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35em References * ''Wonderful Havana'' (1st ed.). Eddie Lennon, Julie Napier and Farida Haqiqi. Cool World Books, updated February 2013. Available at * King, Charles Spencer (2009) ''Havana My Kind of Town''. USA: CreateSpace. ISBN 978-1-4404-3269-9. * ''Havana: History and Architecture of a Romantic City''. Alicia García Santana. Monacelli, October 2000. ISBN 978-1-58093-052-9. * Angela, Ferriol Maruaga; ''et al.'': ''Cuba crisis, ajuste y situación social (1990

United States

, as it established a direct link between the liberalism and federalism of the United States with the principles of the Chilean independence movement. Finally, he founded the Instituto Nacional de Chile and the National Library of Chile. Both of these prestigious institutions have survived to the present day. '''Better World Books''' is a U.S. (United States)-based online bookseller. Described as a for-profit social enterprise or ''social business venture'', Better World Books

; The Better World Books mission statement is “to capitalize on the value of the book to fund and support literacy initiatives locally, nationally, and around the world.” Better World Books promotional literature They raise funding for over 80 non-profit literacy programs. Better World Books, Impact By 1958, Tube Investments had become a huge company with interests worldwide - in 1960


as an active socialist and unionist in a car factory, railway workshops and meatworks in the Wellington region. In 1985 he moved to Auckland, working in the Auckland City abattoirs, 1985-86. From 1986 to 1990 Locke worked full-time as the national coordinator of the Philippines Solidarity Network, based in Auckland. From 1990 to 1999 he was manager of One World Books, a non-profit bookshop in Auckland specialising in social, environmental and development issues.

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