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Monte Carlo

, established in 1957, is one of the most powerful in the country, regularly winning top national competitions. Moore started 1983 by beating challenger Gary Guiden, again by knockout, in four. He had been scheduled to fight Tony Ayala Jr., however Ayala was convicted of burglary and rape, he was sentenced the 35 years in prison. Next, he defended against former two-time world champion


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Saint Petersburg

director at the Gorky Film Studio in Moscow. He wrote and directed ''Живёт такой парень'' (''There Is Such a Lad (Zhivyot takoy paren')''). The film premiered in 1965, winning top honours at the All-Union Film Festival in Leningrad (Saint Petersburg) and the Golden Lion at the XVI International Film Festival (Venice Film Festival) in Venice. Shukshin was decorated with the Order of the Red Banner of Labour (1967), and was designated Distinguished Artist of the RSFSR (1969). Student Dmitry Bortniansky was born on 28 October 1751 in the city of Hlukhiv (present-day Ukraine), then a part of the autonomous Cossack Hetmanate within the Russian Empire (as Glukhov), into the family of Stefan Skurat (or Shkurat), a Lemko-Rusyn Orthodox religious refugee from the village of Bortne in the Malopolska region (he was entered in the Cossack register of Glukhov in 1755) http: history 355-dmitro-bortnyanskiy-sin-lemka-z-bortnogo.html . At the age of seven, Dmitry's prodigious talent at the local church choir afforded him the opportunity to go the capital of the empire and sing with the Imperial Chapel Choir (Imperial Chapel (St. Petersburg)) in St. Petersburg (Saint Petersburg). There he studied music and composition under the director of the Imperial Chapel Choir, the Italian (Italian people) master Baldassare Galuppi. When Galuppi left for Italy in 1769, he took the boy with him. In Italy, Bortniansky gained considerable success composing operas: ''Creonte'' (1776) and ''Alcide (Alcide (Bortnyansky))'' (1778) in Venice, and ''Quinto Fabio'' (1779) at Modena. He also composed sacred works in Latin and German, both a cappella and with orchestral accompaniment (including an ''Ave Maria'' for two voices and orchestra). After the collapse of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in April 1920, Rasulzade left Baku and went into hiding in the mountainous village of Lahij to direct the resistance to Sovietization, but in August 1920, after Soviet Russian army crushed the rebellions of Ganja (Ganja (city)), Karabakh, Zagatala and Lankaran, led by ex-officers of the Azerbaijani National Army, Rasulzade was arrested and brought to Baku. It was only due to his earlier rescue of Joseph Stalin in 1905, that Rasulzade was released and transferred from Azerbaijan to Russia. For the next two years, Rasulzade worked as the press representative at the Commissariat on Nations in Moscow. He was seconded to Saint Petersburg in 1922 from where he escaped to Finland. Biography Vishnevskaya was born in Leningrad (Saint Petersburg). She made her professional stage debut in 1944 singing operetta. After a year studying with Vera Nikolayevna Garina, she won a competition held by the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow (with Rachmaninoff (Sergei Rachmaninoff)'s song "O, Do Not Grieve" and Verdi (Giuseppe Verdi)'s aria "O patria mia" from ''Aida'') in 1952. The next year, she became a member of the Bolshoi Theatre. *Pavlovsky District, Leningrad Oblast (1938–1953), a former district of Leningrad Oblast (known as Slutsky District in 1938–1944) В. Г. Кожевников. "Административно-территориальное деление Ленинградской области". 1997. ISBN 5-86153-055-6. Стр. 10–11 *Pavlovsky District, Saint Petersburg, a former district of Saint Petersburg, merged into Pushkinsky District (Pushkinsky District, Saint Petersburg) in 2005 commons:Category:Saint Petersburg WikiPedia:Saint Petersburg Dmoz:Regional Europe Russia Administrative Regions Saint Petersburg


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