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Zealand as Head of State, and was well known to successive New Zealand governments and diplomats...It is significant that New Zealand has a Treaty of Friendship with only one country- Samoa- and our shared unique relationship was due in no small part to Malietoa's influence as a father of modern Samoa. New Zealanders of Samoan descent, together with their palagi counterparts, will be thinking of Samoa, at this sad time." Donna Awatere was born in the city


has the advantage of reaching all areas at a lower cost, due to reduced investments in required infrastructure, and the total number of mobile lines in Mexico is four times that of landlines, with an estimated 83 million lines. The telecommunications industry is regulated by the government through Cofetel (''ComisiĆ³n Federal de Telecomunicaciones''). Peru and Mexico have historically had a unique relationship solidly based on that they share two of the most


merits two stars. The carrier is currently facing competition from a number of local private airlines as well as some international carriers, which offer greater reliability and service standards, targeting the country's air transport sector which is experiencing an 8% annual growth rate, owing to a large number of non-resident Bangladeshis. Degus entered the research spotlight due to their unique relationship with sugar and diabetes, but are also studied


church not only rejected the Trinity, but also the pre-existence of Christ as well, in many cases, predestination and original sin as put forward by Augustine of Hippo, and the substitutionary atonement of Christ developed by Anselm of Canterbury and John Calvin. There were several different forms of Christology in the beginnings of the Unitarian movement; ultimately, the variety that became prevalent was that Jesus was a man, but one with a unique relationship

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