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domestic flights; Canada Customs services are available upon request. By bus Greyhound operates coach service with connections from other British Columbia cities. The local depot is west of town at the Visitor Centre (9912 Hwy 3 at Hwy 97, +1 250 495-7252). Get around There is no public transport, though the town is small enough that getting around on foot or bike is suitable. As with most destinations

in the Okanagan, getting around by car is the best way to see all the sights. Bike rental: * '''Double O Bikes''', 8905 Main St, ''+1 250'' 495-3312. Scooter rental: * '''Scooters Osoyoos''', 5702 Main St, ''+1 250'' 495-3575. * '''Lakeshore Scooter Rentals Ltd''', 6015 Lakeshore Drive, ''+1 250'' 495-4243. See thumb View of Lake Osoyoos and the town (File:OsoyoosBC.jpg) * The viewpoint on '''Anarchist Mountain'''. Due to the close proximity to the US border, Highway 3 east had to be built


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temperate rain forest. Entry is $7.80 for adults. Camping $17-$23 night. Parking fee $10 day. *

concerts per week of a variety of music, over the summer. Most performers are for one night only. *


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to accommodate visitors. http: www.lillooetbc.com Visitors Things-to-do Kaoham-Shuttle.aspx See *

-for-Miyazaki-Heritage---.aspx email address 643 Russell Lane lat long directions phone +1 250-256-4289 tollfree fax hours price content Open in Summer Only *'''Bridge River Fishing Grounds''', known as '''Sat'''' in the lcoal native language ("Shatl"), also known as the '''Six Mile Rapids''' or '''Six Mile'''. Rock ledges flanking a narrow but fierce falls on the Fraser, at the confluence with the Bridge River. Created in legend by the trickster-spirit

Galiano Island

; postal_code V0N 1P0 area_code 250 blank_name blank_info blank1_name blank1_info website footnotes 44px (Image:Flag of Canada.svg) '''Galiano Island''' is one of the Southern Gulf Islands between Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada. Located on the west side

Bay Village (the Government dock next to the ferry dock) directly into Ganges Village for shopping and the Saturday market. Get around Galiano is the second largest of the Southern Gulf Islands: approximately 27 kilometers long and very narrow. While hiking can take you to many beautiful places on Galiano, it also helps to have a little assistance with transportation. Luckily there are options, if you choose to leave your car behind: * Rent a moped (250-539-0233) Galiano Moped and Boat

Rentals Rent a Smart Car (250-539-3388)Galiano Oceanfront Inn and Spa * Rent a bicycle (250-539-9906) Galiano Bicycle Rentals * Take a Kayak tour or rent a kayak (250-539-2442) Gulf Island Kayaking * Rent a boat (250-539-0233) Galiano Moped and Boat Rentals SUMMER: A new shuttle bus run between Montague Harbour Marina and the ferry, schedules depend on traffic and time. It is best to contact the bus operator at 250-539-2173. Free pick-up from the Marina

Salmon Arm

postal_code_type Postal code postal_code V1E, V0E area_code 250, 778 website City of Salmon Arm footnotes '''Salmon Arm''' is a city in the Shuswap Country of the Southern Interior (British Columbia Interior) of the Canadian (Canada) province of British Columbia that has a population of 17,464 (2011). It is on the shores

shu On Wednesdays the #11 Enderby leaves at 8 am and connects with a bus to Vernon, which is a cheap way to start moving further down the Okanagan valley. See *

restaurants, with names including Boston Pizza, East Side Mario's, Home Restaurant, White Spot Triple O's, and others. * *


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; ref Rebels Robbing Homes, Desecrating Churches in Kessab, Syria Around 250 families from Kessab who had taken refuge in Latakia returned to their homes a day after the Syrian Army recaptured the town.250-families-return-to-kessab 250 families return to Kessab http

: www.islamicinvitationturkey.com 2014 06 18 residents-of-syrias-kessab-returning-home-after-liberation-2 Residents of Syria’s Kessab returning home after liberation 250 Families Return to Kessab On July 25th the St. Astvatsatsin Church in Garaturan was reconsecrated, with the first liturgy since the ending of the Islamist occupation taking place on the 27th July, the day of Vardavar, and attended by a large number of people ref>

Sidney, British Columbia

; postal_code_type Postal code postal_code V8L area_code 250 blank_name Highways (List of British Columbia provincial highways) blank_info 17 (British Columbia Highway 17) blank1_name Waterways blank1_info Haro Strait website Town of Sidney footnotes thumb right Typical condominium architecture in Sidney. (Image:Sidneycond.JPG) Image:SeveralSidneypalms.JPG thumb right This single-family house in Sidney

hlt 97-558 pages page.cfm?Lang E&Geo CSD&Code 59&Table 1&Data Count&Sex 1&Age 1&StartRec 26&Sort 2&Display Page&CSDFilter 5000 title Aboriginal Peoples - Data table publisher 2.statcan.ca date 2010-10-06 accessdate 2013-04-13 First Nations 250 - Inuit 0

- colspan "2" '''Total Aboriginal population''' '''250''' ''' - colspan "2" '''''Total population''''' '''''11,010''''' '''''100%''''' Labour force Sidney is mainly an industrial town, with most people working in the construction, manufacturing, and warehousing fields (26%). Retail accounts for approximately

Cranbrook, British Columbia

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sanatorium will greet you here. * '''Karakol Canyon''' The Karakol Canyon offers excellent hiking. It's possible to hike to the beautiful Ala-Kul lake from this canyon. Arrange guiding in town at the Karakol's '''Community Based Tourism''' or CBT. *

''' is a very nice guesthouse near the mountains. A room costs around 1200-1400 per night. Very nice accommodations, wifi, great breakfasts, and tea always available in the common dining room. * In front of '''Salam Aleykum''', you have a yurt camp for 250 soms per night. Salam Aleykum is not owner, but you can reserve there. *

long directions Go south-east from the bus station, at traffic lights turn right and then 300 meters phone tollfree fax hours price 250 som per person (Aug 2010), don't afraid to bargain if they will you charge more checkin checkout content Accommodation in real yurts, although above yurts are a non-authentic plastic covers. There are shared toilets and showers. The staff can sell you a detailed map of neigboring mountains. *


. birth_place Tuba City, Arizona death_place Nasiriyah, Iraq placeofburial **Balad (Balad, Iraq) (LSA Anaconda (Joint Base Balad)) — 250 W **Nasiriyah (Tallil Air Base (Ali Air Base)) — 200 W **Qayyarah Airfield West (Q-WEST) — 250 W A Shia Muslim, he trained as a lawyer in Baghdad and served as a judge since the 1980s, including as head judge in Nasiriyah and deputy head judge in Basra. He was imprisoned for a year under Saddam

on peacekeeping missions, including Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. In 2003 twelve ''Carabinieri'' were killed in a suicide bomb attack on their base in Nasiriyah, near Basra, in southern Iraq, in the largest Italian military loss of life in a single action since the Second World War (World War II) (see 2003 Nasiriyah bombing). **Balad (LSA Anaconda (Joint Base Balad)) — 250 W **Nasiriyah (Tallil Air Base (Ali Air Base)) — 200 W **Qayyarah West Airfield (‘''Q

-WEST''’) — 250 W International involvement (1991 to present) Portugal was a founding member of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), and, although it had scarce forces, it played a key role in the European approaches. After 1991 Portugal committed several Infantry and Airlanding battalions to international operations. The Portuguese Army keeps soldiers in Bosnia (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Kosovo, Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia) and East Timor (around 6,000 men

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