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bed limited construction to a narrow, 500-700 meter wide strip of land between Ordynka and Tatarskaya streets. The development of Zamoskvorechye followed the eastward expansion of the city on the northern bank, thus eastern Zamoskvorechye is younger than the western Yakimanka District. For example, present-day Pyatnitskaya Street emerged in early fifteenth century, when the expansion of Moscow Kremlin moved the wooden Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge one block eastward. - 128 126


small part which was assigned to the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. The north of the county (including Lugoj) is now part of the Romanian county Timiş (Timiş County), except a 10 km wide strip along the river Mureş (Mureş River), which is in the county Arad (Arad County). The rest now forms the county Caraş-Severin, except the city Orşova, which is in Mehedinţi county. #Csanád County (Makó, HU, RO) #Krassó-Szörény County (Lugos (Lugoj), RO) ''Note: formed in 1880 from the counties of Krassó County and Szörény County.'' #Temes County (Temesvár (Timişoara), RO, CS) Major cities in its Romanian course are Caransebeş and Lugoj, smaller places include (from source to mouth): *Teregova, Armeniş, Slatina-Timiş, Bucoşniţa, Buchin, Caransebeş, Constantin Daicoviciu (Constantin Daicoviciu, Caraş-Severin), Sacu, Gavojdia, Lugoj, Coşteiu, Moşniţa Nouă, Şag, Parţa, Peciu Nou Timişoara has its name derived from the river Timiş meaning the fortress of Timiş. However the town of Timiş City, even though its name may indicate it, is not a settlement on the river, but on another Romanian-Serbian river, Bega (Bega River (Tisza)). thumb 230px Bucharest (Image:Bucuresti piata universitatii teatrul national.jpg) landmark reflecting the views of Golaniad participants and proclaiming University Square (University Square, Bucharest) as a "zone free from neocommunism" Authors have attributed the limited success of the Proclamation movement to both resistance from surviving Communist structures Baga, p.102; Neumann, p.191-193 and the special characteristics of Timişoara in relation to the rest of the country. Baga, p.102; Neumann, p.193 Victor Neumann mentioned contrasts observed during the Revolution itself, when "only a few cities rebelled ... alongside Timişoara: Arad (Arad, Romania), Lugoj, Sibiu, Cluj (Cluj-Napoca), Braşov, Bucharest, Iaşi". Neumann, p.193 He attributed this pattern to political, economic and social discrepancies between various areas of the country, ones he believed to have been prolonged in post-Revolution Romania (History of Romania since 1989). Analyst Enikő Baga contended that policy differences also remained notable between Timişoara and its subordinate Timiş County. Baga, p.102 Ştefan Odobleja was born into a family of peasants in 1902, in Ştefan Odobleja (Livezile, Mehedinţi), Mehedinţi County, Romania. He attended the Faculty of Medicine (Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy) in Bucharest and became a physician, practising as a military doctor in many cities of Romania, including Bucharest, Dej, Drobeta Turnu-Severin, Lugoj and Târgovişte. Despite a poverty stricken and, in some ways, a difficult life, he managed to remain productive. His completed works run to over 50,000 pages. The town is situated in the center of a distinct ethno-folkloric area, at the north-west side of the Poiana Ruscă mountains, on the DN68 national road. The road stretches from Ilia (Ilia, Hunedoara) to Lugoj—and on the CFR (Căile Ferate Române) 212 railroad line. birth_date Wikipedia:Lugoj Commons:Category:Lugoj

Granite, Colorado

* Rock Talk Category:Unincorporated communities in Chaffee County, Colorado Category:Unincorporated communities in Colorado Category:Populated places on the Arkansas River At its headwaters, the Arkansas runs as a steep mountain torrent through the Rockies in its narrow valley, dropping 4,600 feet (1.4 km) in 120 miles (193 km). This section (including ''The Numbers'' near Granite, Colorado, ''Brown's Canyon'', and the Royal Gorge) sees extensive whitewater rafting in the spring and summer. *'''Grand View Estates''' (Grand View Estates, Colorado) in Douglas County (Douglas County, Colorado), Colorado, is an unincorporated community and a census designated place served by the Parker (Parker, Colorado) Post Office (United States Postal Service) 80134 (Parker, Colorado) *'''Granite''' (Granite, Colorado) in Chaffee County (Chaffee County, Colorado), Colorado, is an unincorporated town served by U.S. Post Office (United States Postal Service) 81228 (Granite, Colorado) *'''Grant''' (Grant, Colorado) in Park County (Park County, Colorado), Colorado, is an unincorporated town served by U.S. Post Office (United States Postal Service) 80448 (Grant, Colorado)

Malton, Ontario

routes were submitted to the council. At the time, the town of Malton (Malton, Ontario) occupied the area of the planned expressway, having not yet been annexed as part of Mississauga. The wide strip of land would require the expropriation (Eminent domain) and demolition of 50 houses, as well as several businesses, a school, and two community parks. Citizens of the village formed a group to protest the freeway and to demand another route be taken. An above grade


desert area in the municipality of Peñamiller El Semidesierto Queretano (Querétaro Semi-desert) is a wide strip that crosses the state from east to west, which is dry due to the blocking of moist air from the Gulf by the Sierra Madre Oriental. The area is found in the municipalities of Cadereyta de Montes, Colón (Colón, Querétaro), Peñamiller and Tolimán (Tolimán, Querétaro), with an area of 3,415.6km2 or 29% of the state. As it is near the mountain range, its topography


and Serpukhov, and served as main axes of settlement. Bolshaya Ordynka Street (Serpukhov road), currently the western boundary of the district, is named after ''Orda'', Golden Horde, and was initially home to the Tatar community. Regular floods and the north-south migration of Moskva river bed limited construction to a narrow, 500-700 meter wide strip of land between Ordynka and Tatarskaya streets. The development of Zamoskvorechye followed the eastward expansion of the city on the northern

