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Đurađ's lands and further agitate Radič Crnojević. '''Durrës''' is an Albanian (Albania) Adriatic port city. It serves ferries to Bari (Italy) Alternative spellings of the cities name are ''Durrazzo'' (Italian), ''Drač'' (Драч, Serbo-Croatian) or ''Dyrrhachion'' (Δυρράχιον, Greek). Get in By boat File:Durrës Albania.jpg thumb Durrës Panramic View * A bi-weekly

connection to Bar in Montenegro Montenegro Line. * To Kotor, Montenegro * To Bari in Italy on Agemar, on Azzurra Line or on Dimaio Line * To Ancona in Italy on Adria Ferries * To Otranto in Italy on Veronica Line * To Trieste in Italy on Agemar


. This train bypasses Moscow, nearest stop is in the town of Ozherelye. There is also a weekly connection from Alma-Ata departing every Sunday at 3:50PM arriving 7:59AM two nights later. By car Samarkand is about 4 hours by road from Tashkent; shared taxis leave from Sobir Rahimov bus station. The distance to Samarkand from Tashkent is 290 km, from Bokhara 270 km, from Khiva 740 km, from Andizhan 610 km, from Fergana 600

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