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water temple


and alignment of ''chi''. Be forewarned: many elderly out-spry the young. While there is no public gauge of one's own limitations, it may be humbling to attempt the agility of the seasoned. Weihai Area Xi Xia Kou, approx 40 KM east of Weihai, a beautiful Zoo and lands end "Chengshantou" Shidao, approx 60 KM South, Fahua Temple Wendeng, approx 30 km South, Holy Water Temple and natural hot springs Buy There is a computer center, clothing, small commodities, and seafood market


Square. During the summer there are numerous beer gardens and outdoor teahouses, and year-round there are permanent tea and coffee houses bordering the walk on the first floor of apartment and condo skyscrapers. Children's play areas, a river bank beach, and colorful flowerbeds can be found intermittently. The walk extends the length of the city's border with the river, but the most active area can be found between the #2 and #3 (Rainbow) Bridges. *


accessible from the city center. The Holy Water Temple (圣水寺) in the northern suburbs is also very attractive. Mianyang is a 2-hour train ride from North Train Station (¥20). * '''Siguniang Scenic Park''' (四姑娘) Located to the northwest of Chengdu, these mountains are sometimes called "China Alps" but are also known as the "four girls" or "four maidens". Prior to the May 12, 2008 earthquake, buses could be caught between 6:30AM and noon from

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