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-Siméon on the north shore. The city is also served by the Rivière-du-Loup Airport (IATA airport code YRI). The town can also be reached by Via Rail. Media thumb Rue LaFontaine is an important commercial street in Rivière-du-Loup. (File:Rue Lafontaine.jpg) Television Rivière-du-Loup is an unusual television market, as each of its stations has ''two'' transmitters in the city. As a result of the region's hilly geography, viewers in the lower, western portions of the city frequently experience signal dropout. This makes it all but impossible for a television station to serve the entire area with a single transmitter. Accordingly, each station in the city has both a primary transmitter and a "nested" low-power rebroadcaster to serve viewers in the western part of the city who cannot receive the primary signal. Additionally, the city is served by Canada's only triple-stick (twinstick) operation, in which all three of its licensed stations are owned by the same company, Télé Inter-Rives. * Channel 7 (13) - CKRT-DT (Ici Radio-Canada (Ici Radio-Canada Télé)) * Channel 9 (6) - CIMT-DT (TVA (TVA (TV network))) * Channel 29 (11) - CFTF-DT (V (V (TV network))) Rivière-du-Loup is a mandatory market for digital television conversion (Digital television in Canada); Télé Inter-Rives converted all of its transmitters to digital. Unlike most cities in Quebec, Rivière-du-Loup has no local Télé-Québec outlet, though Rimouski's CIVB-DT is available on the Vidéotron system in Rivière-du-Loup. Radio * FM (FM radio) 89.5 - CJBR-FM-1 (CJBR-FM), Ici Radio-Canada Première * FM 90.7 - CBRX-FM-3 (CBRX-FM), Ici Musique * FM 103.7 - CIEL-FM, AC (adult contemporary) * FM 107.1 - CIBM-FM, CHR (contemporary hit radio) * FM 107.9 - CIBM-FM-1 (CIBM-FM) (local CIBM rebroadcaster) thumb 500px left A panorama of Rivière-du-Loup's skyline. (Image:Rdl-002.jpg) WikiPedia: Rivière-du-Loup


called for an end to Ashkenazi (Ashkenazi Jews) hegemony and the demand of setting up a Technion in the coastal city of Netanya. He is remembered for his unusual TV advertisements (television commercial), which would start off with Dwek uttering the words ''No'ar, No'ar, No'ar'' (literally "youth, youth, youth"). Gaining only 1,654 votes for Tarshish, Dwek failed in his attempt to win a seat in the 12th Knesset (Israeli legislative election, 1988). DATE OF BIRTH

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