Ábrahámtelke, Old Serbian: Kiskeue ) is a town on the southern end of the Csepel Island in Pest County (Central Hungary) about forty km south of Budapest. The newer part located on east side of Danube river. The almost ten thousands residents are mostly Magyars, with minority of Serbs. Get in By train *

it as: toward south 661, 675, 697 all going to Makád (next small settlement), toward north #661 going to Szigethalom bus station via Kiskunlacháza, #675 to "Budapest, Vermes Miklós street." via Szigetszentmárton and '''Tököl''', 697 going to Ráckeve, HÉV Station. Get around *

tollfree fax +36 24 429-747 hours High season: (mid Jun– Aug): Mo-Fr 9.00- 17.00, Sa- Su 10.00-17.00, Off season: (Sep- mid Jun) Mo- Fr 08.00-16.00, Sa - Su closed price content Information about sights, accommodations, restaurants and programmes in Ráckeve and its neighbourhood. Free brochures, maps, Postcards, Ticket sales for most of the country’s programmes See Churches File:Rackeve05 037.jpg thumb A part of the iconostas of Our Lady Serbian Orthodox Church


Station phone +36 53 310605 (info, 24h) fax hours Cash desk opening hours: Workdays: 06.30–14.30, 1st to 6th day of each month: 06.15–16.15 price content Local lines on map (PDF). Interurban Lines destinations (far not all) '''Abony''' (E), Csemő (SW), Lajosmizse (SW), Tápiószőlős (N), Tápiószentmárton (N), Tápióbicske (N), Nagykáta, '''Szolnok'''. - Long distance lines which passing Cegléd are: Budapest– Szolnok

+36 53 311024 fax hours price content Hourly direct train connection with '''Budapest''' via '''Monor''' and Szolnok via '''Abony'''. Infrequently with Kecskemét via '''Nagykőrös'''. To Nyíregyháza also regularly departing trains. Get around *

phone +36 53 500285 fax +36 53 500286 hours Opening hours: mid June-Aug Mo-Fr: 8:00-16:00, Sa: 9:00-14:00, Sep-mid Jun Mo-Fr: 8:00-16:00, Sat, Sun: Closed price content Tourist information office of Cegléd. Up to date infos about sights, accomodations, services. Free maps leaflets. Buy some souvenirs. Organize tours, bookings. '''Spoken languages''': English, German. See Churches thumb Evangelical Church (File:Cegléd 009.JPG) *


of the older generation, so learn your one word phrases well. Thse will come in handy, particularly at the train station where simple words like "Egy retur" (Return ticket) might save you on your holiday. Tourist information

-480 tollfree fax +36 87 580-481 hours 01 Dec-28 Feb, Tu -F: 09:00-16:00 Sat: 9-15 Sun-M: Closed, 02 Apr-14 Jun M-F:9:00-17:00 Sa:9:00-15:00 Su: Closed, 15 Jun-31 Aug M-Sa: 9:00-19:00 Su:10:00-16:00, 01 Sep-30 Nov, M-F: 09:00-17:00 Su: Closed price content is pleased to inform you about accommodation, transport, programmes, attractions and services in Balatonfüred and in the region. It distributes free brochures, sell maps, tourist card, picture postcards, and gives information about

46.95543 long 17.88338 directions Right next to Train Station phone +36 87 342-905 fax hours 5:50-17:50 content The local and regional bus provider is the Balatonvolán. Bus to '''Balatonfűzfő''' ( , daily 7+, circa one and half hour, passing Aszófő, Örvényes, Balatonudvari, Balatonakali, Zánka, Balatonszepezd


. *

Get in By air The nearest airports are in Vienna and Graz, both less than 100 km away. By bus *

10PM. Győr (three - three and half hour depend connection, change at Szombathely or Kópháza) thumb Kőszeg Train Station (File:Lokalbahn Szombathely–Koszeg - Bahnhof Köszeg (03).jpg) By train *


be found on every street corner. Get in By train thumb HEVs waiting on Szentendre Suburban Railway Station (File:HEV, Szentendre, Hungary.JPG) *

(from 4-6 tram) and Arpad bridge Buda side (tram line 1) By bus *

: www.mahartpassnave.hu email passnave@passnave.hu address Czóbel sétány Sziget u. lat 47.67581 long 19.08380 directions N about a half km phone +36 26 312-690 fax +36 26 312-690 hours price content From May to September you can reach Szentendre by riverboat every day from Budapest, Vigadó square or Batthyány square HUF2000. In April and October boats are operated every saturday and sunday. You can find the timetable


