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Jackson, Mississippi

City and Philadelphia. Perhaps most notably, the company was given the task of running and reviving the Apollo Theater in New York's Harlem (Harlem, Manhattan). 9E07EFDE1038F931A35751C0A964948260 Inner City Broadcasting Plans to Buy the Apollo, Published: February 2, 1982: New York Times Inner City Broadcasting was also co-producer of the syndicated television (television syndication) variety series '' It's


an internationally successful television variety show titled ''This Is Tom Jones'' from 1969 to 1971. The ATV (Associated TeleVision)-produced show, which was worth a reported $9m to Jones over three years, was broadcast by ITV in the UK and by ABC (American Broadcasting Company) in America. From 1980 to 1981 he had a second television variety show, the eponymous ''Tom Jones (Tom Jones (TV series))'', that was produced in Vancouver, Canada and lasted for 24 episodes. In Canada, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa (the "Greenbelt (Greenbelt (Ottawa))") and Waterloo, Ontario have boundaries to restrict growth and preserve greenspace. They are notably absent from cities such as Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg that lie on flat plains and have expanded outwardly on former agricultural land. "Recognized Expositions" or International or Specialized Expositions International expositions are usually united by a common theme—such as 'Transportation' (Vancouver Expo 86), or, 'Leisure in the Age of Technology' (Brisbane, Expo '88). Such themes are narrower than the wider scope of universal expositions. *World's Fair Park (1982 World's Fair#After the fair), Knoxville (Knoxville, Tennessee): 1982 World's Fair *Vancouver: Expo 86 *Brisbane: Expo '88: now represented with the South Bank Parklands WikiPedia:Vancouver dmoz:Regional North America Canada British Columbia Localities V Vancouver Commons:Category:Vancouver

Puerto Rico

(boxer) Rafael Solis , whose family included former world bantamweight champion Julian Solís. Camacho got tested in this fight for the first time, and was shaken in round three by a Solis uppercut, but he flattened Solis with a right to the chin in round five, knocking him out to retain the title. Commons:Category:Puerto Rico WikiPedia:Puerto Rico Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Puerto Rico


(near Southampton), and started creating ventriloquism characters as a teenager. He then appeared in summer seasons at holiday resorts before appearing on television in ''Let's Laugh''. He then became a popular act on television variety shows, was the host of the ''Black and White Minstrel Show'', and was given his own show called ''Cuddles and Company''. ;Bibliography * Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Hampshire Southampton Commons:Category:Southampton


and its first elephant resident since 1924, and at the same time the Cleveland Museum of Natural History assumed control of the zoo. After The Clancy Brothers split, Liam had a solo career in Canada. He made several television performances both in CBC's National television variety show, The Irish Rovers Show from Vancouver and in Calgary, Alberta. He had a hit with "The Dutchman" and presented his own television show in Calgary, also appearing on the CBC concert series ''Summer Evening'' in 1976. WikiPedia:Cleveland Dmoz:Regional North America United States Ohio Localities C Cleveland commons:Cleveland




;Soren" She retired from the big screen in 1957, and retired completely after the death of her 3-month old daughter in 1963.

East Germany

–1989, and Chairman of the Council of State of the German Democratic Republic (Leaders of East Germany) from 1976–1989, was born in Neunkirchen and later moved to Wiebelskirchen, a village that belongs to the city of Neunkirchen, but sits a little outside of the inner city area. '''''Ein Kessel Buntes''''' ("A Kettle of Color") was a television variety show in the former East Germany. It broadcast from 1972 to 1992. A total of 113 shows were made, six per year.As the name implies, it was broadcast in Color television color , first from the Friedrichstadtpalast theater, and later from the Palast der Republik, as well as from other prominent music halls in other East German cities. Its title sequence showed a series of famous clocks in East Berlin, such as that on the Rotes Rathaus and the ''Weltzeituhr'' at Alexanderplatz displaying the time of broadcast, 8 p.m. (scheduled to clash with the main evening news (Tagesschau (Germany)) on ARD (Das Erste)) The New Zealand Government (w:New Zealand Government) is to investigate how 20-year-old top secret papers were released. They show that New Zealand (w:New Zealand) was spying on the communications of Argentina (w:Argentina), the Soviet Union (w:Soviet Union), East Germany (w:East Germany), France (w:France), Egypt (w:Egypt), Japan (w:Japan), North Korea (w:North Korea), Vietnam (w:Vietnam), Laos (w:Laos), the Philippines (w:Philippines), Fiji (w:Fiji), Tonga (w:Tonga), the Solomon Islands (w:Solomon Islands), South Africa (w:South Africa) and even the United Nations (w:United Nations) diplomatic cables. The union has also demanded equal pay for drivers in former East Germany (w:East Germany). Georg Milbradt (w:Georg Milbradt), chief negotiator for Germany's state governments, said that giving equal wages to the drivers in former East Germany would be extremely difficult. The accident occurred at Kindel Air Field, which is located south of Berlin (w:Berlin), near Eisenach (w:Eisenach). The aircraft involved was a Zlin Z-37 Cmelak (w:Zlin Z-37 Cmelak), a Czech (Czech Republic) built single-seater plane which had been used by authorities in former East Germany (w:East Germany) as a cropduster (w:cropduster). Host German Chancellor Angela Merkel reminisced that the end of the Cold War came as a total surprise. "The 20th anniversary of the fall of the Wall should remind us all what incredible luck we had with the reunification of Europe and Germany," commented Merkel, who grew up in communist East Germany (w:East Germany), in Monday's edition of the ''Bild (w:Bild)'' newspaper.

Memphis, Tennessee

death_place Memphis, Tennessee, U.S. (United States) party

White House

; ref Fortunately for the show, Ed Sullivan approached Lerner and Loewe to create a segment for his television variety program (The Ed Sullivan Show), celebrating the fifth anniversary of ''My Fair Lady''. They decided to do very little from their previous hit and instead to perform four highlights from ''Camelot''. The show stimulated ticket sales, and ''Camelot'' achieved an unprecedented advance sale of three and a half million dollars. Rogers, Madeline. http

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