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. Since this species is almost extinct, these trees are being replanted and promoted by the artists' cooperative Femmes de Marrakech. Metalwork made in Marrakesh includes brass lamps, iron lanterns, candle holders made from recycled sardine tins, and engraved brass teapots and tea trays used in the traditional serving of tea. Contemporary art includes sculpture and figurative paintings. Blue veiled ''Tuareg'' figurines and calligraphy paintings are also

United States

''' is a museum dedicated to preserving the history of Atchison, Kansas. Both town and museum are named after United States Senator (United States Senate) and legendary (Urban legend) "President for a day (President of the United States)" David Rice Atchison. While not a traditional serving utensil, a shot glass is also used. In the United States, it is used as a substitute for ochoko, while in Japan it is used in conjunction with masu. Sake stemware is also

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