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; ref The missionaries of World Wide Village, set up outpatient clinics beside the Japanese Red Cross at the nursing school in Léogâne within days after the earthquake

. Volunteer medical personal together with teams of volunteer surgeons from World Wide Village and the University of Notre Dame, have seen and treated thousands of patients. World Wide Village brought in a Field Hospital which began full operation in Late February 2010, the new, "Hospital St. Croix". World Wide Village and the University of Notre Dame continue to send teams to the nursing school field hospital to meet ongoing health care needs in Léogâne. (primary source) The NGOs Heart to Heart International and Médecins Sans Frontières were providing medical aid at clinical sites in the area. west of Port-au-Prince (w:Port-au-Prince), the capital of Haiti (Haiti). More than 100 aftershocks have been registered since that earthquake. The United Nations reported that the earthquake has caused more than 225,000 deaths, a number which is expected to rise.


, Szombathely, Vancouver, Washington, D.C., and Zurich. Szombathely (Hungary) *

; style "text-align:center;" czech republic Krnov Silver Image:Med 2.png style "text-align:center;" hungary Szombathely Silver Image:Med 2.png - At this time the expulsion of the Jews from Sopron, Pécs, Székesfehérvár


their coffee came to be of the country the best quality, they exported it in oxen carts to Granada and from there in boats to Greytown port in the Carbbean,and from there to Germany. Very soon many people followed their steps, and aftee 150 years "Matagalpa Washed Coffee" has become world wide known, thanks to a brave and intelligent woman. If you go to pariso or tequila. Need a taxi number or car from downtown. Pariso 40 c's entrance fee Sleep Matagalpa is the major city in Central

Springhill, Nova Scotia

that he thought was a boxing dojo. It was there that he met wrestler Dave "The Wildman" McKigney who offered to cross train with him. Another wrestler that he met at the gym, Waldo Von Erich, got Tattrie in the door with the World Wide Wrestling Federation (World Wrestling Entertainment) (WWWF), where he wrestled for a time as Tony Newbury. In 1963, he took his craft to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where he continued to train and work


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Rift Valley Province

is the economic base of the residents of the Rift Valley. Tea from the highlands in the Kericho district enjoy a world wide reputation, but horticulture is an important part of the district's economy and cattle raising is also practised to a large extent. The full economic potential of the Rift Valley region is, however, far from fully exploited, though the current growth in population and improved education may change this in a near future. People in the province are still mostly rural, but urbanisation is gradually increasing; new cities and towns contain the rural-urban migration and, provided the right policies are instituted, the Rift Valley province will be able to emerge as a national economic and cultural hub. Ethnicity The people of the Rift Valley are a mesh work of different ethnic identities, and the Kalenjin (Kalenjin people) and the Maasai (Maasai people) are two of the best known ethnic groups. Most of Kenya's top runners comes from the Kalenjin (Kalenjin people) community. The Maasai people have the most recognizable cultural identity, both nationally and internationally, and serve as Kenya's international cultural symbol. See also * Kerio River * Zeitz Foundation * Turkana County * Narok County * Trans Nzoia County * Uasin Gishu County * Kajiado County * Kericho County * Kimana References Nyanza Province (w:Nyanza Province), with 750 infections and 45 deaths, has felt the brunt of the outbreak. Over 1,200 cases have been reported in the provinces of Nyanza, Rift Valley (w:Rift Valley Province), North Eastern (w:North Eastern Province (Kenya)) and Western (w:Western Province (Kenya)). According to ''Agence France-Presse (w:Agence France-Presse)'', officials have reported 45 people dead in Nyanza Province, 12 in North Eastern Province and seven in Rift Valley Province. Health officials have stated that the actual number of deaths due to the outbreak could be higher due to under reporting.

Tricity, Poland

has the license to transport petrol along all PKP PLK lines and is operating outside the Tricity (Tricity, Poland), operating refineries in Czechowice-Dziedzice, Jasło and Gorlice. ---- '''

Ferguson, Missouri

billboard for the shop, adorned with the various accessories Chandler sold in his new shop, as it slowly became taller area_served Worldwide location Ferguson (Ferguson, Missouri), MO (Missouri), USA (United States) '''Emerson Electric Company''' ( ) is a major multinational corporation headquartered in Ferguson (Ferguson, Missouri), Missouri, United States. "Contact Us."

East Kalimantan

that supports tropical rainforest conservation includes a WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) project http: heart-of-borneo WWF Heart of Borneo conservation initiative - ''orang-utan, rhinoceros and pygmy elephant cling for survival''. and Samboja Lestari lodge, one of Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation's reforestation and orangutan rehabilitation projects. http: Economy East Kalimantan's economy heavily depends on earth resources such as oilfield exploration, natural gas, coal and gold. Commons:Category:East Kalimantan Dmoz:Regional Asia Indonesia Provinces East_Kalimantan Wikipedia:East Kalimantan

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