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Bintan Island

about 3 hours. The top of this peak provides a panoramic view of Bintan. It is approached from a hamlet at the foot of the hill, known as ''Kampung Sekuning'', which is ) is a province (Provinces of Indonesia) of Indonesia, located in the center of Sumatra along the Strait of Malacca. Originally the province consisting of the Riau Islands (Riau Islands Province), the large group of more or less tiny islands, located east of Sumatra Island and south of Singapore, before it were split off as a separate province in july 2004. The biggest islands in the archipelago are Batam and Bintan Island. The provincial capital of Riau Province and its largest city is located in Pekanbaru. Other major cities includes Dumai, Selat Panjang, Bagansiapiapi, Bengkalis, Bangkinang, Rengat and Siak Sri Indrapura. Geography Batam has a majority of the province's population, since becoming special economic region, it has experienced high population growth rates. The population is estimated nearly at 1,137,894 (as of December 2011). Other main islands and populated city included Bintan Island and Karimun. There are around 3,200 islands in the province. with Tanjung Pinang as its capital, located at south of Bintan Island. The islands of the Tudjuh Archipelago, located between Borneo and mainland Malaysia, were attached to the new province, although they were not geographically part of the Riau Archipelago. Geography Batam is located west of Bintan Island, south of Singapore, north of Rempang, east of Karimun and Bulan Island. The Riau Strait (''Selat Riau'') separates Batam and Bintan. Batam has Tropical rainforest climate with average temperatures between 26-32°C. The local governmental offices is resided in Batam Centre and biggest community on the island is Lubuk Baja (Nagoya, Batam) (formerly known as Nagoya). Other residential area included Baloi Garden, Sekupang, Nongsapura (Nongsa), Waterfront City (Teluk Senimba), Batu Ampar, Jodoh. * On November 30, 2006 IPTN C-212 PK-ZAI crashed on landing, no injuries or deaths were reported. * On February 12, 2011, five people were killed when a Casa C-212 Aviocar belonging to SMAC crashed on Bintan Island, Indonesia during a test flight. http: wires 15056 plane-crash-in-western-indonesia-kills-five BNO News '''HarbourFront Centre''' is a shopping mall and ferry terminal that connects to nearby Indonesia ports and city (Batam and Bintan Island). Located at Maritime Square, Telok Blangah in the Bukit Merah Planning Area, Singapore. The mall is part of a development known as HarbourFront which is connected to VivoCity, the country's largest shopping mall. Formerly known as the '''World Trade Centre''', it was renamed to its present name in 2003 and the mall was refurbished. HarbourFront Centre is directly connected to HarbourFront MRT Station of the Mass Rapid Transit (Mass Rapid Transit (Singapore)) and the Singapore Cruise Centre is located in the building. Also, HarbourFront Bus Interchange is located directly opposite Telok Blangah Road. Towards the west of HarbourFront Centre are HarbourFront Tower 1, HarbourFront Tower 2 and Keppel Bay Tower, all are office buildings. The Sentosa Cable Car station is housed in HarbourFront Tower 2. All buildings are connected to HarbourFront Centre.


in the temperate zones or polar zones. All the clouds on the photos are low or mid-low clouds. Most of them are either stratocumuli, strati or altocumuli. See more at ''cloud types''. 2004-12-29T22:45Z July 8, 2005 00:39 (UTC) Conservation status The species has experienced a 50% decline in the past 20 years.


, pottery from the same period, and a clay bulla (Bulla (seal)), or inscribed seal, of Jehucal, son of Shelemiah, son of Shevi, an official mentioned at least twice in the Book of Jeremiah. In July 2008, she also found a second bulla, belonging to Gedaliah Ben Pashchur, who is mentioned together with Jehucal in Jeremiah 38:1.

Unique biblical discovery at City of David excavation site author date 18-Aug-2008 work publisher Israel Ministry of Foreign affairs. accessdate 2009-11-16 The identifications of the four biblical figures in these two bullae are carefully evaluated and found to be very reasonable in Lawrence J. Mykytiuk, "Corrections and Updates to 'Identifying Biblical Persons in Northwest Semitic Inscriptions of 1200-539 B.C.E.,' " ''Maarav'' 16 1 (2009), pp. 85-100. The dig


Coal-Drying Technology Promises Higher Efficiency Plus Lower Costs and Emissions date 1 July 2007 publisher Coal Power first1 Dr Sal last1 Gollakota first2 Charles last2 Bullinger Estimations are that the technology will be ready for full-scale demonstrations within 10 years.

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