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operational node in the network, having been supplying hydrogen since March 2002.

Kaluga Oblast

the technical performance of the existing and newly implemented products. '''Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnologies and Biomedicine''' In 2012 the Development Program of the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnological and Biomedical Cluster of Kaluga Region won at the contest of pilot innovative clusters held by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development. The core of the pharmaceutical cluster is located at two sites: *Kaluga (Grabtsevo and A Park Industrial Parks): production facilities; *Obninsk (industrial zone, Obninsk high-tech park and Vorsino Industrial Park): innovative developments, including small and medium-sized businesses. An important link in the cluster, MRNTs of the Russian Ministry of Public Health and Social Development will serve as a basis of a federal high-tech innovative center of medical radiology. Key fields of development of the pharmaceutical cluster: *manufacture of pharmaceutical products; *manufacture of substances; *research in the field of pharmaceuticals, biotechnologies and biomedicine. '''Production Facilities:''' *Khemopharm LLC (a division of STADA CIS, a company of STADA AG, Germany): drugs manufacture; *Novo Nordisk Production Support LLC (a division of Novo Nordisk A S, Denmark): insulin production; *NIARMEDIK PHARMA LLC (Russia): manufacture of original drugs; *Berlin Pharma CJSC (a division of Berlin-Chemie AG, Germany, a company of Menarini Ind, Italy): manufacture of solid dosage forms; *AstraZeneca Industries LLC (a division of AstraZeneca Ind (UK): manufacture of innovative drugs; *Sfera-Pharm LLC (Russia): manufacture of medical intravenous solutions, small and medium-sized businesses developing new bio- and pharmaceutical medicines; *Mir-Pharm LLC; *Obninsk Chemical and Pharmaceutical Company CJSC; *Medbiopharm Group; *BION Group. '''Network Partners:''' *Puschino Scientific Center under the Russian Academy of Sciences (Puschino, 9th Scientific and Research Institute of Molecular Biology, Biological *Technologies and Biomedicine under the Russian Academy of Sciences); *ORKHIMED Non-Profit Partnership (Russia’s 14 leading academic institutes operating in the field of chemistry and chemical biology); *The Department of Fundamental Medicine of the Lomonosov Moscow State University; *Managing company of the Biotechnological Business Incubator of the Lomonosov Moscow State University. '''Science and Training ''' *Obninsk Institute of Nuclear Energy, a branch of the MIFI National Nuclear Research University with a medical department; *The Tsiolkovsky State University in Kaluga; *The Karpov Scientific and Research Institute of Physics and Chemistry, a branch of the Russian State Scientific Center; *The Medical Radiology Scientific Center under the Russian Ministry of Public Health; *The Leipunsky Institute of Physics and Energy. '''Innovations ''' *Active Molecules Park Innovative Biopharmaceutical Center (under Medbiopharm and the network partners; *NIARMEDIC PHARMA LLC in Obninsk, a universal GMP-company with a full manufacture cycle of original biomedical nanomedicines to be set up under *NIARMEDIC PLUS LLC jointly with ROSNANO OJSC; *Innovative labs and scientific and production facilities of the following companies: Mir-Pharm, BION, Obninsk Chemical and Pharmaceutical Company. Innovative companies account for 70% of all the residents of the Kaluga pharmaceutical cluster. A training center for pharmaceutical staff is now set up in Kaluga region. The goal of the project is to make sure that the regional pharmaceutical manufacturers have adequate highly qualified staff to run modern GMP companies. The training center will implement a German dual professional training model, which has been adapted to the Russian conditions. By way of a pilot the training center has jointly with Tuv Rheinland Group offered training to 23 employees of the plant of Berlin Chemie AG in Kaluga. Transport and Logistics An advanced logistics infrastructure, new centers, terminals and reconstructed roads – all that is a crucial field of development for Kaluga region, especially given the expansion of Moscow and Russia’s accession to WTO. Kaluga region has a wide range of advantages, which will help it set up a successful transport and logistics cluster. Firstly, with its adjacency to Moscow and the significant transit potential of Kaluga region, the chances are high that the cluster will become a key logistics center of Central Federal District. Secondly, Kaluga region cooperates with the largest logistics operators, which have become its reliable partners, such as GEFCO, Green Logistics, Rhenus Logistics, TransContainer, etc. Thirdly, Kaluga region has a clear development strategy of the cluster. In Kaluga region multi-purpose transport and logistics terminals and customs and warehousing facilities are built, road, railway and airport infrastructure is developed, i.e. an infrastructure is set up required to support the whole logistics process from the delivery of feeds and the delivery of finished products to customers. ''Rosva Freight Village'' has been set up to optimize the logistics processes of the industrial park residents in Kaluga region (Grabtsevo, Rosva, Kaluga-Yug and to support other foreign trade participants. Rosva Freight Village has become one of the key elements of the distribution system in Central Federal District. The 5ha car terminal is equipped with special lifting and weighing machines, radiation control and X-ray inspection devices. The terminal is divided into two zones: Kaluga Customs Post of the Kaluga Customs and Excise Pose of the Central Excise Customs. The 3ha container terminal includes a freight park (6 non-public rail tracks with a total length of over 10 km), a container storage site, a customs post, access ways, etc. The capacity of the terminal reaches 150,000 TEU per year (Kalmar reachstackers). Located in the north of Kaluga region, 70 km off the Moscow ring road, 90 km off Kaluga region and adjacent to the M3 Ukraine federal highway and the Moscow to Kiev railroad, Vorsino Freight Village has been included into the Master Development Plant of the Moscow Railway Hub and the Development Program of the