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York, Ontario

, as a result of increasing population and a housing boom during the late 1990s and first decade of the 21st century. The first neighbourhoods affected were Leaside and North Toronto, gradually progressing into the western neighbourhoods in York. Some of the area's housing is in the process of being replaced or remodelled. His first writing success came in 1902 when the Brantford Courier accepted a mystery story from him, and he became a reporter there (for five dollars a week). He was an editor at the Guelph ''Daily Mercury'' between 1908 and 1910. He married Ida Randolph Spragge (1888–1975) in York (York, Ontario), Ontario on January 12, 1910. The couple had two children, Molly (Mrs. Howard Haycraft) and Dora (Mrs. Henry Darlington Steinmetz). Also in 1910, Costain joined the Maclean Publishing Group where he edited three trade journals. Beginning in 1914, he was a staff writer for and, from 1917, editor of Toronto (Toronto, Canada)-based ''Maclean's'' magazine. His success there brought him to the attention of ''The Saturday Evening Post'' in New York City where he was fiction editor for fourteen years. northeast of York (York, Ontario), Ontario, Canada. York is a community south of Hamilton (Hamilton, Ontario) near Caledonia (Caledonia, Ontario). Before 1998, Toronto proper was a much smaller municipality and formed part of the regional district of Metropolitan Toronto. When the city amalgamated that year, Toronto absorbed the former municipalities of York (York, Ontario), East York, North York, Etobicoke and Scarborough (Scarborough, Ontario). Each of these former municipalities still maintains a certain distinctness, and residents still use the names of these municipalities. The area known as Toronto before the amalgamation is sometimes called the Central District or simply "Downtown". Logo Location York (York, Ontario) and North York (North York, Ontario) Region Toronto '''Humber River Regional Hospital''' is a major hospital serving the former cities of North York (North York, Ontario) and York (York, Ontario), Ontario. It operates from three sites: Other prominent women mayors in Canada have included June Rowlands and Barbara Hall in Toronto, True Davidson in the former Toronto suburb of East York, Frances Nunziata in York (York, Ontario), Dianne Haskett and Anne Marie DeCicco-Best in London (London, Ontario), Hazel McCallion in Mississauga, Marion Dewar and Jacquelin Holzman in Ottawa, Jan Reimer in Edmonton, Gretchen Brewin in Victoria (Victoria, British Columbia), Susan Fennell in Brampton, Jamie Lim in Timmins, Dorothy Wyatt in St. John's (St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador), Elsie Wayne in Saint John (Saint John, New Brunswick), Helen Cooper (Helen Cooper (Canadian politician)) in Kingston (Kingston, Ontario), Janice Laking in Barrie, Lorna Jackson in Vaughan (Vaughan, Ontario), Andrée Boucher in Quebec City, Dorothy Corrigan in Charlottetown, Moira Leiper Ducharme in Halifax (Halifax Urban Area), Susan Thompson in Winnipeg, Grace Hartman (Grace Hartman (politician)) and Marianne Matichuk in Sudbury (Greater Sudbury), Dusty Miller (Dusty Miller (mayor)) and Lynn Peterson in Thunder Bay, Ione Christensen, Kathy Watson (Kathy Watson (Canadian politician)) and Bev Buckway in Whitehorse (Whitehorse, Yukon), Elizabeth Kishkon in Windsor (Windsor, Ontario) and Elisapee Sheutiapik and Madeleine Redfern in Iqaluit. This arrangement lasted until 1998, when the regional level of government was abolished and the six municipalities (Toronto, Etobicoke, North York, East York, York (York, Ontario), and Scarborough (Scarborough, Ontario)) were amalgamated into a single municipality or "megacity (megacity#Canada)". Many people criticised this change, which came on top of a massive "downloading" of provincial services to the municipal level, with little to no new revenue available. A plebiscite indicated that a majority of the citizens of Toronto opposed amalgamation, but criticisms were raised about the leading nature of the question asked. In Canada (and Ontario), plebiscites are not legally binding. The Province of Ontario (Ontario) under Premier Mike Harris had the power to ignore the result and did so. Mel Lastman, the long-time mayor of North York before the amalgamation, was the first mayor of the new "megacity" of Toronto. The first cases of disease in pasture horses were in the townships of Scarborough (Scarborough, Ontario), York (York, Ontario), and Markham (Markham, Ontario) in Ontario, Canada. By October 1, 1872, the first case occurred in Toronto. It took only three days before all the street car horses and major livery stables were affected. By the middle of the month, Montreal, Detroit, and most of the Dominion of Canada and New England reported cases. - G Jason Muzzatti 186 87 02 03 70 York, Ontario HC Bolzano - - G Jason Muzzatti 186 87 02 03 70 York, Ontario HC Bolzano - *Hubert Davis (Hubert Davis (filmmaker)), Academy Award-nominated documentary filmmaker *Rob Davis (Rob Davis (politician)), former York (York, Ontario) and Toronto city councillor *Raven Dauda, actress (''Da Kink in My Hair (Da Kink in My Hair (TV series))'') established_title1 Changed Municipality established_date1 1924 East York from York (York, Ontario) 1998 Toronto from East York

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