Enid, Oklahoma

Albanian '''Sheryl Lynn Herring''' (born September 22, 1958 in Enid, Oklahoma) is an American (United States) soap opera actress. DATE OF BIRTH September 22, 1958 PLACE OF BIRTH Enid, Oklahoma, U.S. (United States) DATE OF DEATH The '''Cherokee Outlet''', often mistakenly referred to as the '''Cherokee Strip''', was located in what is now the state of Oklahoma, in the United States. It was a sixty-mile (97 km) wide strip of land


. There are no settlements along its length, and the closest human habitation is Minaki near its southern terminus and Whitedog (Whitedog, Ontario) near its northern terminus. The route begins west of Minaki, branching off from Highway 596, which travels south to Kenora. It travels north along a wide strip of land bounded by Sand Lake to the east, and by Swan Lake and Tetu Lake to the west, all part of the Winnipeg River watershed. Zig-zagging in a generally northward direction, the highway


language Pannonian Rusyn , Romanian (Romanian language), Serbian (Serbian language) and Slovak (Slovak language)) *Montenegro (with Montenegrin (Montenegrin language), Albanian (Albanian language), Bosnian (Bosnian language) and Serbian (Serbian language)) Some predominantly Hungarian settlements, consisting of more than 2 million Magyars, were situated in a typically 20–50 km wide strip along the new borders in foreign territory. More concentrated groups were found in Czechoslovakia (parts of southern Slovakia), SCS Kingdom (parts of northern Vojvodina), and Romania (parts of Transylvania). - Vojvodina (Serbia) Serbo-Croatian (Serbo-Croatian language) - 601,770 (39.8%) * Serbian (Serbian language) - 510,754 (33.8%) * Croatian (Croatian language), Bunjevac (Bunjevac language) and Šokac (Šokac language) - 91,016 (6%) - Croatia-Slavonia, Vojvodina, Međimurje, Prekmurje (SCS Kingdom (Yugoslavia)) 2,756,000 Croats and Serbs * ''C. m. monedula'' (Linnaeus, 1758), the nominate subspecies, is found in eastern Europe. Its range extends across Scandinavia, from southern Finland south to Esbjerg and Haderslev in Denmark, through eastern Germany and Poland, and south across eastern central Europe to the Carpathian Mountains and north-western Romania, Vojvodina in northern Serbia, and Slovenia. Cramp (1994), p. 120. It breeds in south-eastern Norway, southern Sweden and northern and eastern Denmark, with occasional wintering birds in England and France. It has been recorded as a rare vagrant (Vagrancy (biology)) to Spain. WikiPedia:Vojvodina Dmoz:Regional Europe Serbia Vojvodina

Port Said

45 Commando and 23 tons of stores in Port Said, Egypt, in 90 minutes. During the day, over 1,000 French paratroopers jump into Egypt, and French Corsairs and F-84F Thunderstreaks (Republic F-84F Thunderstreak) provide close air support to French forces. A ceasefire ends hositilities between Egypt and the United Kingdom, France, and Israel in the evening. The last major operation by a British aircraft carrier force in history comes to an end. Sturtivant, Ray, ''British Naval Aviation: The Fleet Air Arm, 1917-1990'', Annapolis, Maryland: Naval Institute Press, 1990, ISBN 0-87021-026-2, pp. 190, 215. * November 7 – The Norwegian airline Braathens SAFE has its first fatal accident when a de Havilland DH.114 Heron 2B (de Havilland Heron) crashes (Hummelfjell Accident) into the mountain Hummelfjell in Tolga (Tolga, Norway), Norway, killing two of the 12 people on board. Among the survivors is Norwegian journalist and radio and television personality Rolf Kirkvaag, who suffers a broken foot; along with another passenger, he walks 18 km (11 miles) from the crash site to find help the following day. ''Greenwich Bay'' departed Norfolk on 21 June 1948 for an around-the-world cruise. During The four-month voyage, she made good-will visits to Gibraltar; Port Said, Egypt; Muscat (Muscat, Oman); Bahrain, Kuwait, Trincomalee, Ceylon; Fremantle (Fremantle, Western Australia), Australia; Pago Pago, American Samoa; Papeete, Tahiti; and Coco Solo, Panama Canal Zone, before returning to Norfolk on 14 October 1948. In 1954, ''St. Kitts'' joined the 3rd Destroyer Flotilla, also part of the Home Fleet. In 1955, ''St. Kitts'', still with the 3rd Flotilla, deployed to the Mediterranean, and took part in the Suez Crisis, which had occurred after the nationalisation of the Suez Canal by the Egyptian leader Nasser (Gamal Abdel Nasser). During Operation Musketeer, the invasion of Egypt, ''St. Kitts'' performed a variety of duties, including escorting the carrier HMS Eagle

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