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Transport Tychy is one of only 4 towns in Poland to have trolleybuses. The other 3 are Lublin, Gdynia and Sopot. - Other sporting teams Tychy is also home to several other sports teams, including basketball team Big Star Tychy, futsal team GKS Jachym Tychy and floorball team TKKF Pionier Tychy. Notable people Tychy has been the birthplace and home of notable people, both past and present. German


(2002). Alternate version joined the Japanese hero team Big Hero 6. '''Powers:''' Flight, plasma blasts, ability to view infrared, radiation immunity. - ''Uncanny X-Men'' #507 (2009) Human scientist who was rescued by the X-Club on a remote island between Russia and Japan so he could aid in the reversal of M-Day (Decimation (comics)). '''Deceased:''' Died in ''Uncanny X-Men'' #515 (2009). '''Abilities:''' Robotic engineering and atomic biology

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, Romania did not have enough money to send the water polo team, so they sent swimmers instead. Mihai Oprea also has been married to Janis Oprea, a Texan math teacher at St. Marks. In addition to continuing his Water Polo career, Oprea coaches the JV and Varsity Swimming and Water Polo teams as well as a Texas Water Polo team. '''Big Hole National Battlefield''' is a memorial located in Montana, United States. The Nez Percé (Nez Perce tribe), under Chief Joseph (although

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