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when it comes to refusing the obvious hospitality of a drink, but a lie such as "I'm allergic" might make clear a situation where one would have to otherwise repeatedly explain a preference in some regions of Portugal; but it won't work in other regions where obviously made-up excuses will tag you as unreliable ("I don't want to, thanks" might then work). Drinking is considered almost socially intimate. Be careful of 1920 and Aguardente (''burning water''), both pack a mighty


) title The Gun Digest Book of Assault Weapons year 2007 publisher Gun Digest Books isbn 978-0896894983 page 256 pages 22–27 An is a type of Japanese drinking establishment (bar (establishment)) which also serves food to accompany the drinks. They are casual places for after-work drinking. On 31 October 1963 ''Iwo Jima'' departed Philippine waters for special operations along the coast of South Vietnam, standing

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