Old Forge, New York

;28 from Barneveld through Forestport (Forestport, New York) to Blue Mountain Lake, NY 10 (New York State Route 10) (now NY 30 (New York State Route 30)) between Blue Mountain Lake and Lake Clear Junction, NY 86 (New York State Route 86) (modern NY 186 (New York State Route 186)) from there to Harrietstown (Harrietstown, New York), NY 408 (New York State Route 408 (1930–1938)) between Harrietstown and Gabriels, New York Gabriels


by the government of Madagascar. To force capitulation, the French bombarded and occupied the harbor of Toamasina on the east coast, and Mahajanga on the west coast, in December 1894 and January 1895 respectively. Curtin (1998), p. 186 A French military flying column then marched toward Antananarivo, losing many men to malaria and other diseases. Reinforcements came from Algeria and Sub-Saharan Africa. Upon reaching the city in September 1895

and that same year she was married to Ranavalona (Ranavalona I)'s son and heir, Rakoto. When he succeeded his mother in 1861 as King Radama II, she was crowned with him as queen consort. Upon the conclusion of diplomatic relations, the French bombarded and occupied the harbor of Toamasina on the east coast in December 1894, then captured Mahajanga on the west coast the following month. These initial attacks were followed in May 1895 by the arrival


and All Angels Church Barton-le-Street (Nigel Coates).jpg thumb left St Michael and All Angels Church '''Barton-le-Street''' is a village and civil parish in the Ryedale district of North Yorkshire, England. According to the 2001 census the parish had a population of 186. It is located about five miles west of Malton (Malton, North Yorkshire), between Appleton-le-Street and Slingsby (Slingsby, North Yorkshire) on the old Roman road which is now the B1257 road B1257

Yorkshire Malton . The parish had a population of 186 according to the 2001 census. The village is recorded as ''Bartun'' in the ''Domesday Book''. ) G.M. Miller, ''BBC


; '''Kohunlich''' ('''X-làabch'e'en''' in Modern Mayan (Yucatec Maya language)) is a large archaeological site of the pre-Columbian Maya civilization, located on the Yucatán Peninsula about 25 km east of the Rio Bec region, and about 65 km west of Chetumal on Highway 186, and 9 km south of the road. The Spanish name does not actually derive from Mayan but from the English ''Cohune Ridge'' where cohune palm (Attalea cohune) grew. The river is formed from the confluences

is to fly into Cancún or Merida (Merida (Yucatan)) and take a bus from the airport. By car Mexico's Federal Route 186 traverses the sparsely populated southern half of the Yucatán between Escárcega and Chetumal. After Ucum, the only municipality with services such as gas and lodging between Escárcega and Chetumal is Xpujil. Federal Route 307 branches off Route 186 to the north towards Cancun, from a point about 30 km west of Chetumal. By bus Several bus companies


Maundrell visited in 1697, he described the place as "an old village near which was a good ''khan (caravanserai)''. Maundrell, p. 97 Later Ottoman rule File:Schumacher186.jpg thumb right 275px Old bridge of Lajjun, picture taken between 1903 and 1905 Schumacher, 1908, p. 186 mode 1up 186

Grand Falls, New Brunswick

Andover and CJCJ-2 Plaster Rock were deleted. 186.htm Decision CRTC 2000-186 It is located in rolling farmland approximately 5 kilometres southeast of Grand Falls (Grand Falls, New Brunswick). Drummond's economy is centred on the potato industry, and cereal crops (cereal) such as wheat, barley and oats are grown mainly through crop rotation. More than 50% of the potatoes grown are sold for processing to McCain Foods Limited, and 45% are grown as seed potatoes for inter-provincial and international export.


