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information on history and "couleur locale". Buy Grenada produces many amazing products. Rum, Chocolate, Honey, Jams and Jellies, Spices, Clothing and Art. Many are award winning. Support the local economy when on the island and buy local goodies to bring back home. '''Nutmeg''' is Grenada's cash crop, so be sure to bring some home in some form - whole, jam, jelly, syrup, Nutmed (medicinal ointment). In addition, you can purchase nutmeg flavored ice cream, which has an unusual


Anniversary of Alcock and Brown's non-stop transatlantic flight from Newfoundland (Dominion of Newfoundland) to Britain. In 1972, ''Nubian'' reinforced the British garrison in Belize after Guatemala intensified its theats to annex the territory. "Britain winning support for Belize self-determination". ''The Times'' (59552): Col B, p. 7. 13 November 1975. About 5,000 PT-76s were built during the vehicle's lifetime, ref

Northern Ireland

; The latter statement was key to winning support for the agreement from nationalists and republicans. It also established a devolved power-sharing government within Northern Ireland, which must consist of both unionist and nationalist parties. These institutions were suspended by the British Government in 2002 after Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) allegations of spying by people working for Sinn Féin at the Assembly (Stormontgate). The resulting case against the accused Sinn Féin member collapsed. On 28 July 2005, the Provisional IRA declared an end to its campaign and has since decommissioned what is thought to be all of its arsenal. This final act of decommissioning was performed in accordance with the Belfast Agreement of 1998, and under the watch of the Independent International Commission on Decommissioning and two external church witnesses. Many unionists, however, remain sceptical. The International Commission (Independent International Commission on Decommissioning) later confirmed that the main loyalist paramilitary groups, the UDA, UVF and the Red Hand Commando, had decommissioned what is thought to be all of their arsenals, witnessed by a former Archbishop (Robin Eames) and a former top civil servant. "UDA confirm guns decommissioned" BBC news; retrieved 29 January 2014 Politicians elected to the Assembly at the 2003 Assembly election (Northern Ireland Assembly election, 2003) were called together on 15 May 2006 under the Northern Ireland Act 2006 WikiPedia:Northern Ireland Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom Northern Ireland commons:Northern Ireland

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