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Winter Haven, Florida

; ref Welterweight boxing champion, Andre Berto, is another famous athlete who grew up in Winter Haven. Winter Haven has many successful sports programs, both recreational and competitive, serving the youth in the community. Winter Haven High School has won several state and district championships in various sports, including Girls Varsity Basketball State Championship in 2005 and 2007. With so many lakes, Winter Haven is a location for fresh water fishing. The two sports


more stable settlements. In the 8th millennium BC, the climate became much warmer and forests developed. The inhabitants traveled less and engaged in local hunting, gathering and fresh water fishing. During the 6th–5th millennium BC, various animals were domesticated, dwellings became more sophisticated and could shelter larger families. Agriculture did not arrive until the 3rd millennium BC, because of demanding climate and terrain and a lack of suitable tools to cultivate the land. Crafts and trade also started to form at this time. Proto-Indo-Europeans, from whom the Balts later developed (Balto-Slavic languages), came around 2500 BC. Lithuania's northern neighbor is Latvia. The two countries share a border that extends 453 kilometres. Lithuania's eastern border with Belarus is longer, stretching 502 kilometers. The border with Poland on the south is relatively short, only ninety-one kilometers, but is very busy because of international traffic. Lithuania also has a 227-kilometre border with Russia. Russian territory adjacent to Lithuania is Kaliningrad Oblast, which is the northern part of the former German East Prussia, including the city of Kaliningrad. Finally, Lithuania has 108 kilometres of Baltic seashore with an ice-free harbor at Klaipėda. The Baltic coast offers sandy beaches and pine forests and attracts thousands of vacationers. *''total:'' 1,273 km *''border countries:'' Belarus 502 km, Latvia 453 km, Poland 91 km, Russia (Kaliningrad) 227 km WikiPedia:Poland Commons:Category:Poland Dmoz:Regional Europe Poland

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