, village #176. Also gives expulsion as the cause of depopulation cause E curlocl Nahsholim, Morris (2004): settlement #9 Dor (Dor, Hof HaCarmel) Morris (2004): settlement #186 pushpin_map Mandatory Palestine '''Tantura''' ( , ''al-Tantura'', lit. ''The Peak''; Hebrew (Hebrew language) and Phoenician (Phoenician language): דור, ''Dor'') Meron Benvenisti 2000 p. 50 was a Palestinian

of Roman Palestine'', Routledge, ISBN 0-415-10243-X p. 186 Many shipwrecks have been discovered in the waters off Dor. Underwater exploration of a Byzantine (Byzantine Empire) wreck salvaged a medium-size boat constructed with iron nails. Based on coins recovered from the site, the boat dates to 665 CE, a decade after the Muslim conquest. Artifacts include several objects testifying to the practice of light-fishing.


" DN'''65C''' align "center" Craiova - Rusăneşti * '''Sumy''', Ukraine In early January 1879, ''O noapte furtunoasă'' was first staged by the National Theater. Cioculescu, p.184-186; Mîndra, p.273; Vianu, Vol. II, p.180 Its production brought the first association between Caragiale and comedian Mihai Mateescu, who went on to portray some of his most popular

characters. Cioculescu, p.186 The play was a hit, and acclaim reached Caragiale despite the fact that he had refused to have his name printed on the posters. Cioculescu, p.184-185 Caragiale was soon outraged to discover that, by the second staging, his text had been toned down by the government-appointed Head of Theaters, the National Liberal Ion Ghica. Vianu, Vol. II, p.180, 186, 190 When he asked for an official explanation, ''O

noapte furtunoasă'' was removed from the season's program. Cioculescu, p.190-191; Vianu, Vol. II, p.180, 186 Over the following years, independent troupes staged the play or its plagiarized (Plagiarism) versions for their own benefit. Cioculescu, p.186, 191-194 It was restored to the National Theater's repertoire in 1883, and was so successful that state theaters in cities such as Craiova and Iaşi made efforts to have it included

Bayt Jibrin

and a major administrative center under the name of Eleutheropolis. In the early 7th century, Bayt Jibrin was conquered by Muslim forces led by 'Amr ibn al-'As. Under the Crusader (Crusades)s in the 12th century, it had a population of 1,500, compared to 100-150 in the average village of the time. ''The Fall of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem'', Joshua Prawer, Israel Argosy, p.186, Jerusalem Post Press, Jerusalem, 1956 ref

Frankish colony, which they named "Bethgibelin". Jean Richard Crusaders c. 1071-c,1291 p 96 Christian settlers in Beit Jibrin were promised a share of property looted from the Muslims. It was on the itinerary of Benjamin of Tudela, who found three Jews living there when he visited the country. Robinson, Edward & Smith, Eli (1856) J. Murray. p 29 The Ayyubid army under

Achaean League

*Philopoemen of Megalopolis (Philopoemen) 201 - 200 BC *Cycliadas of Pharae (Cycliadas) 200 - 199 BC *Aristaenos of Megalopolis 199 - 198 BC *Nicostratus of Acaia 198 - 197 BC *Aristaenos of Megalopolis 195 - 194 BC *Philopoemen of Megalopolis (Philopoemen) 193 - 192 BC *Diophanes of Megalopolis 192 - 191 BC *Philopoemen of Megalopolis (Philopoemen) 191 - 190 BC *Philopoemen of Megalopolis (Philopoemen) 189 - 188 BC *Philopoemen of Megalopolis (Philopoemen) 187 - 186 BC

*Aristaenos of Megalopolis 186 - 185 BC *Lycortas of Megalopolis (Lycortas) 185 - 184 BC *Archon (Archon,leader of Achaean League) 184 - 183 BC *Philopoemen of Megalopolis (Philopoemen) VIII 183 - 182 BC (Lycortas of Megalopolis (Lycortas) was Hipparch) *Lycortas of Megalopolis (Lycortas) 182 - 181 BC *Calicrates 180 - 179 BC *Xenarchos 175 - 174 BC *Archon (Archon,leader of Achaean League) 172 - 171 BC *Archon (Archon,leader of Achaean League) 170 - 169 BC ( Polybius

of the Achaean League before Aristaenos of Megalopolis after Diophanes years 193 BC – 192 BC

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