Moscow Traffic Hub. The Government of the Russian Federation has declared Vorsino Freight Village to be a strategically important logistics facility. The total area of the freight village is 450 ha. The total length of the access railway track is 838.19 lm. The total length of the internal railway tracks is 9,193 lm. At the first stage the annual capacity of the container terminal will be 300,000 TEU before it reaches 1,500,000 TEU at later stages. The total investments equal EUR 1.2 billion, including EUR 250,000 million investments in the construction of the logistics park. ''Kaluga International Airport'' is located in the immediate proximity to Grabtsevo Industrial Park. Kaluga region as represented by the Ministry of Economic Development of Kaluga region is the key shareholder in possession of 99.99% of the shares. The investment project of Kaluga International Airport will require global transformations. In 2014 the runway reconstruction will be totally completed. Over the following 2 to 3 years all the required infrastructure facilities will be built and certified. Key figures: Airport Complex Area: 200 ha Runway dimensions: 2,200х45 m International Airport; Inbound aircraft takeoff weight: class 2: Capacity: 100 passengers per hour; Passenger turnover: up to 500,000 passengers per year in to period to 2030; The airport complex can accommodate the following aircraft: Airbus A 319, Boeing 737 and similar aircraft (64 t). ''Ermolino Airport'' is located 95 km off downtown Moscow, 60 km off Vnukovo International Airport, 5 km off the M3 Ukraine federal highway, 5 to 6 km off Balabanovo, the nearest railway station. The airport is owned by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Federal Air Transport Agency and the Russian Ministry of Transport have already approved the idea to setting up a commercial international airport at the Ermolino airfield of the Ministry of Internal Affairs jointly with the internal troops. By 2015 Ermolino International Airport will be set up, which will be Russia’s first airport to focus on low cost carriers. UTair, one of the project’s investors, intends to set up a terminal, which will accommodate 8 million passengers per year. In addition to low-cost flights, the airport intends to develop into a large cargo hub. Ermolino Airport is viewed as part of Vorsino Freight Village, which is now set up on a 450 ha area 2 km off the airport infrastructure. Construction Kaluga region is ranked in Central Federal District 5th in terms of commissioned housing and 3rd in terms of commissioned housing per capita. The region is one of Russia’s leading regions in terms of gasification. Totally gasified areas in the region account for over 80%. According to Kalugastat as of 1 January 2013 642,000 sq.m. of housing was commissioned in Kaluga region, which is 109.5% compared with 2011 and 128.2% compared with 2010. About 53% of the commissioned housing was constructed by individual developers. Kaluga region has developed a state program aimed to provide the regional population with affordable and comfortable housing and public utilities. According to the program engineering systems and social facilities will be set up in areas where housing is expected to be constructed. In 2013 Kaluga region allocated to those ends over RUR 120 million. Supplying large families with development lots near Kaluga is another key field of activities of the program. Until now 579 lots have been allocated for individual housing projects. Young families are eligible to social benefits designed to partially compensate interest payments under housing loans and mortgages. In 2013 over RUR 12 million was paid. Until the end of this year 260 families will become eligible to the social benefits. Kaluga region implements targeted relocation programs from unfit housing facilities. In the period from 2008 to 2012 3,127 people from 279 unfit houses with a total area of 54,460 sq.m. in 22 municipalities were moved. In the same period 1,071 new apartments with a total area of 68,500 sq.m. were constructed and sold. RUR 2,191.4 million was spent from the consolidated budget, including RUR 1,198.9 million from the provision. In 2013 1,944 people from 119 housing facilities with a total area of 27,000 sq.m. moved to other housing facilities. In 2014 RUR 1.2 billion will be allocated to the relocation program. The key goal of the program ‘Development of Rental Housing in Kaluga Region: Housing for Professionals' is to promote construction of housing, which will then be rent (hereinafter referred to as Rental Housing). The key target indicator of the program will be annually commissioned Rental Housing. In the duration of the program (up to 2015) 87,000 sq.m. of Rental Housing are expected to be commissioned. ''Key Projects Implemented under the Construction of Rental Housing Program:'' ''Stargorod:'' 420 rooms with a total area of 14,000 sq.m., a bar, a restaurant, a business center, a fitness center and a parking facility. ''Olympic Village:'' 300 individual houses, 70 townhouses. The complex provides accommodation to over 500 specialists now. ''Molodezhny:'' 11 residential buildings with 840 apartments. The total area is 33.9 sq.m. The first building (96 apartments) has been commissioned and the residents have already moved in. ''European Quarter:'' a district with 2-storeyed residential buildings and social facilities. Awards The World Organization of Creditors (WOC) determined the nominees for the "Investment Angel Award" as follows: *The Most Attractive Region for Investors – Kaluga Oblast *Investment Protection and Promotion -- Regional Development Agency of Kaluga Oblast *The Best Foreign Investor -- Volkswagen, Novo Nordisk Development institutions wikipedia:Kaluga Oblast Commons:Category:Kaluga Oblast


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War, however, nuclear testing has ceased in the United States, and new warhead development has been significantly reduced. As a result, the need for high technical performance of warheads has decreased considerably, and the need for a longer lasting and reliable stockpile has taken a high priority. Design The PP-90 (short for ''Pistolet-Pulemet model 1990'', – ''Пистолет-пулемет'') is an automatic-only weapon that uses the straight blowback (Blowback (arms)) method

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