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and Building Construction''' First introduced in 1830s and included: building materials, sewerage, drainage, ventilation, gas and water supply, building design and architecture. Architecture was introduced in 1825 and by the 1840's onwards, this department was training world-class building designers and architects; men such as Lieutenant Colonel George Barney (designer of Victoria Barracks (Victoria Barracks, Sydney), Sydney, Australia), Captain Joshua Jebb (prison designer whose


assigned to the North Atlantic Station, and for the remainder of the year cruised the east coast and the Caribbean in training. World War I, 1917-1919 ''Marblehead'' was again placed in full commission 6 April 1917, at the navy yard, Puget Sound, Washington, and on 4 May was ordered to the Pacific Patrol Force. She was employed on convoy, patrol, and survey duty, operating off Mexico and in search of possible German (Germany) raiders in the California area until 11 June 1918

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