Sydney Ferries

; ''Betty Cuthbert'' RiverCat 1992 230 22 kn 36.8 m 41 t Parramatta River (Parramatta River ferry services) Betty Cuthbert, Australian World Champion athlete - ''Dawn Fraser'' RiverCat 1992 230 22 kn 36.8 m 41 t Parramatta River Dawn Fraser, Australian World Champion swimmer - style "background:#E5E5FF" ''Evonne Goolagong'' RiverCat 1993 230 22 kn 36.8 m 41 t Parramatta River Evonne Goolagong

, Australian World Champion tennis player - ''Marlene Mathews'' RiverCat 1993 230 22 kn 36.8 m 41 t Parramatta River Marlene Mathews, Australian World Champion athlete - style "background:#E5E5FF" ''Marjorie Jackson'' RiverCat 1993 230 22 kn 36.8 m 41 t Parramatta River Marjorie Jackson, Australian World Champion athlete - ''Nicole Livingstone'' RiverCat 1995 230 22 kn 36.8 m 41 t Parramatta River Nicole

Livingstone , Australian World Champion swimmer - style "background:#E5E5FF" ''Shane Gould'' RiverCat 1993 230 22 kn 36.8 m 41 t Parramatta River Shane Gould, Australian World Champion swimmer - ''Anne Sargeant'' HarbourCat 1998 150 22 kn 29.6 m 35 t Inner Harbour, Parramatta Anne Sargeant, netballer - style "background:#E5E5FF" ''Pam Burridge'' HarbourCat 1998 150 22 kn 29.6 m 35 t Inner Harbour

Los Banos, California

233 north through Chowchilla (Chowchilla, California) to connect to northbound 99. Another possible northbound route exists by exiting Route 152 at State Route 59 (California State Route 59), and proceeding directly north to the city of Merced (Merced, California), where Route 59 meets Route 99. !---COMMENTED OUT FOR FIX-- Image:Img0330SR 152 and 230 kV power line.jpg thumb left 200px Westbound 152 between the San Luis Dam, the San Luis Reservoir (both not visible, but on the left

Water Project. thumb left 250px The short 230 kV line between the Los Banos, California Los Banos (Image:Img0330CA-152 and 230 kV power line.JPG) substation (Electrical substation) and the William R. Gianelli hydroelectric plant. San Luis Reservoir and O'Neill Forebay serve as the upper and lower reservoirs for the William R. Gianelli pumped storage hydroelectric plant, which began operating in 1968. The plant's eight Francis turbines produce a combined 424 MW. The sale

of peak electricity lowers the overall cost of operating the State Water Project, particularly the California Aqueduct. A short 230 kV (volt) power line (electric power transmission) heads eastward to deliver this electricity to Northern California's electricity backbone, Path 15. '''State Route 165''' is a rural north–south state highway in central California, USA (United States). It runs from Interstate 5 (Interstate 5 in California) south of Los Banos

Broadview, Saskatchewan

a natural ice-skating and hockey rink, Broadview Curling Club and the 9 hole Broadview Golf Club. Prominent people Dr. Frederick J. Gathercole B.Ed., M.Ed., Ph.D

Government of Saskatchewan title Sask Biz Broadview url http: communityprofiles communityprofile.asp?CommunityID 230 accessdate 2007-08-12 Elcapo No 154 (Elcapo No. 154, Saskatchewan) contains the urban communities of Grenfell (Grenfell, Saskatchewan), Oakshela (Oakshela, Saskatchewan) and Broadview (Broadview, Saskatchewan). Grenfell has a population of 947, and Broadview 611. Grenfell is home to a 14,700

point. The Broadview Museum houses heritage of Broadview and area. Hengen was born in Broadview (Broadview, Saskatchewan), Saskatchewan and raised in Regina (Regina, Saskatchewan) and Humboldt (Humboldt, Saskatchewan). He holds a Master of Arts

Shepherdstown, West Virginia

- Falling Spring-Morgan's Grove WV 480 1989 - Fruit Hill (Fruit Hill (Shepherdstown, West Virginia)) (Robinson-Andrews-Hoxton House) Shepherd Grade 1988 - Captain William Lucas and Robert Lucas House (Linden Spring) 1793 CR 31 1982 - James Marshall House (James Marshall House (Shepherdstown, West Virginia)) (Marshall Hall) Shepherd Grade 1988 - Morgan's Grove WV 480, WV 230, Morgan's Grove Road 1999 - Morgan-Bedinger

