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North Lincolnshire

. For ceremonial purposes (Ceremonial counties of England) it is part of Lincolnshire. There are three significant towns: Scunthorpe (the administrative centre), Brigg and Barton-upon-Humber. It is also home to the Haxey Hood, which is a traditional event which takes place in Haxey on 6 January in the afternoon and is a kind of large rugby football scrum where a leather tube (called the "hood") is pushed to 1 of 4 pubs, where it remains until next year's game

. Within Humberside, Brigg was the centre of Glanford borough, named after the town. The dissolution of Humberside in 1996 saw the town transferred to North Lincolnshire. Throughout these local government changes, the area has remained a part of the ceremonial county (Ceremonial counties of England) of Lincolnshire. Within North Lincolnshire the town is part of the Brigg and Wolds electoral ward, and is represented by three councillors. The '''Haxey Hood''' is a traditional event

Bar, Montenegro

and cultural and an entertainment programme. '''Festival of Wine and Bleak:''' It is held in Virpazar every December. It includes various entertainment events, organised in honour of Skadar Lake, its fish and the famous wine of Crmnica. '''The Old Olive Tree Gathering:''' This traditional event has been held since 1987 in the month of November, and it is dedicated to children’s works and works for children. Children are represented by literary and art works with the theme of “Olive, Peace

San Sebastián

Concha ''. Thousands of supporters coming from these coastal locations pour into the city's streets and promenades overlooking the bay to follow the event, especially on the Sunday of the final race. All day long the streets of the Old Part play host to droves of youths clad in their team colours who party there in a cheerful atmosphere. Santa Ageda Bezpera Saint Agatha's Eve is a traditional event taking place at the beginning of February or end of January in many spots of the Basque


become a traditional event in the city's yearly cultural calendar. He has performed worldwide, including Adelaide, Australia, Barcelona, Spain, and New York City indexen.html and has opened for many other bands, such as R.E.M., Rory Gallagher, and Bob Dylan. His genre is a type of blues mixed with Slovene folk music. In addition to performing songs in Slovenian, Kreslin's repertoire also includes songs sung in English, Bosnian Croatian Serbian, Italian, and Judaeo-Spanish, as well as folk songs sung in various dialects (from his native Prekmurje, Međimurje, the Slovenian Littoral, Istria, and elsewhere). With his friends the rock singers Peter Lovšin and Zoran Predin, he composed the anthem of the Slovenia national football team for the 2000 European Football Championship. commons:Ljubljana

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