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Starbucks clone, but serves food. Multiple locations Night clubs * WikiPedia:Ningbo commons:宁波


The second popular club for foreigners and rich Chinese. They have an informal special for foreigners: buy one get two (for longdrinks only). * WikiPedia:Shenyang Commons:Category:Shenyang

Tel Aviv

compilations album market. Tony featured on no less than twelve of the top dance mix Albums, including, Fantazia (Fantazia (dance)) 'House Collection Volume 2' and the 'Remixers' album, Sound Dimension’s 'Retrospective of House' Volumes 2 & 4, Boxed’s Global Underground series 'Live in Tel Aviv', 'Live in Tokyo' and the memorable 'Live in Handsworth Wood'(joke!), 'Kiss mix 97', the very sought after 'Trade' Volumes 1 & 3, and the international release, 'Trade Global Grooves


the_guaracheros_de_regla_most_popular_carnival_comparsa_cuba_celebrated_its_50th_anniversary.html The Guaracheros de Regla, the most popular carnival comparsa in Cuba, celebrated its 50th Anniversary and in 1960 were invited to the Havana carnivals. One of the top dance groups during the 1960s. As was the traditional custom, they started in La Punta on the Malecón (Malecón, Havana) and danced southward on Prado Avenue to circle in front of the Capitol (El Capitolio), where the judges would


;, "Take four red capsules, help is on the way" and "For the masses", which are all taken from George Lucas' 1971 film THX 1138.) "Crucify Me" went as high as number 4 in Rolling Stone Magazine Top Dance Tracks. birth_date '''Karena Lam''' (Chinese language: 林嘉欣; Standard Cantonese Cantonese

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