200m from Downtown phone +36 99 311040 fax hours Workdays: 07:00-12:15 & 12:45-15:30, 1st-6th days of each month: M-F 06.00-16.00, Sat 07:00-13:00. content The local service provider is the Kisalföld Volan Ltd. Bus to Kőszeg (daily five-six direct, one to one and half hour), Szombathely (daily five-seven direct, one and half to two hour), Győr (weekday daily seventeen, weekend eleven per day, around two hours

, to Budapest no direct bus (first you must to go Székesfehérvár or Veszprém or with a longer detour to Hévíz or '''Szombathely''' five to seven hours, - train is much better) By train *

every hour, departure from Wien Meidling at xx:38. Travel takes 70 minutes. Actually, Sopron is located within the Vienna regional tariff union, so if you have a ticket or travelcard covering the entire network, you can use it to travel to Sopron (but not other Hungarian towns served by suburban trains). - Services: Domestic Győr–Sopron–Ebenfurth Railway (GYSEV) service area information: Tel: +36 99 517212 (07:15-12:15, 12:35-16:15, 16:35-19:00). Credit card payment is yes. Disabled toilet


Reptéri utca lat 47.6272 long 17.8053 directions SE 15 km from Center phone +36 96 559200 tollfree fax +36 96 559202 hours Daily 08:00-18:00 price content Runway: 12 30, 2030 m x 30 m Asphalt. More practical options are the international airports in large cities in Győr's wider surroundings. The closest is actually the ) in Bratislava, Slovakia

nézve.JPG thumb Győr Railway Station *

train ticket read more here: Hungary#Get around), lifts for disabled people, city intercty bus stop. Nearby at Révai Miklós utca, 8: an OTP ATM working 24h. - By bus *


​​Districts Belváros, Dózsaváros, Jeruzsálemhegy, Egyetemváros, Füredidomb, Cholnokyváros, Újtelep, Jutasi úti lakótelep, Bakonyalja, Jutaspuszta, Szabadságpuszta, Iparváros, Gyulafirátót, Kádárta. Further territorial units : Veszprémvölgy, Reptér, Csatár Get in By bus *

590751, +36 88 590750 fax hours M-Sa 6:00-18:00; Su 6:00-17:00 content Pápa (hourly, one to one and half hour), Budapest (hourly, two hours) via Várpalota, Székesfehérvár (one hour), Balatonfüred (five per day, circa one and half hours), Sopron (daily), Nagykanizsa (daily five) via Siófok and Fonyód. - Luggage Storage: Weekdays (M-Sa): 6:00-17:35, Non-working days (Sundays and public holidays): 6:00-16:35, luggage storage fee: HUF170 per hour By train

Graz, Körmend main road#8, from Balatonfüred take main road#73. Tapolca can be approached from a main road#77. Get around *


@tourinform.hu address Víztorony, Fő tér 11 lat 46.90578 long 18.05241 directions Bus station: 150m, Railway station: 350m, Harbour: 800m phone +36 84 315355, +36 84 696236 fax +36 84 310117 hours Opening hours Jun-Sep M-F 08:00-18:00, Sa 09:00-13:00, Su ? , off season Monday closed and shorter opening time price content The Tourist Information office staff-Hungarian and foreign language skills will inform you about accommodation, places of hospitality, transportation, events

center phone +36 84 310 061 hours Cash desk M-Su: 3:00-23:00, International Cash desk Opening hours: Mo-Su. 06:40-19:30 price Cash and credit card payment content There is a daily train between Venice and Budapest which stops at '''Siófok''' (and other cities like Ljubljana and Trieste, by '''Venezia Experss'''). The southern shore of Lake Balaton is one of the most important and most visited town Siofok. Three directions

).- The international travel tickets, seat reservation and travel card can be paid in euros. The rest back to be paid in HUF. * By bus *


cultivated varieties. Keszthely is easily and rather quickly accessible by car from both Budapest, the capital of Hungary, and Vienna, the capital of Austria. Direct bus services between Keszthely and Budapest run several times a day. Climate

83 Aug high F 81 Sep high F 73 Oct high F 63 Nov high F 46 Dec high F 36 Year high F 59 Jan low F 23 Feb low F 22 Mar low F 35 Apr low F 45 May low F 50 Jun low F 59 Jul low F 61 Aug low F 60 Sep low F 54 Oct low F 48 Nov low F 34 Dec low F 29 Year low F 43 Jan precipitation inch 2.2 Feb precipitation inch 0.5 Mar precipitation inch 0.9 Apr precipitation inch 1.9 May precipitation inch 3.1 Jun precipitation inch 3.3 Jul

. In the spring Cherries and Walnuts are a great buy. *

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