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;ref name "Bury254" In July 1877, shortly after the siege of Plevna began, the garrison's commander, Osman Pasha (Osman Nuri Pa┼ča), received 15 battalions of reinforcements from Sofia. He chose to use these reinforcements to fortify Lovcha, which protected his lines of support running from Orchanie (Botevgrad) to Plevna. alias origin Sofia, Bulgaria genre Folk metal Rock band Balkandji was formed


to support running their own candidates against NDP nominees in some riding (Riding (division))s during provincial and federal elections. Instead, the Socialist League formed the Left Caucus within the NDP and worked to build a leftist tendency within the party. The Caucus' strategy was to ally with "centrists" within the NDP such as, in the mid-1980s, Judy Rebick with whom it participated in the Committee for an Activist Party. For a time Forward had influence in a few NDP

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