ChapterA.pdf publisher American Academy of Arts and Sciences accessdate 20 March 2011 '''West Virginia Route 45''' ('''WV 45''') is a state highway in the U.S. state of West Virginia. The state highway runs from the Virginia state line near Glengary (Glengary, West Virginia) east to WV 480 (West Virginia Route 480) and WV 230 (West Virginia Route 230) in Shepherdstown (Shepherdstown, West Virginia). WV 45 connects the communities

Arabia Petraea

2003 , p. 231. Also, once the severity of the Muslim threat was realized, the Byzantines had little preceding battlefield experience with the Arabs, and even less with zealous soldiers united by a prophet. Kaegi 2003 (#refKaegi2003), p. 230. Even the Strategicon (Strategicon of Maurice), a manual of war (Byzantine military manuals) praised for the variety of enemies it covers, does not mention warfare against Arabs at any

length. thumb left Ruins of Qa’ableh (File:Qableh1.JPG). Ancient Somalis domesticated the camel somewhere between the third millennium and second millennium BC from where it spread to Ancient Egypt and North Africa. Near Eastern archaeology: a reader – By Suzanne Richard pg 120 In the classical period (Classical antiquity), the city states of Mosylon, Opone, Malao (Malao (ancient)), Sarapion, Zeila Mundus

Taizhou, Zhejiang

wuu southeast of Hangzhou, the provincial capital. It is bordered by Ningbo

lies between 300 kilometers from the major city of Shanghai, and 230 kilometers from Hangzhou city, the procincial capital of Zhejiang in distance. Taizhou (Taizhou, Zhejiang) is a prefecture-level city. - 200px (Image:台州玉兰广场购物中心.jpg) an emerging city along the eastern coast of Zhejiang province, facing the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean to the east. Taizhou (Taizhou, Zhejiang) lies between 300 kilometers from the major city of Shanghai, and 230


of Ulaanbaatar, the capital. The road length between Ulaanbaatar and Erdenet is about linking Erdenet to the Trans-Mongolian

of Darkhan (Darkhan (city)) and Bulgan (Bulgan (city)) by a paved road and is easily accessible by bus several times each day. The distance to the capital where the nearest airport is situated amounts to and travel by car takes about eight hours. Train connections between Erdenet and Ulaanbaatar are less comfortable as there is only one train per day covering the distance in 11 hours. Sights *Tourists are allowed to visit the mine by appointment

West Kelowna

35 ''' - rowspan "3" Aboriginal (Aboriginal peoples in Canada) group <

Selkirk, Manitoba

-1980s, Highway 4 was extended to connect PTH 59 (Manitoba Highway 59) to serve the needs of those travelling to and from Grand Beach (Grand Beach, Manitoba). In the mid-1990s, Highway 4 between Selkirk (Selkirk, Manitoba) and Winnipeg was renumbered PTH 9 (Manitoba Highway 9), and an old section of Highway 9 (Manitoba Highway 9) was renumbered PTH 8 (Manitoba Highway 8) and PR 230 (Manitoba Provincial Road 230). The only remaining portion is between Manitoba Highway 9 PTH 9

, Portage la Prairie, Selkirk (Selkirk, Manitoba), Thompson (Thompson, Manitoba), and Winkler (Winkler, Manitoba), and $173,811 to Northern Communities.230&langdir E Manitoba Lotteries Corporation - VLT Revenue The remainder of the net income is given to the Government of Manitoba that provide health care, education, community and social services and economic development


brother-in-law and lieutenant Xu Daofu (徐道覆) the governor of Shixing Principality (始興, roughly modern Shaoguan, Guangdong). '''Yúnmén Wényǎn''' (862 or 864 pg 230, Dumoulin 1994. -949 CE), (雲門文偃; ; he is also variously known in English as "Unmon", "Ummon Daishi", "Ummon Zenji"), was a major "Yun-men Wen-yen (864-949) was one of the most eminent Zen

personalities of his time." pg 230, Dumoulin 1994. Chinese (China) Zen master in Tang (Tang Dynasty)-era China. He founded one of the five major schools of Chan (Zen) (Chinese Zen), the "Yunmen school", after succeeding his famous master, Xuefeng Yicun (or Hsueh-feng I-ts'un; another famous disciple of Yicun would be Fa-yen Wen-i (885-958) pg 233

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