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is from al-Samawi's own work available in the English translation of ''Then I was Guided'' Eventually, he considered himself converted to the Shi'i school of thought. Works Life Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammad Hussein AlAnsari was born in Iraq in 1952. He was brought up into a family known for its religious background and scholarship. He gained much knowledge from his father AlHujah AlSheikh Abdul Ghaffar AlAnsari in the period of his


US, 1990. ISBN 0195066553. pg. 139. the film version (in ''Beckett on Film (Beckett on Film#Catastrophe)'' 2001 ) was directed by David Mamet and performed by Harold Pinter, Sir John Gielgud (John Gielgud), and Rebecca Pidgeon. Chris Ackerley, S. E. Gontarski. ''The Grove companion to Samuel Beckett: a reader's guide to his works, life, and thought''. Grove Press, 2004. ISBN 0802140491. pg. 44 * Zia Haider, Bangladesh World War II Eager

Saint Petersburg

diploma picture the ''Rape of Deianira'' (Louvre). He visited Saint Petersburg at the call of the empress Elizabeth (Elizabeth of Russia), and on his return was named in 1781 director of the French Academy in Rome, a position he kept until 1787. He there painted the ''Indian Widow,'' one of his best-known works. Life Dimitrij Andrusov was born on November 7, 1897 in the former Yuryev (today Tartu) in former Russian Empire. He was a grandson of Heinrich Schliemann and son


, Hungary and Japan. Many of the various productions of ''Tanz der Vampire'' have had cast recordings released, some of them produced by Steinman, along with other co-producers. Like much of Steinman's work, the show includes adaptation (or, recycling) of material Steinman had released before. This includes the song "Total Eclipse of the Heart", the melody of "Objects in the Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are", and many other parts of earlier works. Life Leon

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