovo (Bykovo Airport) is currently used for freight. The largest military airport is Chkalovsky (Chkalovsky Airport) (near Shchyolkovo) which can also process civilian cargos and flights. - Flight 372 (Dagestan Airlines Flight 372) Domodedovo International Airport December 4, 2010 Tupolev Tu-154M Fuel exhaustion - File:ElbrusAvia.jpg right

Washington-Dulles 1 Accidents and incidents On 4 December 2010, '''Dagestan Airlines Flight 372''', a Tupolev Tu-154M carrying 160 passengers and 8 crew, crashed during an emergency landing at Domodedovo International Airport, Moscow. Two passengers died and 56 were injured.

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